Written by steve

16 Jan 2006

i just thought i would tell you about the wife's fantasy, we had been into swinging for about two years, and had met some truly wonderful people on the scene, most of whom became good friends as well as regular playmates. one of the fantasies we used to use when unable to swing due to kids being around or family wanting us to attend functions etc was the one the wife had entitled the "silent stranger" although before out marriage she had led a relatively normal life, since meeting we had become excellent lovers and sex maniacs ha ha. although both 42 we were not past it and we loved our lifestyle and she loved the fantasies too!!. she told me that she wanted me to look online and invite a guy of my choice to become her fantasy, so as she ordered i had to comply.

The evening came round that had been chosen, she was showered and sitting in the lounge in her short silk dressing gown. i was in the dining room online and chatting to a guy called sam, he was 28, sinlge and when i asked if he would like to help out with the wifes fantasy he eagerly agreed, i explained to him what she wanted and he said he could be at ours in 15 mins. he arrived and i let him in the back door, we then both stripped off and got ourselves to a state of semi erect. we then both walked into the lounge where the wife had fallen asleep whilst watching tv. he just walked up to her and gently probed her mouth with the end of his now fully erect cock, it was about 3 inches longer than mine and at least twice the width, in fact it was a monster, the gentle probing woke the wife up and she awoke and just opened her mouth and started sucking on this huge cock straight away. i sat on the floor just wanking whilst totally in awe of her ability to take such a large member. he then let his hand drop to her shaven moist cunt and as he probed her lips the juices were just dripping out of her, he laid her on the floor in front of the fire and as he thrust his cock deep into her, she came immediately, he only thrust five or six times before looking up at me, as though asking for my permission before he came, i nodded and with the next thrust he shot his load deep into her, he kept on thrusting and moaning for what seemed like ages then all of a sudden he moaned really loudly and thrusted really deeply as he shot a second load into her. he pulled his cock out and even though it was soft it was still bigger than mine with stiffy. he left the room i followed and he got dressed asked if i had minded him doing the mrs twice, thanked me end left. all without saying a word to the wife. just using her and fulfilling her fantasy. i must admit we have now done this on several occassions now and i will write again to let you know more soon