Written by Andrew

4 Apr 2005

I answered an add on this site for a man to doninate his wife while he watched, we emailed several times for them to be sure I was what I claimed to be, and as they listed one of thier hobbies as camping we met on a camp site in Norfolk in the forest, they actually had a very small tent, I turned up in my camper van, we walked around the site and then went to the club house for a beer, and as we sat at a table in the corner getting to know each other, they told me that she wanted to do a strip tease with photos outside, but were too scared to do it, I saw this as the first thing to get done and I'm a keen photographer, she was about forty nice figure pretty face with short blond hair, generally quite a looker for her age, I suggested as it was still light we should start now, she started to make excuses about the amount of people about and getting caught, I told her she would do as she was told, I didn't take no for an answer and if I heard any more negitive comments she would seriously regret them, she looked down and said yes sir, I got my camera and we walked into the woods, I know the area quite well and took them to a rarely used area that was almost private but not quite, I told her to remove her top it was a white shirt she undid the buttons and opened it out as she slipped it off her shoulders, I said make it sexy you are not getting undressed to take a shower, she used a bit of style as she got it off, I told her the bra was next, she turned her back and unclipped it as she let it slip to the ground she turned showing the most magnificiant nipples and large brown aurola her tits hardly sagging at all, I pretended not to be interested and just said right the skirt next, she undid whatever was holding it up and just let it drop, leaving her in nothing but a tiny white lacy thong, she slipped her thumbs into the waist band and started to take them off, I stopped her and told her to turn around "show us your naked bum" was the instruction, she turned and as she was directly back to us I said stop, now bend over and touch your toes, she obeyed, and as she bent the thin elastic dissapeared into the crack of her bum, there was a large tree trunk that had blown down, I told her to walk up to it and rest her hands on it splaying her legs wide showing her sexy arse to the camera, I took photos of her in all sotrs of poses before I told her to get rid of the pants she sat back on the log and rolled them off in a very satisfing way, I told her to sit on the log and gave the camera to her husband with instructions, as I walked up to her I dropped my trousers and pants letting my cock spring out, I walked right up to her and without saying a word fed my cock into her mouth, she sucked as much as she could in and then using her tounge and cheeks she milked my cock till it erupted in her mouth, I held her head tight in my hands till she had swallowed every drop.

She was realy turned on now so I told her to lie back on the log and wank her self she did it without any complaint, I retrieved the camera and got right in close showing every detail of her cunt and her fingers as she worked herself to a climax, we could hear voices in the distance but I said she was to continue and not stop till she was told too, she was obviously frightened but I was very strict in my instructions and just as she came whimpering and groaning two young men walked into the clearing, they could see all that was going on and were very interested, they asked what was happening, I told them she had just given me a wonderfull blow job and she would give them one if they wanted, thier trouseds were down and cocks out in split seconds, I told her to lay across the log with her bum in the air so one could fuck her while she sucked the other one off, she didn't argue just spread her legs wide and leaning on her hands on the log as one literally stuck his hard cock into her cunt and the other into her mouth, both were young and very virile they fucked her withour the slightest finesse, just took thier pleasure, neither lasted more that a few minutes before they came, they just pulled up thier clothes and walked away, I was taking more pics of her with spunk running down her legs and all over her face, I gave him the camera and pushed my cock up her very wet cunt, still full of the young man's spunk, I thought it would be sloppy seconds but she was very tight and knew how to use her cunt muscles to please a man, I gripped her hips and powered my cock up her as hard and fast as I could knowing that she had sucked me off only a short while ago I could last well, she shuddered into a climax her knees giving way, but she was not very heavy and I just held onto her and continued to fuck her till I came deep inside her she didn't stop comming all the time.

I told her she could put her blouse and skirt back on but no bra or pants were to be worn for the remainder of our stay, her skirt was only about two of three inches below her crutch so she walked very carefully back to thier tent, we arranged to meet for drinks later, I reminded her no underwear.

We met in the club house and she was wearing a longer skirt and a tee shirt, it was very obvious she didn't have a bra on and as she sat down with her back to the room I told her to prove she had no pants, she eased her skirt up till I could clearly see she was naked underneath, we had a few drinks and made plans for Saturday but that better be told another time.