Written by robert

20 Jan 2007

i am a 20 year old slim crossdresser my boy freind is 47 year old married bi he loves to buy me outfits and heels his favorite are seamed tan stockings and 4 inch heels .he went on at me for ages to let someone else fuck me while he watched i was not too keen to start with but we got to e mailing a 58 year old guy and swapping photos he asked my boyfreind to send some pics of me tied up in my stockings and heels we did this and he e mailed us some pics of his huge cock that was enough for me i agreed to let him come round and fuck me .we aranged a meet at my flat but he specified i must do everything he told me without question. on the day my boyfreind tied my hands behind my back i was wearing my tan seamed stockings black open toed 4 inch heels and black lace g string he then wraped my towling bathrobe around me and went to pick up our freind from the train station when they came home my boyfreind came up behind me and untieing my robe pulled it off me so i stood there in only my stockings heels and panties .what do you think he asked our freind ill let you know came the reply he approached me and put a dog collar around my neck he then gagged me with a ball type thing he whispered in my ear you are here to pleasure us 2 you will do as your told i nodded in agreement well ill have 2 milk you first he said and with that he ordered my boyfreind to remove my pants he slid them down and i stepped out of them our freind then took them and wrapping them around my cock he began to wank me i felt so helpless with my hands tied and gagged i was soon shooting a hot sticky load into my black lace panties remove his gag our freind ordered and my boy freind did our freind stood up and stuffed my spunk filled panties into my mouth put his gag back in he ordered my boyfreind he then took out a dog lead and attachedit to my collar now wheres your bedroom he demanded to be continued