Written by Sexnowplease@hotmail.com

24 Jul 2003

I got to the hotel room first. My fuck buddy turned up half an hour later to find me, a gibbering wreck pacing the bedroom nervously with a large glass of wine in my hand! “Am I really going to have my first threesome?” I asked him. “Yes, definitely” he replied. He gently took the glass from me and put it on the bedside cabinet. He then took my hand and rubbed it up and down his cock which was still locked in his trousers. It was rock hard and, as big as I remembered. I then felt his hand wander up my skirt and touch between my legs. My knickers were already wet with excitement and I groaned. “Enough” he said pulling away and walking towards the door. “Come on, he’s here, waiting for us in the bar” he said as he opened the door and gestured for me to go with him.

In the bar I felt the colour rising in my face and, the excitement of the evening ahead cause me to drip more liquid into my knickers. We all politely introduced ourselves, chatted and got to know a little about each other over drinks. Then, out of the blue, Tom, my ever horny and very well endowed fuck buddy said “well, Samantha, do you want us to both fuck and suck you tonight?” I nearly dropped my drink in shock but instead found myself looking at Phil who smiled and gave me a reassuring wink. I heard myself say “oh yes … yes, I do”.

We all stood up and headed to the lift. Whilst slowly rising to the 18th floor, Tom lifted my skirt to show Phil my black lacy knickers and after a quick feel told him how wet they were. Phil took my hand to feel how hard he was.

In the room, I was cringing with embarrassment. I didn’t know how to begin and was getting more nervous by the minute and loosing the urge. Sensing this, Tom took the lead. He began kissing me and then undid my skirt which dropped to the floor and then gently undid the buttons on my blouse and pushed that off my shoulders. I was stood in just black knickers, matching bra and my high heeled sandles. I looked over at Phil who was sat on a chair watching the display, rubbing himself through his trousers.

Tom pushed me onto the bed and undressed himself. His massive cock was stood to attention and was already wet with pre cum on the end. Tom removed my knickers causing me to lift my bum into the air – whereupon Phil had appeared from nowhere, naked, with his tongue out ready to greet my pussy. My first contact with Phil was his tongue diving into my pussy! Tom couldn’t take it. Within just a few minutes of watching whilst removing my bra and playing with my tits he asked Phil to move. “Spread your legs girl, I’ve gotta fuck you hard” you said to me. I had an orgasm as he rammed into me! Tom rammed his cock into me for what seemed like an eternity. During the good fucking Phil kissed my tits and my mouth. Suddenly he sat up and said “fuck I’m cumming” as he rammed his cock into my mouth. I swallowed hard as I felt his cock hit the back of my throat and shoot masses of cum into me. I felt his cock throb against my tongue as he emptied himself into my throat. Tom, having witnessed this whilst fucking me suddenly groaned and started to shake as he too shot his load into me. My pussy reacted by giving me another massive orgasm – clinging on to every bit of spunk Tom had shot at me.

All embarrassment was over. All nerves had gone. We laughed, joked and chatted whilst lying naked on the bed together enjoying drinks from the mini bar. What a night!

Forty or so minutes later I kept getting flashes of what had happened earlier. I couldn’t’ help but reach over, put my drink back on the bedside table and wriggle up the bed. Leaning against the headboard with pillows supporting me I lifted my legs up, feet flat on the bed and with knees wide open I began fingering myself whilst watching the guys watching me and trying to continue the ongoing chat as normal. “What’s a matter guys? Can’t you take any more?” I asked! With that Phil wriggled up the bed and put his head between my legs and began licking me. Tom meanwhile gave me a wry smile and began rubbing his hand up and down his already stiff cock whilst watch me get a thorough licking! Phil sat up, lay by my side on his back. His cock was pointing to the ceiling and seemed to be begging for my mouth! I dropped forward and took it into my mouth. Phil groaned. Tom gasped and edged up the bed to kneel by Phil so I could reach his cock too. I took it in turns to suck and lick each of their cocks and balls. Their murmers of approval were getting me to orgasm point and I needed cock! I moved Tom away gently and swung over to sit down hard on Phils cock! I was so wet it just disappeared into me without problem. It was heavenly being able to control how deep it went in! I gently swayed on his cock for a few minutes – feeling my orgasm getting closer all the time. At that moment in time I’d have done anything to make sure the feelings of pure ecstasy continued.

I felt Tom edge behind me and I leant forward over Phil and kissed his lips as I continued to ride his cock. As I sat up from the kiss I felt Tom push me back down again. As I did so I felt Toms massive cock slide into my pussy too! I had two massive cocks in me! Phil groaned as he felt Toms cock intrude into his space. I realised what had happened and within seconds enjoyed the biggest orgasm I’d ever had in my life. It went on forever and my pussy never wanted to let go of those cocks. The cocks felt it and within seconds of each other, both guys filled me with their cum. They too groaned for what seemed like ages as my pussy milked them totally dry of cum! We all froze afterwards and enjoyed the feeling of throbbing post orgasmic cocks and pussy! After a short while and shared whispers which confirmed we’d all just enjoyed the most mind blowing experience of our lives we all fell apart.

Phil, joking that he couldn’t walk let alone drive left Tom and I. We both fell into a deep sleep immediately after Phil had gone. The following morning though Tom woke me with the words “do you remember last night babes?” My reply was “I’ll never forget it as long as I live and if I ever experience anything even half as good ever again then I’ll die a happy lady”.

A 100% true story! x