Written by gary

26 Sep 2005

i was on my way to work one morning when i needed to find a toilet as i was desperate for a piss, i finally came across a small toilet by the side of a park and entered the cubicle and started to piss, as i did this i started reading the writing on the walls which was full of mens numbers and what they wanted to do to me. As i started reading i got more and more horny and started getting stiff, i quickly put my cock away and took down a couple of numbers on my phone. later in the day i text a couple of them and got some replys, one guy said to come to his flat and he would be naked at the window so i did this and there he was completely naked playing with what seemed a massive semi hard penis, i just stared and then he told me to come in but i bottled it and drove off.

A couple of days later i was still thinking what had happened and wanted to see him naked again so i text him and we arranged to meet in a local wooded area, he told me that if i wanted to see him naked again then i would have to be naked myself so i went in the woods and built up the courage to strip naked before he got there, he text me and i told him i was naked and he said leave your clothes on the ground and meet him at the view point, as it was really early i thought it would be safe and no one else would see me so i got to the bench and waited, cold and very very erect and nervous. He then text me again and said he was just stripping off and that he would be a couple of minutes. I waited what seemed like hours when i received another text saying that he had all my clothes and stuff in his car and if i wanted them i would have to do what he told me. I was scared and desperate to get my stuff back so i said i would, he told me to wait there and i could see this man come towards me as he reached me he went you will be my slave or you will be left naked, i agreed and sucked on his long dick as he asked me too. I then had to lick and tongue his bell end and his arse hole i had never done anything like this before. he then told me to lay down as he smothered mcdonalds milkshake all over me. He then walked off and said follow me, we reached his car where he put me over his bonnet and fingered my arse with two fingers and then turned me over and asked if i was enjoying myself, i told him i was scared but i was also very erect and wanted more, he then made me lay on the ground again and started sucking me off and then put his cock in my mouth so we were now sucking each other off. i soon came all over his face and he made me swallow his load, i now meet him every couple of weeks for more of the same.