Written by HornyHusband

9 Nov 2013

Friday mornings is normally me and the wife’s time together as she doesn’t work Fridays and I’m normally working later if I’m not off. Being such a horny devil id normally wake her up licking her as I know she’s always horny in the mornings and loves that. Last week was a bit different as we had a bit of a lye in as we had been out the night before. So as usual I started licking her and she was waking up holding my head pushing my tongue deeper in her pussy. We soon started fucking and as I was on top she grabbed me and said “SHIT it’s the window cleaner” took me a second to realise we had left the curtains open. “What do we do” he had his back to us when I looked but I wasn’t in the mood for stopping “stop it hes watching us” I just kept fucking her.

She was watching him as I was thrusting long and hard into her. He was younger than me and a bit better built so I could see why but I didn’t say anything. I asked if he was gone and she said “yea he looked a bit embarrassed” I didn’t care I was too horny to care. I started teasing her talking dirty to her as I played with her. “We maybe should of invited him to join us” she didn’t acknowledge it so I kept fingering her as I kissed her neck, “sure he wouldn’t of minded you sucking him as I fucked you” I could feel her pussy tense up when I said that and get wetter so I knew I was really turning her on. She jumped on top of me and rode me hard as I played with her tits bouncing hard on me til she came hard and collapsed on top of me almost breathless.

She started sucking me off asking how I wanted to cum. I said I think you should suck me off. So she just moaned and kept sucking me as she was telling me how much she loved it. I was playing with her pussy making her moan over my cock as she sucked. “Just imagine this is the window cleaners cock sliding in your pussy as you suck me off” She just moaned and shuddered and started sucking me harder til I couldn’t hold on and exploded in her mouth.

Afterwards we were talking I asked if he always comes at that time and she said “I was here last week about the same time, he caught me playing with myself in bed I’m not 100% sure if he saw me tho but he def saw that there coz he looked right at me and smiled and gave me a wink” I joked that must be one of the perks of the job.

Couple of days later we were fucking and she was talking dirty as she was riding me so I brought it up again. “Ur such a horny slut, I’m going to get the window cleaner to come in and fuck you next time he’s here” she went with it and was talking bout fucking him and seemed to love the idea. After we finished I suggested “maybe we should play a little game. Maybe you should sit and play again in some sexy lingerie and see what he does” she seemed a little hesitant but after a short while she agreed to it. I thought all that would happen would be he would just watch and that be it.

Well the morning came and I sat downstairs in the spare room hard as a rock. I knew she was up there playing with herself and I was dying to know what would happen. I told her come up in 5 minutes when I saw him coming and id peak through the door and watch. It seemed like ages until I heard loud moaning, I looked and couldn’t see his van then I looked the other way and could see it parked away down the street so I knew he was here. I started sneaking up the stairs, I didn’t know what to expect. I half expected just to see her playing with herself. But as I got to the door I heard a mans voice. I looked in and there she was getting pounded hard on all fours on the bed from behind. Her tits were swinging out her top made me wonder how long he had been there. He was pulling her long blonde hair and really giving her it, I was hard as a rock watching her. Soon he pulled out and she lay on her back as he pushed his cock in her mouth, it was big but nothing fantastic but she didn’t seem to care the way she was sucking it. He climbed on top of her and started fucking her hard again as she started her dirty talk “Fuck me like a little slut” I was ready to explode just watching I could tell he was aswell. He started breathing heavy and saying oh fuck oh fuck “cum over my tits baby” she moaned but he grabbed her hands pinning her to the bed and pounding her as she moaned louder and louder, I saw her wrap her legs around him as he fucked her then he cum inside her. I couldn’t believe it I didn’t know what to feel about it I was so horny and the same time.

I hid in case he saw me as I heard her say “you better run by husband will be back soon” I heard them kissing and him mumbling something then he left. I went in after he gone as she was lying there playing with her pussy it was soaking wet with his cum I didn’t know what to do. She grabbed my cock and started wanking me. “Was that what you wanted baby?” I was a bit speechless but managed a “so sexy watching you” “maybe you should fuck my slutty pussy and fill me” I didn’t take much persuading and jumped on top of her, my cock slide right in she was so wet. I was struggling to hold back with her dirty chat and soon exploded hard inside her.

She went away and cleaned herself up I lay there still hard. I couldn’t get the image out my head of the 2 of them so next week she’s agreed to do it again. Might just make him watch to be cruel now he knows what hes missing