Written by paul901

10 Apr 2006

Tom and Jaci are married and have been drawn into a sexual world that they had no idea of. Jaci has become the slut of Chris, Susan and Carl and tom is becoming a cuckold. Unbeknown to tom, Chris has had jaci branded and now tom is alone in a room in Chris and Susan’s house. . . . . . .

Tom had been ordered to Chris’ house where he was shown into a room by Susan, Chris’ wife, and told to wait. He waited obediently for over an hour. Eventually Susan walked into the room and stood in the doorway. She was wearing a black trouser suit over a crisp white blouse and high heels.

‘Hello Tom’ she said looking him up and down.

‘Where’s my wife?’ Tom asked quietly.

‘Oh Chris has taken her somewhere special. They shouldn’t be too long’ replied Susan, ‘don’t worry about them’.

She continued to look at Tom.

‘Well what do you want? continued Tom.

‘I just want to help you find your place Tom. Now take your clothes off for me’.

Tom didn’t get the impression that she was suggesting some sort of sexual activity but she had a certain tone in her voice. Susan was an attractive woman, and there had been things between them, sort of. She had brought him off twice, when explaining that her husband had taken jaci off to get fucked.

Tom started to undress.

‘Quickly’ added Susan.

Soon tom was naked before her.

‘Kneel up in front of me tom’ she instructed.

Tom did as he was told.

‘I hear Chris took you both down the black club, tom. Did you enjoy yourselves?

Tom didn’t know what to say

‘Did you enjoy watching jaci being taken by all those black cocks tom? I thought it was fantastic.

‘Were you there? Asked tom.

‘Unfortunately not, but I have seen the video which was taken. Wow tom, jaci has been thoroughly fucked these last few days hasn’t she. And not by you.’

Susan looked down at tom, whose cock was hard at the memory of his wife being fucked on stage by a line of black men, and the new knowledge that it had been videoed.

‘Now tom, bend down and kiss my shoes’ Susan said, ‘show me how much you respect me’.

Tom looked up at her. She looked so. . . . . beautiful. . .so . . in control . . .so . . .superior . . .so dominant . . he would do anything for her.

He bent down and kissed each shoe in turn.

Good’ she said, ‘now stand up.’

Tom stood up.

‘Put your hands behind your head tom.’

Tom did as he was told.

Susan walked slowly round him.

‘So when was the last time you had sex with your wife tom?’

‘I can’t remember susan, about 5 weeks ago’ he replied.

‘I think from now on you must call me mistress rather than susan. ‘Do you understand tom? she stated somewhat sternly.

‘yes, . . . mistress’ tom said.

Susan stopped in front of tom, reached down and took hold of his semi erect cock.

‘This belongs to me now tom. Do you understand?’

‘Yes mistress’ replied tom.

She took hold of his balls and squeezed them.

‘And these belong to me’

‘Yes mistress’

She let go and walked round behind him. He didn’t see her take a short leather strap from her suit pocket but he felt it when she cracked it against his backside. He jumped as he felt the pain.

‘Stand still’ susan commanded.

Tom stood up straight again.

Susan looked him right in the eye.

‘If I choose to beat you, you will endure it because I am your mistress’

She saw what little defiance there was in his eyes disappear as he succumbed to her will.

‘Yes mistress’.

‘Good’ said susan.

‘now onto your knees, legs apart, and lean forward so your shoulders are on the floor. Arse in the air’.

Tom was disgusted how aroused he was as he did as she had instructed him.

Susan stroked the downy hair on his arse tenderly. Her fingers played carefully around his anus, touching the rim heedlessly.

She cupped his balls and squeezed them gently.

‘I wouldn’t want to hurt these though would I? Although I could if I wanted couldn’t I?’

‘Yes’ whispered Tom.

She licked her finger and traced it round his puckered hole.

‘You like that don’t you Tom?

Tom stammered.

‘Don’t try and deny it. Perhaps I should get Chris to come in a bugger you.’

‘No, please’ said Tom.

‘Very well, we’ll just make do, shall we? But feel how eager you are for it Tom’ she said sliding a finger smoothly up his arse, parting the hole easily.

He shuddered as she thrust it up fully and extracted it.

‘Who owns this?’ susan asked him.

‘You do mistress’

Susan withdrew her finger and knelt down next to tom’s ear and whispered.

‘Do you like the feel of my finger up there slave?

‘yes mistress’ Tom found himself replying.

‘Do you want to feel my finger again?’ and she slid her index finger slowly into tom’s wanton arsehole.

‘You’re close to cumming aren’t you? Susan whispered again. Her whispering drove him wild.

‘Do you think another finger might help?’

Susan withdrew her index finger and Tom’s sphincter tightened, sending a thrill through him. Then another greater thrill as she shoved her index and middle finger inside him. He was wet with his own arousal and the digits slid easily in deeper into his backside.

She quickened the pace and also held his balls. Tom was close now.

It was a pulsating throb of pleasure, somewhere between his anus and his scrotum, and then he was shooting semen all over the floor. The muscles of his arse tightened around Susan’s fingers.

‘Good slave’ soothed Susan, and she drew a finger through tom’s semen, smeared the seed over his lips and then pressed her mouth against his.

Then she stood up.

‘Lick up that disgusting mess you pathetic wimp’.

Tom didn’t look up at her. He stared at his cum on the flor. He couldn’t do that, surely she wasn’t going to make him.


He couldn’t look at her. Slowly he bent down, stuck his tongue out and began to lick up his cum. He felt susan watching him. Surely his degradation was complete. He couldn’t sink much lower than this.

‘look up at me slave, show me the cum in your mouth’ instructed susan and tom had to look into her eyes and show her that he was indeed licking his own cum up and swallowing it.

‘Good dog. Now wait there till Chris brings jaci back, and we’ll have a little reunion.’

And with that susan strode powerfully out of the room, a satisfied smile on her face.