Written by kevMar

14 Oct 2006

I work a shift system and one of the shifts is afternoons finishing after 9:30pm,when i finally arrive home its supper and a drink before the fun and games start.

My wife and I like to watch porn to get us in the mood for sex before long the Dressing gowns are off to reveal our chosen underwear.The wife has a good selection of Lingerie including rubber,leather and PVC while I prefer a male thong.

Soon we are kissing and stroking,prior to touching each other inside our chosen undies which are eventually discarded.

Then its intimate oral sex taking turns to taste each other,before the wife lies back to let me pleasure her with fingers and tongue.

When she is well juicy and depending how horny she is I select one of her numerous sex toys.These include:-a Rampent rabbit,2 double dongs,vibro's,butt plugs,beads,duo balls,love eggs and two strap ons and lube.

The various toys allow for plenty of fun and i take great pleasure in inserting them into my wife's hungery cunt,if I get her in the right mood she takes over herself raising herself onto her knees in order to get the right speed and tempo.In really kinky sessions an anal toy will go up her arse at the same time.

On occasions we have used the strap ons on each other,it makes me exited just to see her wearing the contraption let alone when she uses it on me.

After our fun and games its finally time to fuck,this can be either hole,the wife choses,but it usually ends with me boning her up the arse whilst teasing each other about our favorite fantasy, hers involves another man to join us mine another woman!