Written by Dianne@Dave

22 Feb 2005

We,ve just been looking at the photo ads on here, as we often do, we particularly love the smooth shaven cocks and cunts. We were trying out something a few weeks ago,dave had just shaved my pubes ,he thought it was great fun to continually play with my clit while doing it,i didnt mind . Then it was my turn to shave his cock and balls, as something new we agreed to tie his hands behind his back , he would stand spreadeagled and see how long he could last without spunking. once i started to apply the shaving foam his cock was on the rise by the time i had finished his cock was throbbing hard. I started to wank him very gently as i shaved, starting on his pubes i worked the rasor slowly down his balls between his legs and going behind very gently between the cheeks of his arse , so far so good, now it was time for the baby oil, holding his cock i poured the oil on his throbbing bellend watching it flow down the shaft onto his balls, i started to massage it in with long slow strokes , he was jerking like fuck but he was holding on gallantly, i thought if he dosent shoot soon his cock will burst. I increased the wank rate, he still held on , ok i thought here goes , holding his balls in one hand i started to seriously wank his cock faster and faster, his back was arching i could feel it coming , it was now speed wanking , pressing my fingers on his spunk tube between his legs i felt the first spurts come shooting to his cock and then i was being soaked in his red hot spunk as it shot from his cock, i held his cock tight until he finished i then sucked him dry, brilliant. Last weekend we visited a toilet in a small town, as usual i dressed in some of my husbands clothes , i went in first there was a guy at the urinal, turning away from him i pretended to be having a piss, at first all was silent then i could hear his hand move on his cock as he started to wank, i moved my elbow in a similar way pretending i was wanking , i hoped dave would come in soon , he arrived and stood between us, the guy stopped wanking for a minute , i could see dave from the corner of my eye playing with his cock the guy could too, he started again, i was pretending again, though i really needed to finger my cunt i held off. the guy turned towards dave his wide open trousers exposing his rock hard cock and well hung balls, i could see daves cock was just as hard, i wathched as they took each others cocks and started to wank each other, both turned towards me, i kept a sideways watch as i undid my shirt and trousers i then turned to display my tits and dripping cunt, the guys mouth fell open he immediatly grabbed his cock from daves hand and started wanking himself furiously within seconds he was shooting his load i thought he was going to collapse, then tucking his cock into his undies and zipping up he was gone . we had a few more guys spunk before going home for a well earned fucking session