Written by Dave @Dianne

28 Jan 2005

Both having enjoyed the taste of his spunk we were feeling increasingly horny,my wife was sitting on the toilet sucking my cock when a chap entered the next cubicle, i pulled away and continued wanking myself she put her eye to the glory hole and watched the chap removed his jacket and shirt he was wearing a red bra , he stood rubbing his cock through his trousers before slowly unzipping and lowering them to reveal a tiny pair of red panties which by now were being streched to capacity by his fully erect cock, my wife was suddenly sucking furiously on my cock again whilst fucking herself with her fingers. we could hear the chap next door wanking himself, my wife lay back on the toilet to fully exoose her body continueing to wank herself a hand came through the hole and started to squeese her tits quickly moving to her shaven cunt she opened her legs wide to allow him to explore deep into her fuckhole i could se her juices dripping from his fingers she moved his dripping fingers and rubbed them all over her tits then gently moving his hand back through the hole her hand was in his cubicle wanking him furiously, my cock was again in my wifes mouth as deep as icould get it. she stood up drawing the chaps raging cock and balls to our cubicle i was first on it i really needed to suck it, he was completely shaved my saliva was soaking his smooth skin i licked him clean his precum was flowing freely my wife was on this licking deep into his expanding dickhole he pulled back and i stood with my throbbing cock standing erect from my wifes undies his hand was immediatly grabbing it drawing me towards the gloryhole i was being gobbled to my balls having cum 3 times aldeady that day icould hold on to my spunk though shooting to the back of his throat would be easy, i pulled away and my cock was immediatly in my wifes mouth his hand was back feeling my balls and my wifes lips sucking on my cock, we both stood up she spread her legs and with one thrust i was again dep in her fuckhole his hand was holding my hanging balls moving them to the rythem of our fucking i withdew from her cunt and his fingers were pushed straight in i knew she was really cumming this time she grabbed his hand pushing it deep into her cunt , she was fucking his hand i grabbed her breasts from behind shoving my cock in the cleft of her arse and on to join his fingers deep in her cunt she was exploding ,he had my cock in his hand and was wanking me between her legs try as i did i couldnt hold my spunk i too was exploding into his hand, on and on, we were both fucked as we cleaned each other we could hear him slurping our come from his hand then his cock was through the hole shooting his spunk onto the far wall we both had a suck on it emptying the last drops. looking forward to our next holiday.