Written by Rogette(cornwall)

10 Jan 2005

i am a man with a thighboot fetish and once my wife has left for work i dress in my black ho;dups basque and thigh high boots reading all the stories posted on sh.getting turned on.

i occasionally go on chat lines serching for like males with the liking for boots and was pleasantly surprised to find a contast who lived onlt a few miles away. After a nervous start eventually made contact on the phoneand agreed to meet at a pub in the village. I ctied off at the last moment but was persuaded and gave him my home address.

I nervously awaited his arrival as it was the first time that I had been with a man.

I watched nervously through the window for his arrivaland seeing this tall handsome man comong up the path opened the door and let mim in terrified that he might be spotted by my neighbours.

we immefiatly went upstairs eogether so that I could comlete my attire whilst he to stripped off. He was wearing stockings and heels with a black pvc basque and long matching opera gloves stretching right up his arI could not ho;d myself back any longerand just went down on my knees pulled his thong to one side and grabbed hold of his erect cock and whilst wanking him took him on my mouth. The taste of his pye cum was salty but pleasant and as it was my first bi experience nearly choked as he vigourously fucked my mouth. I as in heaven. he was wanking me at the same time and I immedially shot my load into his hand ehich he made me lick my own cum.

i would have loved to have gone further but my neighbours phoned wanting accessd to the garfden to repair storm damage to their fence.

The phone call ruined any further advance and we had to break away. God oh how I would have loved him to take me in my arse. It was so sensupus in his pvc.. If only my wife could understand my fetish.