Written by Sophie

13 May 2009

It was even peculiar how relaxed I felt completely naked in a gents toilet watching a man in the next cubicle wanking himself.We smiled at each other but not a word was spoken,I was completely mesmerised by his cock his foreskin moving up and down over the silky shining head.

The thought crossed my mind that I would like to feel it but that was obviously not what he would have wanted.I have no idea how long we watched each other pleasure ourselves,footsteps startled both of us.

Somebody had entered then there was silence,my friend in the cubicle coughed gently I heard a cough from the main toilet.My friend opened his door slightly,the response was immediate a chap came to his door and pushed it fully open.His trousers was open his cock fully erect was in his hand.

My friend reached and took it from his hand gently guiding him inside and closed the door.He did,nt see me next door he just stood there and let himself be wanked.My friend undid his belt and zip and let his trousers drop to his ankles.His cock was out of the leg of his rather skimpy white briefs,my friend took the waistband and lifted it over his cock pushing them to his ankles.The chap himself lifted his teeshirt up completely exposing himself.

I,m sure he was still unaware of my presence.My friend took his cock in his mouth and started to move his head up and down on it.The chaps hands took my friends head in his hands and started to push his cock in and out of his mouth.I had my fingers deep in my pussy playing hard on my clit,staying silent as I orgasmed was difficult.

His cock was increasing in speed as it went in and out of my friends mouth his balls knocking against his chin with each thrust. My friend obviously knew the signs,he took both the chaps cheeks in a tight grip as the pace of his thrusting became more and more rapid.

His movement stopped and his cock pushed fully into my friends mouth, his low grunting and the jerking of his hips told me he was ejaculating.My friend managed to look towards me with a wicked smile on his face,he was really enjoying this,he could also see three of my fingers now deep inside my pussy my own juices dripping from them.

The chap pulled his cock from my friends mouth saliva and obviously his semen dripping from it,he reached for some toilet paper and cleaned himself his cock quickly losing its hardness.Suddenly he was in a hurry as he pulled his briefs and trousers up and left.

My friend looked at me and said I hope you enjoyed that I did.It was the first time I spoke to him,my voice did,nt sound like my own,I,d like to watch you wank a man off.He smiled at me and said,for you my lovely I,ll wank off as many as you can stay and watch.