Written by Gloria

11 Dec 2005

Having just read, in a Sunday magazine, about Gi's in England during the war brought to mind an experience that I had in the late 50's

Working in a clothing warehouse in Manchester, all the staff decided to have a day trip to Blackpool. We set off one Sunday morning, very early, by train, arriving in Blackpool on one of the hottest days of that June. It wasn't long before we split up into pairs or little groups to do our own things. Some went on the beach, some shopping, some to the amusement park, and some...well, who knows where.

My girl friend Pam, and I, both 18, went onto the beach and then to the amusement park. We tried a good few of the rides. On the big dipper we got seperated and I was in a car with this bloke who looked about 25. God, it was scary but he put his arms around me when I was screaming my head off.

The wind kept blowing my skirt up and the more I struggled to pull it down, the less I suceeded. In the end, I did'nt bother so he got a good eyeful of my stockings and panties.

Suddenly, he kissed me and asked me if I'd go for a walk with him at the end of the ride. Well, he was a very good looking bloke and I said that if my friend could come too, I would.

When the ride ended and we got off. I found Pam and asked her if she'd like to go a walk with us but she said, no, that she wanted to look round the shops and I was to go without her.

I felt a bit mean and said so but she was adamant that she didn't mind one bit.

Well, Bob (that was his name) and I went along the prom and walked down onto the beach and he told me all about his job and that he was 23 and single.

Gradually, the beach gave way to sand dunes and we veered onto them. We went up one dune and when we got to the top and looked down, there was a couple going hammer and tongs in the sand. I was a little embarrased but also excited. Embaressed because of Bob seeing the same thing but he just remarked that there was one lucky bloke. We skirted them and continued walking until Bob suggested that we sit down. We picked a spot where we couldn't hear the waves even, it was so quiet.

Gently, he lay me down and started kissing me. I remember what a lovely kisser he was. He fondled my breasts and I started to tingle. He placed his hand on my knee and started moving it a little higer. Excited though it made me, I was just a tiny bit scared and pushed his hand away.

"What's the matter Gloria, I saw everything when we were on the big dipper and I liked what I saw, you have good taste in your suspender belt and panties and I'd like to see them again" I was no virgin so I let him push my skirt up so that he could have a good view. Then he stroked my mound and that really got me going, seconds later he slipped his hand down my panties and started to finger me. That was fatal as far as I was concerned, I started to get wet and I spread my legs. He whispered to me "Do you want it" and I choked back that I did. He loosened his belt and unbuttoned his flies, slid his trousers down, then his underpants. He went into his pocket and got a french letter out. He wasn't all that large, about 6" but quite fat. He slipped the condom on and then climbed on me, pulled my panties to one side and pushed it in. It felt wonderfull but within 2 minutes he'd finished. "Sorry about that, but you made me so excited"

He asked me about the train I was getting back to Manchester and suggested that I get the same train as him which went via Warrington where he lived. I aggreed and after we'd gone for a meal and looked round the shops we went to the station.

The train we wanted was in but didn't leave for 40 minutes, anyway we got on and looked for a compartment. He wanted to go in one where the lights were out but I said that I'd prefer next door which was lit. So in we went but he pulled the blinds down to the corridoor so that no one else would come in.

There was another train standing on the next track, all dark and obviously not going anywhere in a hurry.

We sat down by the window and he started kissing me again and running his hand up my stocking leg. God was I getting turned on again. Then he pulled my panties down, undid his flies and put another french letter on. Without fingering me he got straight in. This time he was a lot better. He had me flat on my back with my skirt right up and my legs round his waist. Then he had me bent over the edge of the seat and fucked me from behind and finally my back against the window standing up where, with a roar he spunked just as I had a climax. he wrapped the condom in his hankie and we sat there untill the train started, we chatted but I thought that he'd lost interest.

It was a slow train but eventually, it reached Warrington and Bob got off without asking for my address or anything.

I left the blinds down to the corridor and the train started up again. Within a couple of minutes the compartment door was opened and a tall black Yank stood there. "Mind if I join you? I couldn't refuse. He closed the door and sat down opposite me. "Did you realize that while the train was stationary in Blackpool what you were both doing was being reflected in the window of the train on the other track?" God, I was shocked but he said "This is what you did to me" and he pulled the tunic to one side and exposed this enormous erect black cock. God, it was beautiful, hard and shiny and so strong looking. He stood up and stood over me, took my hand and placed it on his cock. "I recon that I could make a better job than your boyfriend". With that, he pulled up my skirt and ripped my panties down and then knelt between my legs and started sucking me. No one had ever done that before and I was shaking like a leaf, it was so exciting. "Just so that no one else can see what I saw" he pulled the light bulbs out.

He undid his braces and slipped his trousers and boxers down, lay on the seat and slid this rubber over the helmet of his dick, it wasn't a long french letter just a short one. "Now climb on me" he ordered, which I did. God it stretched me. His hands went under my thighs and pushed me up and down. I'd never done that before and climaxed allmost immediately. A few minutes later he made me get up and bend over the seat and he went straight up again. "Now, by your expression, you really enjoyed it up agaist the window with your boyfriend so, let's do it" He had me there, lifting my legs to around his waist and humping with such force I wondered if we'd go through the window. Next, he lifted me in the air, away from the window and raised and lowered me on his dick. This went on and on untile the train reached the outskirts of Manchester and started slowing down. He withdrew but hadn't come, he told me he was saving it for his girl friend. We both dressed and no other word was spoken. He got off the train and so did I and we went our seperate ways