Written by Sue & Dave

21 Jun 2006

Last time we posted Dave wrote the account of our experience fom a mans point of view, so I thought it only fair that I should give my account of this particular event which occurred four weeks ago.

It was a Friday night and Dave and I were due to go out for a quite drink so I thought I would dress up a little. I put on a pair of black stockings, suspenders, matching bra and pants however as I dressed I noticed that I was lookig a little untidy down below so I gave myself a little trim. It was that time of the month and I was feelling rather hot and my pants had been wet most of the day at work My lips had become red and swollen which told me that I was starting to ovulate. I confess that I needed some attention tonight and I thought that stockings and suspenders were a good choice. Anyway, off we went to the pub without Dave suspecting what I was wearing beneath my skirt however, while I was in the pub I crossed and uncrossed my legs a few times before Dave noticed that I was wearing stockings. He slide a hand up my skirt as we sat at the table so that he could have a crafty feel of my bare thigh. Needlesss to say it wasn't long before we drank up and made our way home. Once in the car Dave asked me to pull my skirt up so that he could see what I had on offer. On the way home Dave was feeling my bare thigh and stroking my stocking clad legs and tried in vain to get a finger or two under the leg of my pants. Once in the house we began to fool around and soon my pants were around my ankles. I told Dave that I had trimmed myself ready for his inspection. I flung one leg wide open for him and allowed him to run his fingers through my shortened pubes . "Yes" he said "That will do nicely". I casualy mentioned that I could go the full monty if he wanted me to. He then turned to me and said "No, I said some time ago that I would only give you a clean shave if some one else was going to visit". Meaning of course that I was going to let someone else into my pants. I was feeling abit randy by now so to get him going I said, " I'm sure you could find someone and if you're really good, I may even let you you have a feel when he's finished with me". Dave's face lit up and he was up like a flash. Within a few minutes he had all the shaving bits around him. Within ten minutes I had been shawn clean but I wouldn't let Dave touch me as I explained to him that this was for some deserving young man, making him drool as I ran my fingers over my now bare mound

I put on a fresh pair or black French knickers and then went to the wardrobe and took out a thin summer dress which had buttons down the front for ease of access and of course a quick cover up should any one interupt us at play.

We jumped into the car and and made our way out of town and out into the country. I was expecting us just to go to a local car park within the Aldershot area for abit of hanky panky but Dave ended up on the motorway heading south. Dave and I had travelled this route before. We had our first experience at Basingstoke which can be read in our fisrt encounter "FIRST ATTEMPT" published here last year. However we tried again not too long after at Winchester with not much luck. There was plenty of men hanging around the car park but unfortunately for me, a woman was not on their agenda even though I lay half naked in the front seat of the car as they wandered passed. We tried Chiswick sports ground but that was just as bad. Sinse then there has been a bereavment in the family so sex took a backseat so to speak and to cap it off our computer crashed which saw us lose most of our photographs and contact list. As a consequence we have lost touch with those who contacted us after posting our 'FIRST ATTEMPT".

We ventually arrived at the Lime Pits at Basingstoke at about 10:30pm. There were a few cars parked there but they didn't appear to have anyone in them. Anyway Dave and I settled down for a bit of fun as I was dying to get my pants off. We lay back the front seat a little and began to kiss and cuddle. Dave loosened a few buttons at the top of my dress and began to kiss my kneck and the top of my breast. I was warming to being stripped naked in the car as Dave began to unbutton a few more brushing aside the material as he went . Things were just hotting up when I saw two shadows moving to my left about five feet from the door. I didn't alert Dave but I kept a watchful eye trying to peer into the darkness. Being devilish, I lay there thinking that maybe they could to see me with my dress open but me being me, I began to cover up. "Dave" I said , "I think there's some one out there"' Dave looked up and said "Oh yes... there's two of them". I pulled my dress around me an buttoned up. Dave sat up, opened the car door and got out. I peered through the window watching as Dave walked over to the two dark outlines. When my eyes got used to the dark again I pressed my face against the window and I could see that it was two men. One was small and the other was of a somewhat larger stature. I could hear Daves voice but couln't make out any of the conversation. It transpired that Dave was asking them if there ws any action in the car park but they said that we were the first couple to arrive and they were comming over to see what we were getting upto. Dave told them that he had his wife with him and that as a dare she was willing for some one to suck her nipples but it was unfortunate that I would only let one take part. A short discussion ensued between the two and the smaller one appeared to win the day. Within a couple of minutes the big guy walked away across the car park and Dave walked towards the car with the other. Before I go any further I will point out that the following quotations are an account as far as Dave and I could recall of our conversations at the time. The actual event was very vivid in our minds but the actual words used were some what hazy so please forgive.

Dave opened the car door and I was instantly blinded by the interior light. He leaned into the car and said " I think our lucks in..... Sue, this is Jim". Dave stepped to one side and I was confronted by Jim who had now bent down into the light. He was aged about 30-35 with short dark hair and was clean shaven. He smiled and said 'Hello, nice to meet you", but I saw that his eyes were scanning me from head to toe. I smiled in return but not quite sure what to say as I was totally confused at what was happening . As far as first appearances were concerned I wouldn't have said that Jim was good looking but there again not unpleasant looking, a normal type of man of average build dressed in jeans and a black sweat shirt. Looking back he was nothing startling to look at but there again not too bad, Mr Average. Dave's face then reappeared. Jim stood up and his face disappeared into the dark. Daves' face was a picture, he had a big grin on his face and I could tell that was really excited as he said, 'If your happy luv, Jim will take us to a quiet spot he knows over in the woods.'. He stared at me waiting for an answer. I was lost for words as I stared back. I eventually blurted out 'Errrrrr......I don't know. what do you think?' . Dave replied "It seems OK to me but it's up to you?. I hesitated and thought for a second trying to recall what Jim looked like and then said, "If you' re sure , Ok then". With that he took my hand and helped me out of the car. As I stood there getting my eyes used to the dark Dave locked the car door. I noticed that Jim was standing only a couple of feet away to my left. He came closer to me and began making conversation about the place he was going to take us. I can't remember the exact description but I guess he was as nervous as I was as I remember that he was rambling on about it being 'quiet' and 'out of the way' and a 'nice spot'. Dave in the mean while locked the car after removing a travel rug from the boot. As Dave joined us Jim said " It's this way" he said as he stepped off followed by me and Dave. He continued to talk about all sorts and everything and generally rambled on. He and Dave were having a conversation between themselves and only now again would Jim turned to me at the appropriate time when ever a question was to be answered. We walked through the car park and onto a path which took us into a dark wooded area. Dave held my hand as we followed Jim, who continued to give a running commentary of our progress. Dave squeezed my hand and asked if I as OK. As I walked the situation slowly began to sink in. My legs were like jelly and lead at both the same time. I held onto Dave but I couldn't feel any movement in my legs although I could see and feel the trees and bushes going by me. Dave held me close and asked if I was OK. I was, but there again I wasn't. The sexual tension was building in me stomach as every step made me weak at the knees. I also knew that my pants were soaking wet in antisipation. After a couple of minutes we came to a opening in the wood and Jim said 'This is it'. He stopped and turned to me and Dave. I looked around and saw that we had moved off the main track and into a small clearing about ten feet long by six feet wide. There were a couple of tall trees surrounded by a few shrubs and bushes. Was it secluded?? Yes, I thought. Dave stepped around the area and gave his approval said " Yeah.... this is OK". He then turned to me and said " "Are you OK here??". I looked around and nodded 'Yeah..... what ever". There was no grass just hard ground with a layer of mushy leaves. Dave then unfolded the rug and lay it on the ground. He then sat down and patted the rug with his right hand. I sat down to right of Dave followed by Jim who in turn sat on my right. I think the three of us sat there like puddings for a minute or so before Jim started rambling on about it being off the main path, hidden and that very few poeple knew of it. Dave nodded and agreed and I nodded not knowing any different although being a woman I asked myself just how many woman had Jim invited to his little hide away. The thought of Jim bring other women here to have his wicked way gave me a bit of a thrill considering I was going to be one of his many. Dave then turned to me and said 'Do you want to lie down here luv.? patting the rug behind me.


As I lay down Dave followed me and gave me a hug, 'Love you lots'. I replied 'Love you too". He then began to kiss me and I responded. I then felt Jim lay down beside me and I felt his right arm fall over my stomach. My body jerked in antisipation. My mind was racing and my body was trembling. Jim then kissed me on the cheek and then on the kneck. It was electifying.I turned my head towards him and then he kissed me on the lips.I was so charged up that I responded. He tasted different, his lips were softer than Daves and he had a different smell to him. He was wearing nice afershave but I could still smell the musky scent of a man. A different man with a different sex odour. I had never felt such an ovrwhelming desire to kiss another man before. Without any forthought I put my arm around his kneck and gave him the most passionate kiss I have ever given anyone except Dave. I had the most erotic and sexual feeling ever rushing through my body . Dave said that I had moaned as Jim kissed me but God....what a feeling. My whole body relaxed and my legs went to jelly. It was like my first date all over again. I was tingling between my legs and I could feel my nipples throbbing. Time stood still and I had no perception of where I was. All I felt was this warm glow from head to foot. I could now feel a hand drawing down my chest as the buttons of my dress were undone. When the hand reached my tummy it stopped. It then came up and slid onto my left breast. I took a deep breath as the hand came over my bra cup rubbed my now erect nipple. I then turned towards Dave who then kissed me. I then realised that it was his hand that was tweaking at my nipple. Without hesitation I pulled my dress to one side and pulled my bra down so that he could get a full grip of the flesh. I let out a gasp as his cool hand clasped my breast and tweaked my nipple. A second hand then came up to my right breast and drew circles around the nipple before the bra cup was pulled down and hand began to squeaze and pull at my breast and nipple. Jim was now kissing and nibbling at my kneck and his body was rocking against mine. I was now totaly gone. Dave then moved down my neck kissing me as he went. Jim followed suit and before long both were on the top of my breast and I was waiting for them to reach my nipples. I think I screamed as they both began to lick and suck my nipples into a fully erect state. My chest was heaving as the two hands and lips worked relentlessly at my nipples. I was at bursting point but I wanted more. I held Jims and Daves heads in each hand and pushed them onto my nipples which by this time were throbbing . Dave later said that I was thrashing about on the rug and that Jim was sucking hard on my right nipple and squeazing away at my breast for quite some time. I then felt a hand go down over my stomach over my pants and between my legs. Automaically I opened my legs and gave a long groan . I closed them just as quickly trapping the intruder as the sensation swept over me . I was too sensitive to be touched down there just yet. The hand then came back up to my tummy and began to loosen the rest of the buttons of my dress. Dave ordered me to sit up. With the help of them both I just about managed. Dave then pulled my dress down my arms and loosened my bra which was then thrown to one side. I was gently returned to the rug and the nibbling and sucking continued. My dress was brushed away and then a hand grabbed the inside thigh of my right leg and pulled it to one side. The hand then pushed my left leg to one side indicating me to open my legs. I had no hesitation in doing what was required. I now had my dress fully off, clad only in pants, stockings and suspenders, my legs were wide open and two men, one of whom I didn't know was now sucking at my nipples. I was is in heaven and I was as horny as hell. The hand came back to rest on my stomach and immediatly went down to the waist band of my pants. The fingers went under the band and dipped into the gusset. As it went over my bare mound I took in a deep breath as I waited for the final touch. Over the mound the fingers went. I heard Jim give a loud moan. My lips parted and the flood gates opened. I grabbed the hand and pushed it into my soaking mound and gripped it with my thighs. A hugh orgasm went through me which left me fighting for air. My whole body jerked as I half sat up and cum full flood. The orgasam was sensational. As I slowly regained my composure and realised that it was Jim who had initiated the shock wave. His hand still firmly lodged in my pants. I lay down once more breathing deeply, my chest heaving and my mound pulsating but Jim didn't move his hand. He then began to move it up and down my lips ever so slowly. Instintively I opened my legs again. His fingers expertly pulled my lips to one side and found the magic button. Half a dozon times I clamped my legs shut as the tingling sensations shot through my body. My most sensitive parts were now being treated to the most incredible sensations I'd ever had.

I was aware that Dave and Jim were clamped to my sides and boh were rocking to and froe against each thigh. I could now feel a second hand rubbing the inside thigh of my left leg and slowly pulling my leg open even further. I then put my left leg over Daves leg and my right over Jims. At that point Jims finger slid effortlessly into me on a stream of juice. I responded by lifting my pelvis in time to his probing. I heard Jim moaning as more fingers were added and their movements increased. I was kissing Jim full on his mouth wanting him do do more and more things to me. Dave was still sucking and pullng at my nipple as his hand rubbed the inside of my legs and pulling at my suspenders and stockings occassionaly passing over Jims active fingers inside my pants. I don't know how long this went on but I was in heaven and loving every second.

At some point I felt Daves hand hook inside the band of my pants and began to push them down my left leg. Being an obliging wife I lifted my bottom off the rug to ease their removal. To my dismay Jim removed his hand hand from between my legs and helped to slide my pants down to my knees. Dave pulled them further down but a few swift wiggles of my legs I had them down to my ankles and sending them off across the ground. Dave and Jim were back at my nipples and thankfully Jim got his fingers deep inside of me once more which created a further flood of juice. Occassionally Jim would come up for air and kissed me on the lips and force his tongue inside my mouth, entwinning with my own. I remember thinking of his taste and smell but by this time I was so 'sex drunk' I was unable to control my ultimate desire. Daves hand had now joined Jims. Jims fingers playing havoc with my insides and Dave pulling at my bare lips and rubbing my exposed clitorus. A wave was building up inside of me again and I kept calling out to no one inparticular ' I'm cumming, I'm cumming' . Jims fingers worked harder and the sucking of my nipples increased until my body shuddered and I once again released more juice. Dave mumbled something to Jim and without a furher word Jim removed his fingers and took a last lick of my right nipple before shuffling down the rug lifting my up my right leg as he went. He then crawled between my legs pushing them wide open as he buried his mouth into my wet mound. I knew it was coming but I didn't expect the intensity. I heard myself give a loud groan as Jims tongue slurpped at my swollen wet lips. My hips rose up as I tried to close my legs but I couldn't because of Jims head . I did the next natural thing, I took his head in my right hand to to try and control his mouth and tongue. Needless to say it was futile. I half sat up and looked down my chest. Dave was sucking at my left nipple while his other hand tweaked my right breast and nipple. Jims head was firmly embedded between my legs. It was so electrifying and I was so excited I just lay back and moaned as Jim took me to a seventh heaven. At some point Dave came up and we kissed ever so pasionatley. I got the most fantastic sensation as we kissed, Kissing your husband and having someone else pleasure you is the only way to get the ultimate sexual gratification. I could feel the pressure building in my groin once more as Jim pushed both my knees up into the air and his tougue lashed at my now swollen lips and clitorus. When I came it was a earth trembler, with more moans and body jerks. Even Jim surfaced and mention how wet I was. Dave then pushed his fingers into me and remaked that he'dever known me to be so wet. Jim then put my right leg back onto the rug and with his free hand inserted his fingers deep into me. I was so wet that they slid in without any effort. He then began to slide them in and out. Dave pulled my left leg across his and opened me open for Jims fingers to do their business. Dave was egging Jim on. " "Go on Jim right up, she loves that, get her soaking wet". My hips were now moving in time with Jims hand. Jim was now lying on his side and probing me with deep thrusts - I was burning with desire for harder thrusts and more fingers but I couldn't speak, I just lay there and enoyed the feeling. The sensatins were compounded by Jim licking and sucking at my lips every now and again and of course Dave was back on my nipples sending shivers through my body. I wasn't sure how long this went on but Dave thought it may have been about ten minutes or more when I heard muffled tone of Jims voice and Dave replying . Dave later told me that Jim had asked if he could fuck me. Dave of course said 'Yes' .

At that point Jims fingers were removed and Dave stopped playing with my nipples. Dave sat up and so did Jim. I lay there exhausted, hot, sweating and very, very wet. I looked up at Jim who was now on his knees. As if in slow motion I watched him he undo his belt, loosened the top button of his jeans and pull down the zip. My heart was racing and thumping in my chest. 'God', I thought, 'this is is it, someone else is going to take me'. Dave then took my hand and said ' Are you Ok?'. I couldn't speak, all I could mutter was a "Mmm". Jim then pulled down his jeans and revealed his full erection. I couldn't take my eyes off it as he pulled his jeans down to his kness. He then held it in his right hand and gave it a rub. Jims erection was not a 10 inch monster nor was it huge in girth. It was of a regular size , perhaps 6 inches or so but it curled up in a tight arc and the end was shaped like a small ball. It was a different shape to that of Daves in so much that Dave has an almost straight length and the end is shaped like a firemans helmet. My eyes were drawn to the rounded end. Jim looked at me and said "What do you think of that Sue?" pushing it down in my direction , "Would you like to suck it?". I was speechless but it made me horny as hell as I haven't touched another man since I was at college twenty odd years ago nor had anyone spoke to me so directly. Dave then told Jim that I didn't do that ( we preplanned this eventuality, I would only touch in the first instance but it would be left to me to decide one way or the other at the time) If Jim had pushed it into my face I would have sucked him dry without a second thought. However Jim accepted Daves explanation and so pushed his fingers back into me began to work his fingers around and around. He slowly withdrew them and then slowly ran his right hand up and down his shaft lubricating his manhood with my own cum.

Dave then looked down at me and said " Do want to have a feel of it Sue"?. Stupid question, but all I could say was "Mmm". Jim shuffled forward forcing my legs up and open. His erection only and inch or so above my wide open lips.I reached out with my right hand and curled my fingers around the fleshy shaft. It was wet, solid and ridgid. Jim leaned back and let out a moan and said, " Ohhh....... yes Sue, thats nice. Give it a good pull". I needed no further encouragement. My hand went up and down that shaft, allowing me to feeling every inch of its throbbing muscle. I remember it being firm and veined but his rounded end was something else - it felt so much like a pool ball, smooth and round. Up and down I went pulling more blood into the thick, bulging vein. Jim was now running his hands up and down my stockings and pulling at my suspender belt and squeezing my bare thigh. His face was concentrating on his erection as I rubbed its smooth end. I felt that Jim was getting turned on too because I could feel his juice oozing from the split on the side of the smooth skin. My hand began to glide up and down as his liquid oozed out and ran down into my fingers mixing with my own juice . Would you believe that I was getting even more aroused?. I could feel my own juices flowing freely out of me and down over my bottom. Dave was now rubbing my breasts and nipples and and I began to yearn for a finger or two to fill me up again. Dave was whispering in my ear. I can't rememer exactly what he said but he tells me it was something like, " feel nice Sue?" , "Is he nice and big"?, "Would you like that inside of you"?, "Go on Sue, make him big and hard". I couldn't say anything, all I could reply was 'Mmm' but what I did know was that I was dying to get it inside of me. I think all this talk got me so horny that I pushed my groin up towards him and rubbed my wet, open lips up his shaft. Jim responded by sitting back. I then moved forwards to keep the contact but this time his hard shaft fit snuggly into the opening between my lips. I moaned aloud as I pulled his hardness against my clitorus and began to rise up and down ever so gently. Jim leaned forward and began to fondle my breasts and pull at my nipples. I just lay there enjoying the whole sensation. Dave told me that he lay back and allowed Jim to get on with it while he watched and remove his trousers. The pressure in my groin was rising again but I wanted more. My hip rythnm increased and I was now feeling the full length of Jims shaft sweeping over my soaking opening. I jumped as his roundedness touched my now tender clitorus and the end almost dropping into my pulsating opening. I couldn't wait any longer. I said to Jim, "Fuck me Jim, please fuck me now". Dave piped up, "I think you better give her what she wants Jim". Jim fumbled behind him for a few seconds or so and produced a condom. I hadn't thought about that, I was so far gone that I would have taken him without it. Jim ripped the packet open and took out the sheath and rolled it over the end and down his shaft. Jim then peeled off his sweat shirt revealing a small hairy chest and a small beer belly. He then slid his bottom backwards and then leaned his chest forwards over my body. He looked down at me and said "Put it in Sue". I was trembling by now but I managed to put my hand between us and grasp the the rounded end. He was as very stiff as I pushed the end down between my lips. Jim then gently leaned forward and slide into me. The feeling was unbelievable. I brought both my hands up and placed them on his bottom. What fabulous tight buttocks Jim had, I gripped them tightly and I gulped for air as his shaft slid up the wall of my womb into my stomach . My fingers dug into his bottom as he filled me up. At the same moment the orgasam of a life time came thundering down my stomach. I pulled him Jim further in as he found my mouth and began to kiss me. I couldn't breath. My hips were grinding into his and my heart had stopped. I held Jim in a vice like grip as my legs wrapped around his. I was in suspended animation as my orgasm tore through me. After what appeared to be a life time it finaly reached my toes and eventually subsided as I regained my normal breathing. Dave was now lying next to me , I turned to him and said " Dave, that was fantastic". He replied "It sounded good, how feel having someone else in there?". All I could say was, "I want more". Jim then raised his head just above my face and said "Was that good Sue?.........well now I'm gonna give a real good fucking". With that he thrust his groin into mine. I was taken by by surprise of the force his end rammed into my belly. I gave a grunt as it took my breath away as he held it in that position. "Now you know what a real cock feels like". I blurted out " Ohh....God,.... yes ". Dave also came in with "Fuck her good and hard Jim". With that Jim raised himself up on his hands and began to fuck me like I've never been fucked before. I felt the rounded end touch every bit of my insides as he pounded at me for what seemed like hours. He gave me long, strong strokes. Short fast burst and hard groin busting thrusts. I had orgasm after orgasm as he pulled my legs from top to bottom, side to side and over his shoulders. Jim was telling Dave how wet I was and how easy I was taking him. He also had me telling Dave how much I loved being fucked by him and that I wanted more of his cock inside of me. Dave loved this type of talk which egged Jim on even more. Jim eventually slowed and began to slide genltly up and down. I could now feel the round end rubbing at the inside of my womb and his large sac slapping agaist my bottom. Jim was panting and no doubt trying to get his breath back. "Tell Dave you want to fucked by me again next week". I turned my head towards Dave and said " Dave, I want Jim to fuck me again", I added, "I love what that end does to me and I love the feel of his bottom". Jim and Dave both laughed and Jim picked up the rythnm again. I was thinking that this was so sereal. A stranger was pounding away at my half naked body and Dave lying next to me watching and willing him on. I was getting excited again so I said to Jim, "Jim... I'm turned on by being fucked by a stranger". Jim was now breathing heavy and I was sure that he was now getting excited. He increased his thrusting, "Jim" , I said, ...."make me cum again". I could feel the end of his man-hood getting bigger........I sensed that he was going to explode. I was excited too at the thought of being used. I then held onto his bottom, that lovely tight bottom and pulled my legs up for deeper penetration. I was begging him to fuck me harder and make me cum. Jim didn't disappoint. His thrusting inceased rapidly and I could feel the end expanding . I told Jim that he was making me cum. I was on that roller coaster again as the flood gates opened. Jim thumping inceased and then he stiffened, he forced himself deep inside of me. He gave a long groan as I felt him pulsating . The thrusting slowed as he took in large gulps of breath . He then stopped and buried his head in my neck grunting as he regained his breath. We lay there a while, Jim on top of me and both of us trying to get our breath back. Slowly Jim raised himself and wiped his face with his hand. " "God, that was goodI" he said as he withdrew slowly leaving an empty void between my legs as he fell face down on the rug next to me. Dave then turned to me and said "My turn" as he climped betwen my legs. I'd forgotten all about him. Dave crawled between my open legs and slide straight in. It was nice to feel Dave as I knew this was his biggest thrill, to take me after someone else has had me . I held onto his hips as he began to pound at my now battered mound. Dave said, "Jim's made you big and wet". I replied " He has" I said "He's opened me up with that big cock of his". This was too much for Dave, two more thrusts and he came inside of me. I held onto him and pulled him against my groin. Another orgasm riped through me as I held on tight. Bliss, shear bliss. After a few minutes Dave withdrew and lay next to me. The three of us lay there for a while but we soon became chilly with the inactivity so we eventually sat up put our clothes back on. Dave and Jim had to help me to my feet as my legs were like jelly and I was throbbing between my legs. I was standing there completly naked and about to put my pants back on when Jim ran his hand up the inside of my thigh and like a naughty school girl I bent over and showed him my bottom. Dave had his back to us as he did up his trousers so he didn't see this. His hand came up over my botom and into my wet crutch and he gently stroked my swollen lips with his fingers. 'That's gorgous .......and still wet. lucky old Dave" . We then dressed and slowly and painfully made our way out of the woods. When we reached the car park Jim gave us his phone number and asked us to get in touch with him again soon, he then shook hands with Dave and kissed me before we left. We went home that night and relived our experience.I don't think we slept that night. I had more cums that night than ever before. Dave and I have made love every night since. We often wondered what happened to the other guy and wondered if things would have been any different. We are now planning our next adventure so drop us a line with some ideas. We have discussed teaming up with Jim again but I didn't think that I wouldn't get the same thrill although the thought of Jims rounded end still gives me wet pants so some day soon I may just give him a call.