Written by Dave@Dianne

15 Feb 2005

Hi Dave here this time. yes i am sitting writing this bollock naked wanking with one hand . I reckon its impossible to write one of these stories and not have a raging erection , dianne is lying on the couch licking her cunt juices from her fingers every couple wanks , i,ll shag the arse off her when i,v finished this , shes just read that and said can you type quicker , as she tries to take over my wanking . following on from last week we returned to the nooks on the prom the following night , again great fun , the good thing was the guy with the little cock was there , dianne had had been really turned on by him, we invited him to come to our hotel the following day , we did,nt think he would, but on time there was a knock on our door, i asked who is it and as arranged he said room service. dianne and i had fucked each other a couple of hours earlier i was dressed in a pair of white thongs [MENS} dianne was wearing white bra and tiny panties which barely covered her cunt. i answered the door his eyes were immediatly on my undies , he was really smartly dressed, i invited him in, he was completely relaxed, dianne kissed him and offered him a glass of wine, we talked about the previous nights i could feel my cock rising so could he and dianne. dianne went to the drawer and took out some of her sexiest undies and laid them on the bed . she started to unbutton his shirt, i,m sure she was expecting to see a bra but he was bare chested, she slowly removed it , my cock was now fully erect in my undies but i waited, keeping my hands off it was agonising i wanted to start wanking, you know what it feels like. dianne removed his shoes and socks , i really wanted her to get a move on, she could see my cock was throbbing she was teasing me like fuck. she very slowly undid his zip and lowered his trousers to his hips he was wearing no undies, his erect cock was immediatly sticking sraight towards mouth, he had obviously shaved before coming and used some nice scent, i was suddenly aware he only had hair on his head otherwise he was totally smooth, dianne was licking him all over, i couldnt wait any longer my undies were off and i was wanking like fuck , what a relief , i had to slow down or i would have shot my load. dianne sat him at the dressing table and selected one of her bras he willingly allowed her to put it on him , then a sexy pair of undies which when she had them at thigh level she stopped and started to suck on his cock, i could not resist it i was embracing him from behind my cock exploring the cleft of his arse, just pumping his soft smooth flesh was fantastic, diannes hands were also caressing his arse and my cock and balls, then she was pulling the undies up trapping my balls in the process, i am sorry she said . she took him to the bed and arranged him spreadeagled his cock sticking out of his undies, she took his hand and started him wanking himself, which he also did willingly. dianne removed her undies and started fingering her cunt wearing just her bra, that really turned him on he was writhing on the bed wanking furiously on his cock, dianne was offering me her cunt from behind in full view of our friend, i played with it with the end of my cock, pushing it in alittle and then out , then a little further i was soaked with her juices which was running down my balls. then i was deep in her cunt i knew i was cumming , i didnt want to, but knew i couldnt hold on , i was filling her cunt she squeesed my dry with her cunt muscles i felt brilliant, dianne had her hand up her cunt covering it in spunk and cunt juice, she was masageing it on our frinds cock then on her arsehole i was amased dianne never let me fuck her arsehole , she does use a small viberater , then i knew what she was planning, it was the sise of his cock, she could take that, he knew exactly what she wanted, she removed his panties they were now both wearing just bras. she was on all fours offering him her arsehole, my cock was responding to what i was watching, i started to wank again. he was now playing with her arsehole with his spunk covered cock, he was immitating my fucking of her cunt, i could see the tip of his cock enter her then slowly withdraw then back in a little further, she was moaning and writhing , i was wanking where she could see me, now the complete shaft of his cock was deep in her arsehole, he started to pump slowly almost fully withdrawing his cock with every pump then back in to the hilt, faster and faster his little balls smacking against her cunt, dianne was getting louder , suddenly he is burried in her arsehole growling as he shoots his spunk inside her, on and on he empties himself, before he can withdraw i am shooting my spunk onto both of them, what a performance . we all shower and have another glass of wine before saying our goodbys