Written by tesndave

11 Apr 2004

Thursday came, I hadn’t told Tes what I’d seen the previous day, but I had bent her over and fucked her in the arse myself last night, and what a night it had been.

Tes had already told me that she was going out with the girls that night, and I hadn’t argued. But I had seen Steve and Ken (see ‘thanks mate), and told them I was coming along to the camera club tonight. Tes took some time getting ready, even trimming and shaping her pubes, dressed in bra, suspenders, stockings and thong, all covered (just) by a short black wrap around dress. She looked stunning, and there was a flush to her cheeks as she went out the door.

I arrived at the camera club about half an hour after she left the house, it appeared from the car park that I was one of the last to arrive, because there were a lot of cars there, obviously word had got round. I wondered if Tes knew what she had got herself into.

When I entered the hall, there was a bed ringed with lights, behind the lights were about fifteen men of all ages from barely eighteen to late fifties. Most of them had cameras, a few videos, and they all had them trained on Tes, as she stood beside the bed. The session was just about to start.

Ken appeared from the crowd, and in a voice clearly heard by all, ordered her to start with a slow strip and to follow his direction from there “relax, enjoy and do everything your told”, Tes just nodded.

“Right boys here we go, Tes, start now and when you come to your knickers, make sure you bend over to remove them, and point your backside to the cameras.”

Tes started to remove her dress, she moved as is if dancing to strip music. She was soon showing her perfect tits with rock hard nipples, and bending forward to remove her thong. Whilst doing so she had turned and slightly parted her legs, when her hands reached her ankles Ken shouted “hold that pose”, Tes froze, as there was a frenzy of cameras clicking and videos zooming, to get the best shot of her moist cunt and puckered ring. Tes then moved to the bed where she lifted each leg in turn and removed her stockings, finally my wife was naked in front of fifteen men, and being told to lie on the bed and open wide. She was then ordered onto her hands and knees, and told to pull her cheeks apart, and on into various positions, all of which either had her holding her cunt open or plunging her fingers inside.

Once every man there had seen more of my wife than her doctor, Ken called out “Stage front boys”, from the shadows appeared two very big men, both mid twenties and dressed in robes. Tes had raised herself up on her elbows to see what was happening, “let me introduce Liam and Brian, they along with Tes are tonight’s entertainment”, evidently they were from the local rugby club.

When they got to the bed they went either side and dropped their robes, there was a gasp from every man in the room, both of these blokes were massive. In a movement I don’t think she could help, Tes started to close her legs, “get those knees far apart, we want to see your cunt, Derek can you lube her up please.” One of the young lads came forward with a tube of KY jelly, squirted some into his hand, and proceeded to rub it all over and in my wife’s cunt and arse. As he pushed his fingers into her ring, he looked around at the cameras and grinned “Take a couple of me shots of me, the lads at work aren’t going to believe this”. To be honest I don’t think she needed the lube, she was that wet you could hear his fingers squelching in her cunt, and my wife really surprised him when she orgasmed on his fingers.

“Right boys, she’s ready” called ken. He then talked through with the two lads what they were to do. “Hold her hair out of the way when Tes is sucking you, make sure we can see her cunt and arse when your fucking them, and when you come, start inside and finish outside, it makes for a better shot. Other than that do whatever you like.”

At that they got Tes onto her knees, on the floor in front of them both, she didn’t need telling what to do, and started sucking their dicks, alternating between them both. At one point she tried to suck them both at once, but they were too big together. Liam sat on the bed and Tes bent over to take him in her mouth, this meant everyone had the perfect view as Brian pushed three fingers up her cunt and then two up her arse. But everyone’s attention was soon moved to Liam again, as he said he was about to come, and be ready. With that my wife’s cheeks bulged with the first burst of his spunk, this she swallowed, as he pulled out and aimed the rest at her face. Tes then licked and sucked his cock clean, as Brian lined up to fuck her. He pulled her open and then slowly pushed until he was pushing his balls against her. Her cunt formed a tight large O around his formidable girth, and then he started grinding into her, her mouth was being forced onto Liam’s cock, and with its size she was starting to gag, she lifted her head so she could moan in pure pleasure, as she was pounded from behind . Liam then lay on his back and told Tes to get on, she fed his cock into her then leaned back for onlookers to record the event. She was then turned around, to present her backside for Brian’s Attention. He pulled her cheeks apart and forced his cock in her arse, Tes started to shake as she came like never before. They swapped her round and both took her everyway they could, until as she was tiring, she was put on her back and Brian flooded her cunt and pubes, Liam quickly turned her over, to finish in and on her arse.

Finally with Tes on her back on the bed, Ken announced there was one more shot to do, and with that he pushed first three, then four fingers into her until he had worked his whole hand in her. I chose this point to move to the side of the bed so my wife could see me, however as this man was working his fist in and out of her, and she was coming again, I don’t think she was particularly worried about my appearance.

When ken had finished with her, she laid there with her pussy gaping open, I looked down on her and said “what does it feel like to be a slut?” “Tiring and sore, but I didn’t hear you trying to stop them” she had a point, I just wondered what next.