Written by Graham and Corrine

11 Jan 2006

Corrine and I were discussing our sexual experiences the other evening and she was fascinated by my story of my wifes youngest sister.

It happenned years ago before my marriage. Jay was 18 and finishing her A levels. There was a bus strike and I was asked to collect her from school in Alderley Edge.I duly arrived at 4pm and Jay asked if I could run Helen and Hilary home. I said yes. They got in and Jaygave me directions to the other girls houses. Having dropped them off Jay said she needed to vivsit the edge to collect some info for here literature preject on the tales of Alderley Edge.

We parked in the NT park and we wandered along the edge. Jay suddenly turned into a cave like hollow. I followed.

She turned to face me and dropping her cardigan she opened the buttons of her gold blouse revealing her firm tits.

'I want you to fuck me,'she said.

She threw her arms round me and I found her tongue twisted with mine. My thumbs were massaging her breasts. Her groin was grinding against my growing cock.

I broke off from the kiss andtook her breast in my mouth.They smelled of lavender, her aureoles were strawberry and her nipples were purplish and hard. She wriggled out of her gold blouse and undid the zip of her brown skirt which fell to the floor. She was wearing no knickers. 'I took them off before I left,'she told me,'I did not want to put you off with seeing my brown school pair.'

I moved my hand down her flat stomach and over her mound. She had no hair and I asked if she shaved. She said she didn't, she was one of those people who grew little body hair.

She undid my trousers and lowered my pants taking my cock in her hand she stroked it gently.

'Make me wet,' she whispered,'I want this inside me.'

I found her clit and rubbed its tip. She moaned and pushed her tongue deep into my mouth. Soon she was shuddering uncontrollably as I slid my finger from her clit along her crack to her hole.I felt her come and juices dribbled from her cunt. She knelt down on the floor and said'Take me doggy style'

I knelt behind her and slid my cock into her entrance it was warm and moist. I slowly pushed into her firm cunt.When I had penetrated fully she let a great gasp.

'Ooooh. So that's what it feels like.'

I realised that I was fucking her for the first time. My cock became harder and I rode her until I could pump no more spunk into her.

She collapsed on the floor breathing heavily and still twitching from her climax.

I said 'Was that your first time?' 'Yes,' she replied, 'I've had my tits felt and my cunt slit rubbed but I have never been all the way before. Thankyou it was magic.'

We dressed and wandered back to the car. I collected her from school several times after that and we still have occassional sessions even after 30 years.