Written by kissingcousin

2 Oct 2006

I stayed at my cousins house last weekend for his 18th birthday while the party was going on he got very drunk and i flirted with Denise his girlfirend.

People crashed wherever they fell and I found myself in Pauls bedroom asleep on the floor with two other people one at the foot of the bed and one on the otherside. Paul was asleep on top with Denise next to him.

She was laying there in just a vest and pure white cotton knickers.

She is tiny about 4'11" just about 7 stone about 32 22 30 figure iguess. I woke up at about 4am and couldnt help myself i lifted her t shirt really gently to look at her breasts while she and everyone else slept, she let out a little sigh but was still asleep so I got a little bolder.

I had managed to expose her breasts and then lifted the front of her knickers to look down and see her pubes.

The more i lifted the more i realised she didnt have any she was totally shaven. She gave out another little sigh and then took my hand without even opening her eys and put them inside her panties.

I felt her wet pussy it was sopping. I slipped one finger in and she writhed slowly and moaned quietly i started to take my fingers out of her knickers when she grabbed my wrist looked me straight in the eys and said you have started now you have to finish.

pauls was snoring for england so I thought what the hell.

I slipped her panties off and she spread her legs as wide as she could to give me access, she swung over the side of the bed and i knelt in front of her licking her cunt.

then she whispered fuck me but be quiet.

I dropped my trousers and slipped me cock in her pussy real slow at first and it was desperatly hard not to just thrust into her but no i had to go deep and slow real slow and the I could feel my spunk desperate to get out she leant forward and whispered cum up me.

With that I let fly pumping loads into her.

She lay there for a bit stroking her leaking cunt and then motioned for me to pretend to be asleep she then woke Paul by sucking his cock he grunted rolled on his back and I watched as she straddled him riding up and down his hard cock lubricated by my spunk and her cunt juices. She fucked him for ages then he grunted shot up inside her.

She lay back down legs wide open fingered herself to orgasm and went to sleep with her pussy dripping.

When the other 2 woke up Sheila just laughed and said you are a dirt slut laying there like that and terry just grunted and went back to sleep.

great party