Written by Anon

14 Jul 2005

Hi. I'm Sarah. a 28 year old wife with no children and a great, good looking husband and fantastic sex life. Me and Seb have been married for 4 years now and we've never fallen out on a large scale and have always been faithful to one another because, quite frankly, what would be the point anyway? I'm a good looking blonde lady who pays regular visits to the Gym to work out and swim and we also indulge in sports together as we both own a a small speedboat that we take to the coast when ever the weather is good. Seb is a handsome man with a toned body and a gorgeous fat cock so i never felt the need to stray.

Until a month ago anyway.

Steve was the guy who came to pave the back yard of the house so we had somewhere to put the Boat and from the moment he rang on the doorbell and stepped into the house an intense flush of sexual anxiety blew over me. He was a typical mouthy white London boy with too much to say and it mostly ended in inuendo but god, was he hot. He was about six foot and had lovely smooth skin and a gorgeous body which he constantly taunted in my face when he was working. He had ice cold blue eyes and short dark spikey hair and he was covered in tattoos.

He always used to comment on how good looking i was and i always shunned his compliments by asking if he wanted a drink of anything in an attempt to change the subject.

But one day i just couldn't control myself. As he leaned over me in the kitchen to reach a glass from the cupboard(something he deliberately did) his firm chest pushed against me and i could take no more.

I brushed my hand across his waist as if to make it an accidental movement when to be honest, all i wanted to do was feel him. He looked right at me and said "Sarah are you touching me up?" and laughed. And yeah....i was.

Then he took my hands and placed them against his hard muscular body and said "it's ok love! Touch all you like!"

I had no control over myself and just thrust my face to his and kissed him passionately on the lips and searched his gorgeous mouth with my tongue.

Then he guided my hands down to his shorts where i felt what seemed like a Python growing in his pants.

"Go on love. Meet my friend!" he said, as he pulled down his shorts to reveal a big, fat, bloated, gorgeous looking cock. It was half erect and it just flopped out and rested on my right wrist almost with a slapping sound it was that heavy.

My pussy was wetter than it had ever been by this point and without even saying anything to Steve i pulled my t-shirt off to reveal a black bra and slowely slid down his gorgeous body kissing his chest and licking his torso before finaly being faced with that awesome dick, all shaved and smooth with a gorgeous big purple helmet .

I took it in both hands and began to lick it. I felt it grow bigger and bigger as i teased the underside of his helmet with my tounge and wanked the shaft with both hands. It made me feel like a real woman, holding this massive tool in both hands. And he was a real man as he smiled and slapped that big weapon against my puckered lips, all wet with saliva which splashed all over my face.

"shall we take this to bed love?" he said in a smug but humourous way and i obliged, leading him upstairs to the bedroom where he peeled my trousers down and slapped my arse like i was a peice of meat for him to do with, what he wished.

And in fact...That's what i was! I let him slide that big cock inside me from every direction and during moments of hard fucking he would pull it out and make me lick my own sex off of it before manipulating me into another gut wrenching position where his big dick would get the upmost benifit of pumping me right up to the base of his shaft virtually impaling me to the point of tears.

It felt wonderful and it was the best sex i'd ever had.

he made me get on my knees and crawl to him like a dog and beg for his cream which he seemed to have in unlimited supply because by the end of the afternoon i was not only dripping with his cum but my body was also covered in dried up streaks of his gorgeous semen from earlier conquests to pilfer my body of all innocence!

This became a regular thing as he worked on the yard and my husband never had or has a clue. He made me drink his cum and i basicly became his own personal slut when ever the house was empty apart from the two of us.

One night i got to thinking about him and rang his phone just to hear his voice but a girl answered then when she handed the phone over he just laughed and said "not now love! I'm busy!" and hung up. This made me cry eventhough, the next day he turned up and had me on my hands and knees taking that giant cock of his again, until he pumped me full of spunk.

I wanted him all the time and stopped sleeping with my husband for a while because i wanted to be all Steves for the taking but after he finished on the yard he stopped answering my calls which left me feeling foolishly used and somewhat abused by an utterly gorgeous, yet nasty big cocked selfish bastard.

Me and my husband are back on track recently but i have to admit, when i fuck Seb i still feel unforfilled and dream of getting Steves big spunky cock deep inside me.