Written by Mary, Mary not contrary!

4 Oct 2004

I am a 53 years old and have been a widow for two years. My husband Jack and I had a wonderful sex-life, we both had a very high sex-drive and it was a rare day that we didn't have sex at least once. Jack died very suddenly, he woke one morning saying that he was felling a bit off colour and thought he'd stay in bed instead of going to work. I phoned his company to tell that he wouldn't be working that day then checked to see that he was alright, he was asleep. Just before lunchtime I went in and checked him again, I didn't like his colour and just placed my hand on his forehead. He was very cold, in dread I phoned the doctor and he came round straightaway. Not that he was able to do anything for, as I feared, Jack was dead. It was a terrible shock as you can imagine, made worse by the fact that we had no children and no close relatives.

My friends rallied round and to help me. One of them, Jane, another widow who was around the same age, gave me a part time job in her flower shop, just to give me an interest.

One day when the shop was quiet we were having a cup of coffee when she asked me what I missed most. She giggled when I said, 'Sex!'. 'I do understand though,' she said, 'Fred and I had a good sex life and I felt exactly the same as you do when I lost him.'

'What did you do?' I asked.

'Well nothing at first, just like you, then one day I was persuaded to go to a male stripper show! I certainly learned somethimg that day, they do take absolutely everything off when it's a private show and I'd never see anything like it! I'd never seen a dick like some of those boys had! Well that woke me up I can tell you! And when we were talking it over at one of the girl's houses, Samantha revealed that she'd taken it further. She has a computer and she'd gone on line and found a young man who was offering his services, to cut a long story short she met him and they had sex! I thought that's for me and I did the same, I've had a relationship with this lad, Tony, he's only 26 and, if you'll forgive the language Mary, he fucks like a rabbit! It's wonderful, all the advantages of a husband with none of the responsibility!'

Well, my heart thumped, I'd been making do with masturbation, which is nice but it's not like the real thing, is it? So when Jane suggested that I go to the next strip show with her and the rest of my friends I went. God, what a revelation! Jack's dick had been seven inches and had always rung my bell, but there wasn't one of those boys who was as small as that! Although the men aren't allowed to become erect they do let you feel them and believe me, feeling nine inches of thick throbbing warm dick, certainly got me going. Like most of my friends, I fancy, I went home with wet knickers and a raging desire to have sex.

I expect you can guess what happened next, Jack had a computer which was still sitting in his office. I'd never used one but finding someone in the Yellow Pages to teach me how took about five minutes and within a week I competent enough to log on and start surfing the swinger's sites. I was amazed at the variety of what was on offer but soon found a site that consisted of men wanting women. After trying quite few and not feeling comfortable with them I was beginning to feel as if I would never find one that I felt happy with. Then of course, sod's law, the very next one I contacted seemed to be everything I wanted, a well-hung young man, good-looking and amiable who didn't want any long-term relationship. After sending him my hoto and receiving his I felt even better about it, he was good looking in a dark, intense sort of way, was 25 years old and felt more comfortable with more mature women. Well, I was pretty, with a very good figure still and certainly mature!

This lad lived in Bristol and said he was willing to travel, I live in Somerset and we agreed to meet in Weston super Mare at an easy to find pub, the Cabot Bars. I told him what I would be wearing and he said that he'd be in a leather bomber jacket and light chinos. I took his photo with me but I had no difficulty recognising him. We shook hands as we introduced ourselves and he bought drinks, we sat down and started to talk. We soon found out how compatible we were and I don't mind admitting my heart was thudding. His name was Mark and he was a solicitor's clerk, hoping eventually to study Law and become a solicitor himself. He was really dishy, he had an almost Mediterranean complection, dark wavy hair and the most unusual dark green eyes. I found him very physically attractive. He was also a very pleasant companion. He said, 'I can't belive my luck.'

'Why's that?' I asked.

'Well, you are everything a man could want, pretty, beautiful figure, lovely to talk to, I can't help feeling that there must be a catch! If you don't mind me asking, why were you looking for someone on the internet?'

I smiled, 'Well Mark, as you know I lost my husband, we had a great sex-life and I miss it dreadfully. I don't want full commitment with anyone, but I do want to have a sexual relation ship to satisfy my needs. Someone I know was in the same boat and she suggested that I contact someone on the net, so that's what I did.'

'I see, in the circumstances that sounds very sensible. I ought to say that my reasons for advertising myself to mature women is that I've had several relationships with young women that could hardly be called successful. I want someone that I can bond with without committing myself to a full relationship. As far as I'm concerned you fit that bill to a 'T'.'

'That's how I feel, shall we find somewhere a little more private?' I took him to my car in the Multi-story, at that time of the evening practically deserted. We kissed and I knew instantly that he was the one for me. A few kisses and caresses later we agreed that I would meet him the next Friday night and lead him to my house and he would stay the weekend if everything worked out.

I duly met him and he followed my Rover Sterling in his MGB to my house. He was visibly impressed but, apart from saying what a lovely house it was, made no other comment. I took him into the Conservatory that overlooked the back garden and got us drinks, my heart was thumping and I had butterflies in my stomach. We had two or three drinks while we chatted. I'm very fair-haired, not quite blonde, and was wearing a very pale purple blouse with a darker hued skirt of the same colour. I had on very sexy underwear that I had bought specially for the occasion, also in purple, I knew how the colour suited me. Mark couldn't take his eyes off me and after a couple of drinks I moved to sit next to him and we kissed. It thrilled me right down to my toes and every erogenous zone in between. A couple of kisses like that and I led Mark upstairs, drinks in hand.

My heart was pumping almost painfully and things were happening down below too although we hadn't actually done anything yet! Once in the bedroom I stripped to my knickers and Mark undressed calmly. However, once he took off his boxers, which he'd left till last, I gasped. His penis hung down his left thigh and even soft, as it was, looked very long and thick. We got on the bed and he started kissing and caressing me. His cock got hard and I began playing with it, it was too thick for my fingers to encompass, but just the feel turned me on.

Mark said, 'I can't believe what a wonderful figure you have.'

'Probably due to no kids,' I replied, 'couldn't have them unfortunately.'

'Never mind,' he said, 'it's fun trying!' And he pulled my knickers down. I thrilled, as I always have done, as he looked at my pussy, I knew the lips were parted and opened my legs to show him. He caught his breath, 'God, what a beautiful cunt!' he gasped, 'Sorry, got carried away.'

'It's alright, I don't mind, use any language you like,' I was thrilling as I looked and played with his organ. Then, after kissing me then moving down to kiss and suck my nipples, he slid down further and kissed my pussy. I've always liked oral sex, both ways, and I loved the way he used his tongue now. I grew dizzy from the thrills moving through me until I finally came, 'Fuck me, fuck me!' I pleaded and watched as he moved over me and presented that giant cock to my open pussy, as soon as I felt it there, I moved it to the right place and he pushed it in. I'd never had a cock that size before and it took a little manouevring for him to ease it into my tight pussy, but once the big helmet was in he slid right up inside. I gasped at the thrill, then he started fucking. I have quite a small pussy and the thick intruder rubbed against everything as he moved gently in and back. All I could think of was his cock and what it must look like as he was doing me. In fact I lost all awareness of who he was as he fucked me, I had actually never felt the intensity of the thrills that now consumed me. I knew that I was moaning and shouting as I came. I had never come like it either, in the intensity or the frequency, and then, suddenly, I was gone. As I recoverd from the momentary unconsciousness I found him at the point of ejaculation. Fierce spurts filled me with his spunk and I was thrilling again until he finished and I finally relaxed feeling absolutely boneless.

Mark went to sleep afterwards. Once I had recovered I went and had a shower, put on a pair of thick cotton knickers because I was oozing all the time, then joined him and went to sleep.

Well, that was the first time, Mark has visited regularly ever since and I am completely rejuvenated, even my friends comment on how well I look and I secretly think, 'Thanks to a regular fucking!'