Written by Sue Lewis

17 Apr 2006

Just had to tell you about what happened today. Following on from my two previous stories (flashing to a stranger and out flashing again).

I have met up with Tom on a number of occasions progressing to full sex. I had forgotten how fulfilling sex is. m told me he had told a friend of his, about me flashing and his friend had not believed him. He asked me if I would like flash to him and his friend. At first I told Tom I was unhappy that he had told his friend, but the more I thought about it the more turned on I became. Tom told me his friend was a dogger and was younger than him (I later found out he was 20) very fit and quite good looking.

I phoned Tom in the middle of the week, and told him to arrange a meeting at his place with his friend, but on a strictly no touching basis. We arranged for the meeting to take place this afternoon (Easter Monday).

My hubby was playing golf (again) and left the house at 10 this morning, I told him I was going to visit a friend and would also be out all day. After he left I got myself ready. After a bath and finishing my hair and makeup, I was unsure of what bra and panties to put on, eventually deciding not to wear any. I put on a nice yellow lace blouse (without the under lining) and my black wrap around skirt, black hold ups with my black heals. I looked at myself in the mirror and looked very sexy; being erect my nipples were poking through the lace my smooth shaven pussy was very wet and open.

We had arranged to meet at 12, as Tom only lives 5 minutes away from me I was parked away from the entrance of his cul de sac at quarter to the hour watching for Tom’s friend to arrive. Tom had described him to me but my thoughts were if I didn’t like what I saw I would drive away. It got to 12 and nobody had entered the cul de sac. I waited a few more minutes and my mobile started to ring it was Tom asking if I could pick his friend up on my way to his, he was about a mile away. Apparently his car had broken down. Other wise he would be late. I agreed thinking this would give me the opportunity to give him the once over and I still had the opportunity to drive away.

Tom gave me directions and I set off. After about 5 minutes I past a parked car with the bonnet up and a young guy stood by it, he was rather short about 5’ 5” tall, short black hair, very good looking. Bugger I hadn’t asked Tom what make of car I was supposed to look out for. I drove past and did a u turn pulling in behind the guy’s car. The young guy dropped his bonnet and approached me. I wound down the passenger side window down and asked if he was Tom’s friend. His eyes lit up when he saw me and mumbled yes my car has broken down. I unlocked the doors so that he could get in; his eyes were glued to my nipples. I should have put my jacket on I thought to my self. I told him my name was Sue and he said he was called Dave.

I thought I would have been nervous but I supprised myself with my confidence, maybe it was because he was a young guy or that he was extremely attractive. In no time we were at Tom’s. Dave entered the lounge and I followed Tom into the kitchen, you bastard I told him you have set up this breakdown, Tom grinned and said it was the best way he could think of to start the ball rolling, with that he put his arms around me and kissed me, his hands pushed into the split in my skirt and his fingers found my wet pussy, breaking off from the kiss Tom said I think its time to entertain Dave, again I said there was to be no touching, Tom smiled and nodded.

We entered the lounge; Dave was sat on the settee so I sat opposite on a chair, and Tom sat next to Dave. Dave doesn’t believe what I have been telling him said Tom, and what’s that Dave I asked. Dave struggled to mumble something about me flashing, I started to tease Dave and asked him what he would like me to do, I was stroking my nipple, Tom has told me you play with yourself for him is that right. What do you think I said as I opened my legs allowing my skirt to fall away? Fucking hell Dave said as his eyes focused on my pussy, and has he told you he wanks his cock for me, I said slowly easing a finger tip into my wet pussy. Do you want to see my cock Dave asked, of course she does Tom said. Tome stood up and started to take off his trousers, I had seen Toms cock before and wanted to see Dave’s he was lagging behind a bit, come on Dave let me see I said, slowly Dave lowered his trousers mmmmmm that looks nice I said looking at the bulge in his briefs. In one quick movement Dave had dropped his briefs and kicked them and his trousers away. His cock wasn’t as long as Toms but it was thicker. This is the first time I had seen 2 cocks together.

They both sat down again wanking their cocks whilst watching me. I stopped fingering my pussy and reached into my bag for my dildo that I had brought with me. Looking at both their cocks I inserted my dildo into my pussy, I was so wet there was no resistance. I squeezed with my muscles in my pussy and rubbing my clit I came, letting out a very loud moan, fuck this, I removed the dildo and on my hands and knees crawled over to Dave. I removed his hand from his cock and started to wank it into my mouth. I heard Tom say you dirty fucker you said no touching, I just looked at him and tried to smile, and that’s a bit difficult with a mouth full of cock.

Tom got off the settee and moved to the back of me, rubbing the end of his cock up and down my pussy. Fuck she is one horny cow Tom said, lets give her a spit roast and with that he sunk his cock deep inside of me. Every time Tom pushed into me, Dave’s cock pushed further into my mouth. Dave groaned that he was going to come, I clamped my lips firmly around his cock and felt his spunk spurt into my throat. I came again as Tom slammed his cock into me holding onto my hip with one hand and playing with my clit with the other. I am going to fill her cunt with spunk Tom shouted, I felt his hot spunk hit the back of my womb and I came again. Tom pushed his cock into me until he was spent. We remained in that position for a while my head in Dave’s lap until Toms cock plopped out, I could feel his spunk mixed with my juices running down my legs. Tom fell onto his back.

I was still trembling when I felt Dave’s cock twitch against my cheek. I held it in my hand feeling it get hard again, I licked around the end of it until he was hard again, I looked up and asked Dave if he had a condom, fuck he said he had left them in his car, Tom said he had some upstairs and off he went to get one, I couldn’t wait I know I should have but at the time I was so excited all I wanted was Dave’s cock in my pussy. I got up and straddled Dave, his cock finding and entering my pussy with ease. Tom entered the room and just stood there watching as I rode Dave. My hair was a mess, my tits were hanging out of my blouse but I didn’t care I was getting what I wanted. Tom moved to the front of me and offered his cock to my mouth, I sucked on it greedily tasting his spunk mixed with my juices.

Dave groaned that he was coming again and I ground my pussy down onto his cock wanting to feel him come inside of me, I held onto Dave’s neck as he exploded in me. I released Toms cock from my mouth and after a couple of minutes I got off of Dave and flopped into the chair.

It was now about 4 o’clock and I said I would have to be going soon. Dave said he would have to go too, he got dressed and on leaving gave me a kiss saying that he hopped he would be able to meet me again. After Dave left Tom fucked me again, this time it was nice and leisurely in his bed, I got home about 10 minutes ago. And I have phoned Tom up to ask him to arrange another meeting with Dave.

Sorry that this is a bit long winded but I have tried to tell it as it has happened, I know that I will have left out something’s that happened but there again you can’t remember everything.