Written by softboy

24 Jun 2003

i knew she had fucked him.

she didn't say. when she danced with him he pushed her back and moved beside her in a way that was familiar and at the same time cautious.

when she came back to the bar she was glowing.

- what?

- old boyfriend?

- old friend.

- liar. you who doesn't tell lies.

this seemed to make her uncomfortable.

- well, did you?

- what?

- have you fucked him? or did you make love?

- we went out...

- you fucked him!

she started laughing. i leant over and kissed her.

- you looked beautiful out there. do you still like him?

- he's quite handsome. not like you but he has a something.

- something that makes you aroused. what's his name?

- not telling. do you want a drink?

by the time she came back from the bar he was standing beside me.

- are you with someone?

- no.

- my wife still likes you.

- i still like her.

- it's quieter over there.

we move away from the bar to a darker space. we drink and talk. i say to my wife how beautiful she looks.

- doesn't she look beautiful?

- very.

- i think i should spoil her with you. i'd love to watch you kiss her.

my wife looks at me astonished but doesn't resist when the man kisses her. as soon as she breaks off she reaches out and pulls my head to hers and i can taste him on her lips. she kisses me harder and more passionately than she has for a long time. i can tell she is aroused beyond her stopping point. i can sense by her movements that she is in a "dangerous" condition.

- i want to watch you two kissing.

my wife leaned over and kisses him fuller and harder this time. i stand close and watch them bite gently on each other's lips, their eyes closed and their breathing intense. while they kiss i reach over to my wifes backside and run my hand firmly up and down her arse. she responds by pushing her hips against her old boyfriend. i push her too reassuring her that this is ok.