Written by Brian and Debbie

17 May 2004

My wife and I have always shared our fantasy's,but have always agreed that they would remain just that. Until a night at our friends house changed all that.

We had been to a party at our freinds John and Julie's house and were all feeling a little merry. As the last of the other guests left and we carried on drinking and talking. John brought out a pack of cards and suggested a game of cards. nothing to taxing just brag, but that the player with the worst hand would have to down a shot of vodka.

The game continued for about 15mins until my wife Debbie said that she couldn't face another shot and could we play for somthing else. Julie giggled that we should play for clothes and we guys quickly agreed.

The atmosphere quickly changed as we played with the realisation that one of us would soon have to get naked and of course I dont think any of us wanted to be the first. However the thought of seeing Julies big tits was already making my dick stiff.

After about 10 mins play and a lot of laughter, John was down to his boxers, Julie and Debbie were down to their underware and I was in just a tee shirt and boxers. We all knew that the moment was coming and you could feel the tension in the air.

Julie lost the next hand and looked me streight in the eye as she unclipped her bra and said you'll have to wait a little longer to see my cunt Brian. I could not take my eyes from her tits for the next hand which may explain why I lostleaving me in just my underware and a very obvious erection. Debbie lost the next hand, glanced at me and then whipped of her bra showing her naked tits to my open mouthed mate, who just couldn't help saying "nice tits Deb" which made her blush prettily.

I expected that John or myself would lose the next hand but it was Julie who lost. I couldn't wait to see her bush as she walked to the middle of the room and peeled her panties of her fit arse and did a slow twirl so that we didn't miss an inch her naked body. At this we all agreed to join Julie in her naked state. John was straining to make sure he could see Debbies neatly shaven pussy.

At that point none of us seemed to know what to do next for fear of losing the moment. John suggested truth or dare. Obviously the dares were going to be sexual and none of us could wait.the first dare was for debbie to let john feel her tits. She blushed as he mauled then and bent to suck her nipples. She then surprised me by daring Julie to suck my cock. At first Julie looked shocked then dropped to her knees in front of me and started to lovingly lick my bell end.

That was the spark to really start us off and as Julie licked and sucked my hairy balls I could see that Debbie was returning the favour for John. It was such a turn on to see another mans cock in her lovely little mouth. I sat in an armchair and John watched as his wife lowered her gaping wet fanny onto my waiting cock. As she bounced on my stiff dick I was looking over her shoulder and seeing John fucking my pretty wife doggy style. It didn't seem long before he emptied his bollocks deep in my wifes cunt and I saw his spunk dripping out of her. I knew I would cum soon and so did Julie, she wispered in my ear " Spunk in my face you dirty bastard" and slid off me and I stood over her and wanked furiously until hot spunk jetted over here pretty lips and chin dripping down onto her big tits.In seconds Debbie was licking my spunk off her friend. After this we retiered to bed and fucked lick teenagers for the rest of the weekend.

Since this fist time we have become dedicated swingers and I still love to see my wife suck and fuck other men and I've lost count of the times that Johns been up her and the spunk I filled Julie with. We are now regulers at Liasons in Rochdale and hope To fuck with lots of you soon.