Written by twiga2012

21 Feb 2012

I would like to share a story that happened to me some time ago but vividly remains in my memory. For a while I had been seeing a couple of guys, they knew of each other but had never met. Nevertheless both were eager to get together for a bit of threesome fun. Finally I arranged for us to meet on my friend’s boat to ensure we would have plenty of privacy. We started the evening by going out to a couple of bars to have a few drinks, I was nervous at first but also very excited by what the night may have in store.

With the drinks flowing, I felt more and more daring and let them both kiss and touch me in the middle of the bar. The chemistry between the three of us was amazing and I could feel people around us getting aroused by watching us interact. I just felt extremely sexy, being wanted by two men at same time. Before we could be asked to leave, we started making our way back to the marina, hardly able to keep our hands off each other on the way. I was so turned on by the thought of two cocks satisfying me for the rest of the night, I could hardly contain my excitement.

As we got back to the boat, I didn’t get a chance to think about what would happen next, they were both all over me as soon as we were through the door. As one was kissing me, squeezing my tits, I could feel the other pushing from behind, his hands on my arse and his hard cock aching to be released from his trousers. Soon they had pulled off all my clothes, I could feel their hands and mouths all over me. I could not wait any longer I knelt down between them and started taking their cocks in my mouth, first slowly licking around the tip before taking their entire length into my mouth, sucking deeply, listening to their moans. I nearly orgasmed there and then, so turned on by having two cocks pushing in my face, my friends’ hands on me head directing my efforts and pushing their cocks in as far as they would go.

We moved on below deck into the captain’s cabin, which has a large bed with mirrors along the edges, allowing me to watch exactly what was going on. As soon as we got comfortable, my friend pushed me on my back, pulling my legs apart, exposing my shaved pussy to his expert tongue, while the other one was biting and pulling on my nipples. I was so close to coming, my moans must have been heard across the marina. I suddenly found myself turned over on my knees with three/ four fingers inside me, gently fucking me. I begged him to put his hard, throbbing cock inside me and he finally bowed to my request. I could feel the tip of his cock rubbing my clit and then push hard into my soaking pussy. I could only stop myself screaming in pleasure by putting the other cock back in my mouth. The feeling of being fucked in my mouth and my pussy at the same time was incredible, and being able to watch myself at the same time just topped off the experience. After a while my friends changed positions, I moved on top of the cock I just been sucking and lowered my wet pussy on his hard cock. I had already orgasmed several times but could not stop coming over and over again. The guys were ready to cum and I let them release their load all over my tits and face, rubbing their cum all over my body and licking it off my fingers afterwards. We all collapsed in a heap on the bed, amazed about what we had just experienced. I feel asleep wondering what other adventures the weekend had in store, I certainly still had a lot of ideas I wanted to try with the guys.