Written by Sophie

12 May 2009

I have just recently discovered this website.I am absolutely gobsmacked by some of the things I have read.I,m a 34 year old woman who thought I was alone in my very secrt desire.

I,m not sure when it started possibly when I was a young woman,I had no sexual experience,I was extremely shy.In my bedroom reading one evening I noticed the man next door in his shed,the door was just slightly open.At first I thought I was imagining it,he was completely naked,I don,t know if he realised I could see him.

I did,nt know what he was doing,I,d never seen a man masturbating,I could,nt take my eyes off the thing standing up between his legs and his hand rubbing hard up and down on it.He did,nt take long to what I now know is wank himself off.

This happened on many occasions,sometimes his shed door wide open,it was around this time that I started to pleasure myself with my fingers while I watched him,I began to really look forward to it.

Then one day there were strangers in the garden,he,d gone I felt a bit devastated.I,ve had two sexual relationships with men their willy inside me did nothing for me, I would have preferred to watch them wank themselves off.

In my fantasies I was always imagining that chap in his shed when I brought myself off.I pulled up at a picnic site to use the loo,it was empty except for one car.I went in the ladies it was a really old fashioned place,while sitting on the loo I suddenly had a feeling I was being watched,I looked around me and discovered there was a small hole in the wall behind me.A little scared I realised it was the gents toilet next door.

I was,nt sure what to do,if somebody was looking through they would have seen me lift my skirt and pull my knickers down.For some unbelievable reason,possibly because I had,nt brought myself off for over a week,I felt a familiar tingling between my legs,I was trembling.

I pushed my knickers down to my ankles,I undid my skirt and pushed it down beneath me I was naked from the waist down.I undid my blouse and removed it.I could hear heavy breathing I knew I was being watched.Even though I was terribly scared I could,nt stop myself,I stepped out of my skirt and knickers spread my legs apart and stood up.

I bent down to pick my clothes up knowing that my pussy was completely exposed from behind to the hole in the wall.I stood up and turned towards the hole folding my clothes making sure my knickers was in full view.I wanted to but I dare,nt put my fingers into my fanny.

I was,nt sure what the noise was at first but then saw a rolled up piece of paper come through the hole,it was a real dilemma,should I get out of there quickly.Instead I pulled it through and read it."I loved what I saw,you have a lovely body,are you gay I am,look through the hole please."

Just like that,I was,nt sure what to do,I felt a little dissappointed.I nervously put my eye to the hole,I could,nt see all of him but I could see his hand moving slowly up and down on his swollen cock covering and exposing the deep pink head with each stroke.

It was like that chap in the shed again only closer up.Instinctively my fingers went deep in my pussy I orgasmed almost immediately.He continued to wank himself with slightly faster strokes,I could just see his balls they moved gently with the movement of his hand.

Suddenly he turned his bottom to me,I wondered why.I soon found out,another person had joined him.I wished I could see more ,I quickly realised that the hand now wanking him was,nt his.A note came through the hole again,"There,s a vacant cubicle next to ours with a large hole,we,d love you to come and watch us,won,t touch you".

I knew I should,nt but somehow I found myself in my clothes and almost running into the gents toilet.One cubicle was closed the other open I went in and locked the door,my heart was racing,what was I doing.

There was a hole in the wall the sise of a football,I could immediately see two pairs of naked legs and thighs.A face came to the hole and smiled nothing was said.I sat on the loo the hole was facing me,they both got on there knees,I just sat there watching them wank each other,it was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen.

I stripped off and got on my knees my legs apart my fingers rapidly working my clit,orgasm after orgasm came.I was watching them they were watching me.They beckoned me to the hole as one of them stood up,I was,nt expecting what happened.

Holding his balls in one hand he used the other to guide his cock into his mouth and started sucking vigorously,I,d never seen anything like it before,neither had I ever seen a man come in another mans mouth but I knew it was happening before my eyes.

I just watched as he sucked all of his juices from him his cock already going limp as it came from his mouth.I watched the sucked off chap dress and leave the other chap gently wanking himself as he watched him too.

Why not stay for a while there will be others he said smiling,you,ll enjoy the different ways I bring them off,let me see you bring yourself off again.