Written by Dianne @Dave

1 Feb 2005

Its ok for him writing the stories ,he sits naked at the computer typing with one hand and constantly wanking with the other, i,m expected to suck him when he is recounting an episode which involved sucking. he is sitting beside me now his cock rock hard wanking like fuck i hope he shoots then he might go and lie down for a while. This weekend we went to a toilet in a small town , when we entred one of the three cubicles was occupied he went in end one i went in the middle one i sat fully dressed looking through the glory hole to the one he entered, it was a funny sensation watching my husband through a hole slowly removing his clothes i didnt know which of my undies he was wearing but i wasnt surprised as usual he had gone for white and tiny, i was feeling really horny as i watched him start to play with his cock then watch it rise rapidly out of my undies and he was wanking like fuck. the chap in the next was also wanking , he was making sure i could hear, i looked through he was sitting with only his undies on, bikini type, his cock and balls out one leg a really fine specimen he is rock hard and wanking slowly i can see his shiny wet cockhead covered in precum, i decided it was time i stood and removed my jacket i could feel two pairs of eyes watching my every move, i removed my trousers , i unbuttoned my shirt slowly and removed it i could hear the gasps as my tits were revealed inside my silky pink bra, and then the realisation that no cock was visible in my tiny pink undies, i sat on the toilet put my hand down my undies and started wanking myself my juices were flowing my hand was soaked , i invited hands from both cubicles they were instant my bra was being removed by one whilst another was immediatly in my undies and then in my cunt , they were fighting each other as i moved position my arsehole was being probed my cunt was being fucked with fingers,i invited the strangers cock it was through the hole instantly i grabbed his balls in one hand and wanked him with the other then bending i had his cock deep in my mouth ,my husbands figers were now deep into my cunt he knew exactly where my clit was he was squeesing and caressing it i was cumming for fun, i changed positions and invited my husbands cock i started to suck him like he was a stranger i could hear our friend wanking and moaning like fuck as he watched.i moved my cunt to his glory hole hihis fingers were straight up my fuckhole he didnt hit my clit, then i could feel the twitching of his cock end against my fucklips it was long but not that long ,i pulled away and invited my husband to join me, he was in completely naked as i was by then i dropped to my knees and started to suck his cock and balls covering them in saliva then i was standing spreadeagled, his rock hard cock was up my cunt in onr thrust he was fucking me harder than i can remember for some time then we were both being fondled by a hand my husbands cock was out of my cunt covered in cuntjuice and in the hand i watched him being wanked furiously suddenly he was shooting his spunk all over me, the hand wanked him dry, i said to the chap next door do want to change places while this chap recovers ,two completely naked men changed cubicles i shook goodbye to one holding his limp cock and said hello to the other holding his rock hard and throbbing cock my cunt was aching to be fucked.