Written by redfast

23 Nov 2006

Joan was sleeping off our afternoon sex session in a travel lodge room and i was thinking of the next phase of my plan when she woke and kissed me saying that althougth her arse hurt and she had never had pain like it before ( remember she hadnt had any kids) she was glad that she had pleased me.I asked about her hubby at home and she shocked me with her reply "Ho he knows everything i tell him when i get home and he sends his thanks for looking after me" mmm i wasnt ready for that one. Well i said if thats the case maybe next time we can use your big house and let him watch? Joan said you are a kinky sod arent you? no i feel that we ought to let him at least see what youre doing it may help him down there you never know.Whilst we are thinking of our next session can you find a friend to invite along ? dont think so Joan replied,well youve got lots of friends at the social club maybe someone needs cheering up a bit? well said Joan i know one lady but she,s getting on and i dont think you would find her attractive at all.Joan please tell me more let me be the judge,well she,s only about 5ft tall small build no boobs grey hair and about 70 yrs old.How do you know she,s up for it Joan i asked? well she,s always saying "if i could get a man for a night i,d show him a good time" Ok i said i dont have any qualms about that just get her to your,s next Wednesday afternoon about 2pm and we will try something new.

I arrived at Joans house bearing gifts of flower,s and 2 bottles of wine,hubby met me at the door and welcolmed me in, i went thro to the lounge and was met by Joan in a very tight fitting top and skirt and sat beside her was Sally who was just as described dressed in a t shirt and joggers, we made our introductions and then we all had a glass of wine and i sugestted that we should all make our way upstairs,Joan lead the way and we entered a large bedroom with a four poster bed WOW i said great i quickly stripped off and asked if Sally would undress Joan to which she looked at me as if i was asking for the moon! Sally i said i thought Joan would have told you of this before, No she replied all she told me was wear some white undies and you will get some cock.Ok so if you like take off your clothes and i will fuck you now.Sally Froze to the spot and Joan went across to her and put her arm around her saying he,s very good and you will like it,here let me help you off with your clothes,soon Sally was laying on the bed not a pretty sight and i had all on to keep my cock stiff,Joan stepped in and opened Sally,s legs and then started to lick her pussy this made me hard and i looked round and saw hubby with his little dick in his hand,i moved over and pressed my prick into Sally,s cunt and it went in without any bother, i soon realized that this was one very big hole i was into and it wasnt going to make me come like Joans pussy,i banged away but nothing was happening so i stopped and said sorry girl but i need something a bit tighter to get me off, Sally looked at me and the face said it all,she was very dissapointed.Joan stepped in and said let me help she quickly turned Sally face down and showed me her brown hole and said try that,i was taken aback but Sally said ive done it before there so do it to me please, i asked hubby for my laptop bag from downstairs and he fetched it up and i found the anal lube which i slapped some on Sals bum and some on my prick and then i tried again to enter this old girl, this time after a small resitance i was in and it felt good i started to thrust and asked Sal if she was ok she just said more so i banged her as hard as i could and within a minute or so i was comming in her, when i pulled out i asked Joan to lick up the leaks which she did and give it to Sally. The two of them swapped my spunk and it ran down Sals face mm i kissed it off and gave it back to Joan.Hubby was by now showing signs of comming so i pulled Sally off the bed and told her to suck him, hubby quickly came and Sally took it all in her mouth and stood up offering some to Joan this was a sight every man should see at least once in his lifetime.By now i was getting hard again and i took Joan over to the bed placed her face down and rubbed some lube into her bum hole then going to my bag i pulled out the anal kit, giving Sally the smallest butt plug to shove into Joan, the view of Sal pushing the black dong into Joan really turned me on and i jumped on the bed and entered Joans wet pussy with my stomach pressing the dong in and the tightness off Joans pussy i was now in heaven, Joan was really into this and was pushing back onto me with every thrust,i asked Sal to get under Joan and suck her breasts,this tipped Joan over the edge and she came very loudly and to my surprise it ran down my prick and balls a real come mmmmmmm. i rolled off and asked Sal to lick out Joan but she said no its not my scene,ok i said but its only fair Joan licked yours, reluctantly Sal slid under joan and started to eat my come from her pussy Hubby stood there looking amazed as a 70yr old licked out his 62 yr old wife dreams are made of this.