Written by Paul901

18 Apr 2006

This is the continuing story of Tom and Jaci. They have been gradually drawn into a situation where Jaci is being used as a slut by her husband’s boss Chris and a man called Carl, whilst Jaci’s husband Tom is becoming a cuckold.


Later that day Susan returned to Tom. She told him he would see his beloved wife soon and to follow her. He obediently did as he was told. Susan led him to a large bathroom and made him have a shower. She watched him through the glass door as he washed himself and then she got him to stand, wet in front of her. She was wearing a white plastic dress; a bit like a nurse, Tom thought.

‘I’m going to shave you Tom’ she said.

‘I’m going to shave off every hair on your body until you are completely naked’.

Tom just hung his head.

Susan then proceeded to cut his hair short and then shave his head; she shaved his legs, his pubic hair, his eyebrows, between his buttocks, everywhere. She’d lathered his pubic area and then held his cock up, pulling it up while she shaved it, and his balls. Then she bent him over while she lathered between his crack and shaved him there too. It was humiliating and when she’d finished and sent him back into the shower he looked like a plucked chicken.

She left him to dry himself and went out. When she returned she was wearing black leather high heeled boots, tight black leather trousers, a black leather blouse, black leather gloves and a black leather eye mask. Her hair was tied tight in a bun, making her look very severe. Susan fastened a collar on him and fastened a lead to the collar, and then she led him out onto the landing, down the stairs and then down some more stairs into the basement.

The floor was tiled and cold as he walked behind Susan, her backside covered in tight leather swayed as she walked.

Susan stopped at a door, opened it and ushered Tom in. He walked in and stopped dead. The sight that greeted him froze him.

In the centre of the room was a low table. Laid on her back on the table was Jaci. She was naked, and she had been shaved of every hair on her body just as he had. She was completely bald. Then Tom caught sight of her tattoo; the small ‘SLUT’ branded into her skin just above her pussy. He imagined her laid out being branded and his heart sank.

If only he had known, if only he had been there to stop.

Jaci’s arms were tied wide apart, her legs were tied wide apart, and half a dozen people were sat watching the proceedings. Between Jaci’s legs was a machine, a sort of engine, and protruding from the engine was a metal cylindrical pole and at the end of the pole was a large dildo. The end of the dildo was about 2 foot from Jaci’s pussy. Covering each of Jaci’s breasts was a glass tube.

In addition to this there were 2 video cameras set up and recording.

Susan introduced Tom as Jaci’s cuckold husband who was here to watch his wife get fucked the way he could never manage. Susan went on about how Tom hadn’t fucked his wife for a number of weeks now and probably never would again, and that even if he did it was unlikely that she would be feel it anymore after the number of large cocks that had fucked her and stretched her in the last few weeks.

Susan led Tom over to a high-stool set in prime position to watch his wife get machine-fucked. Tom started to object,shouting at them to let his wife go, but two men grabbed him and bent him over the stool. Susan then took a leather strap offered to her by her husband Chris.

‘You have just a touch of rebelliousness left in you Tom and we have to get rid of it’.

And with that she cracked the belt down on his buttocks.

Tom cried out.

‘Shut up wimp’ said Susan sternly, and hit him again.

‘Should you thank me for spanking you Tom, in fact you will. Say thank you mistress’.

She spanked him again, his buttocks were reddening already.

‘Thank you mistress’ said Tom softly.

Ten times he thanked Susan as she spanked his red cuckold buttocks with the belt. He was astonished that it gave him an erection.

God, Susan loved this, how she liked dominating men. What plans she had for Tom. Whereas she liked men and women, her husband Chris only really liked men. This meant that Tom was hers to do with as she pleased.

‘Right, now sit down and watch your slut wife put on a show for us’ she spat at Tom.

Susan then walked over to Jaci and planted a kiss on her bald pussy.

‘Ready to get fucked?’ she asked Jaci.

‘Yes’ breathed Jaci, clearly aroused.

Chris switched the machine on and a low buzz started up, and the dildo started vibrating softly. Chris skilfully guided the dildo forward until it nuzzled Jaci’s pussy lips. Jaci let out a low moan. Then Tom watched as it slowly slid past his wife’s outer lips and into her cunt.

Once it was in Chris increased the tempo of the vibrations. Tom saw his wife’s cunt contract as the sensation hit her. At the same time the two glass tubes began to draw the air from the fat tubes covering Jaci’s breasts. This drew the flesh up into the tubes and her nipples swelled.

After a while of watching Jaci’s body respond to the vibrations Chris increased the speed again and at the same time introduced a pumping action, replicating a fucking action.

Jaci gasped and moaned. The sensations in her breasts and pussy were driving her wild. Being watched, strangers looking at her, being videoed, being completely and utterly naked, it all added up to her racing towards a huge orgasm. And how she loved orgasming in front of people, how she wanted them to watch her cum. The sensations in her nipples made by the air being sucked out of the tubes were almost making her cum on their own, and the vibrating dildo plunging in and out of her exposed wet red swollen cunt, covered in her juices, made it the best fuck she’d ever had.

‘Are you watching Tom’ she thought, ‘Are you watching how I can really fuck, how I can fuck this machine cock. Watch me cum like you’ve never seen me cum before’.

The orgasm racked her body and she raised her buttocks off the table as she felt it approaching.

The guests were watching enraptured. One couple was practically naked; she was wanking him and he was fingering her – both of them were watching Jaci intently.

‘Would you do that? The man was asking his female companion.

‘Would you lie naked on that table and get fucked by that machine?’

‘Would you like to watch me get fucked by that machine? She replied.

‘’d love it’, she replied, ‘but it doesn’t look like that man is enjoying watching his wife getting fucked by it too much’ she continued.

‘That’s because he can’t fuck her, but I’d fuck you straight afterwards’.

Tom heard this conversation. In one way he wasn’t enjoying his wife doing this in front of everyone, but in another he was. Why?

The hum of the machine, the rhythm of it’s fucking motion, and the vocal encouragement of the crowd built to a climax.

Jaci screamed, ‘Fuck me, God I love it, I’m cummingggggggggggggg’.

She bucked half a dozen times, almost overturning the engine, so powerful was her body as her orgasms washed over her.

Chris waited a few minutes and then switched it off. Susan stood up and pushed Tom to the floor on his back. She went over to Jaci and took off the tubes. Jaci’s breasts were red and swollen and her nipples were elongated. She helped Jaci to her feet. Then led her over to Tom. Jaci straddled Tom’s head and slowly lowered her sopping wet cunt down on his face. Tom looked up and seconds before she sat on his face he came. A little dribble of cum dribbled out of his cock and he let out a pathetic moan as his wife’s pussy engulfed his face.

Jaci pushed down on her husband’s face, rubbing her soaking cunt in his face as she faced the audience and stroked her oh so sensitive nipples.

‘Is someone going to fuck me?’ Tom heard her say.

‘We have another room all set up‘ replied Chris.

Jaci raised herself so she was squatting over Tom. One of the video cameras zoomed in and Jaci looked down at her pathetic husband. Then she smiled and let out a stream of piss. It cascaded into Tom’s face, warm and wet. Someone told him to open his mouth and he did so. It filled his mouth and he almost choked and he couldn’t help but swallow some and he knew what it must look like to everyone, but he knew he deserved it and he accepted it.

Then Jaci was led away and everyone went too, except Tom. And Susan.

‘Do you like your wife’s tattoo Tom? I think it’s time we got you one, don’t you? Any guesses what I’ve decided upon?’