Written by ally

11 Sep 2006

i read your toilet tale story and it reminded me of a similar experence i had last year.i am a 22 year old straight guy and was on holiday .iwas on the beach wearing only cut off jeans and flip flops .no top needing the loo i asked where the nearest public one was and was told it was a fair bit away .anyway off i waent the last thing on my mind was sex .this was to change however as i entered the grubby toilet i could smell the piss and could see the walls covered in messages and drawings of men sucking cock and being fucked up the ass.i found the only cubical that had a lock on the door and entered locking it behind me.the back of the door was covered in felt pen drawings and storys some with phone numbers .someone had hacked out a spyhole it must have taken sowe time as the door was quite thick i quickly plugged this up with toilet roll and despite myself found i was in no hurry to shit and began to read some of the storys on the white tile walls.suddenly i heard footsteps enter the toilet and stood frozen till the guy pissed and left imadgine my surprise when i saw my toilet paper plug begin to slowly begin to dissipear out of the spyhole.by this time i was feeling really horny and thought why not give him a show.pretending not to notice the eye peering in at me i stood facing the door i slowly unbuttoned the top of my shorts then slid down the zip.i turned around to face the toilet and slowly peeled down my shorts and pants to my ankles bending right over so my admirer would get a full veiw of my exposed bum.i acatually stood like this overlong and i susspect he may have known i was enjoying expoing myself to him.i then took a bit of toilet rolli and pretended to wipe the seat clean all time making sure i was as bent over as possible to give him a full view.i then turned around to face the door and exposing my now erect cock to him i pretended to yaun streaching out my arms so he could see every inch of my naked body .i still made no effort to reaveal that i knew he was watching me and sat down on the toilet facing the spyhole i then began to slowly wank myself off moanong in pleasure in the knowage some one was watching me at one stage i even wanked with just my fore finger and thumb so he could get a better view of my foreskin slidind up and down my purple bell end.i could feel myself about to come and whispered tomyself oh god its so good then i felt my first spurt of come erupt from me quickly followed by several more .it almost reached my breastbone and left a white sticky trail all the way to my bellybutton.ilooked at the spyhole surrounded by graffatti and could still seee my admirers eye he hanent made a sound throughout the whole episode.i got some tissue and cleaned my chest and belly pulled up my shorts and unlocked the door as i left the toilet was empty but outside the spyhole there was a pile of spunk drenched tissue i never even saw his face or spoke to him .sometimes i get out the mirror and wank infront of it imadineing im being watched .if hes reading this i hope he enjoyed the show as much as enjoyed performing for him