Written by Needit

6 Jan 2004

I walked up the stairs to her flat in eager anticipation, my cock was throbbing and my balls burned with desire for her. She was a very sensual woman, a wonderful lover and I couldn't wait to see her again. It had been too long since we last enjoyed one another.

As I got to the door, it was ajar; I knew there was a treat waiting for me on the other side. With a gentle knock on the door, the smell of her sweet perfume and lovely feminine musk greeted me. Slowly, the door opened, she was wearing one of my favourite outfits. A lovely black basque covering her huge mounds, black lace-topped hold up stockings and shiny knee high boots with sharpened stilettos. She was a classic beauty, dressed with just a hint of slutty suggestion.

She stood in the hallway almost purring as she looked at me. Our eyes met, but I didn't want to speak. I firmly wrapped my hands around her hips and lowered them to squeeze her tight ass. Normally, I love a lot of foreplay, but I knew this was a woman who needed to fuck as badly as I. Today, foreplay would have to wait, it was time to do some serious fucking!

Without hesitation, I dropped to my knees to let my face take in the fullness of her glorious bouquet. She didn't have any panties on, so I knew she was expecting to get fucked while wearing those sexy boots. I usually lick her pussy and tease her with my tongue, however; I just put my lips to hers and sucked them through the mint in my mouth as hard as I could. When I did this, she began to cum hard, as she let out a loud moan of delight. I looked over my shoulder to realise the door was still open, but I didn't care. I wanted to take this woman!

I led her to the kitchen and quietly forced her to all fours. Quickly, I got undressed and let my unbridled cock jump out of my leather jeans. When she seen my cock vault in anticipation, she lowered to her elbows and offered herself to me. I pulled back my penis as I gently inserted it into her warm slit. As I pushed my cock into her body, her tightness began to hurt ever so deliciously. I was a man in heaven…

With my hands caressing her lovely ass, I began to get into the rhythmic stroking of fucking this lovely angel who desperately needed me to fulfil her passions. Each of my thrusts were deep and penetrating into her vagina. I could feel my cock go all the way to the end of her love tunnel, and was secretly pleased that I was able to reach this far into her womanhood. Once- in-a-while I would tease her and tell her my consignment was about to arrive. Each time I did this, I asked her where she wanted my hot spunk. Each time the answer was the same - 'Give it to me in my mouth and make your cum drip off my face, you bastard. Fuck me!'

As we fucked, she came several times, each time with greater intensity. I was pleased to be able to control my desire to blow my load and enjoyed watching her have such deep orgasms. For me, it is a real treat to watch a woman enjoy herself in such a way, far more pleasurable than to simply fuck and blow a load…

Once-in-awhile I took my cock out of her and gently smacked her ass. With each blow, she would moan in raptures of joy for me. I continued to do this for her and gradually let the smacks get a little more firm each time. After a while, her cheeks became a nice rose colour. Finally, I could see that she was growing tired after having so many consecutive orgasms. I wanted to cum very badly by now, so I thought I would build her to a crescendo before letting her have what she so desperately wanted.

I firmly grabbed her mane and pulled her head back as I told her to prepare for the ultimate fuck. Violently and furiously, I fucked this beauty with every fabric of strength I could muster. She screamed with glee as each powerful thrust of my balls slapped into her flowing juices. I could last no longer and firmly grasped my cock just above my balls to stop my load blowing in her cunt.

Still firmly holding her hair, I spun her around on the slick marble floor to let her take my cock in her mouth. She hungrily took my fuck rod and literally swallowed it whole, as she anticipated its delivery. I grabbed my balls as well as I could and withdrew my cock as it emptied its pearl white treasure. Like a woman starved; she held out her tongue to take as much of the pearly warmth dripping onto her ample tits.

Licking my cum from her dripping nipples and taking its payload into my mouth, I kissed my lover for the first time. We both purred in one another's arms and began our foreplay.