Written by John and Becky

18 May 2003

Me and my longtime girlfriend Becky had been talking about experimenting sexually but weren't sure whay or how to go about it. Becky is 5ft 8" 33 has 36 DD tits a small waist slim legs and curly long blonde hair and blue eyes. Becky loves cock and is incredibly demanding in bed wanting endless orgasms losing control of all inhibitions when shes in the mood.

We had known Jim and his girlfriend Tracy for years. I had always fancied Tracy as she was 35 similar in height to Becky slightly slimmer build and has 34 C pert tits and an amazing pair of legs and ass too die for, short cropped straight blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

Jim had always been fascinated with Beckys big tits and commented to me many times that I was a very lucky guy to have those too play with. I had let it known that I thought Tracy was stunning but that is as far as the admiration ever got.

One evening after a meal out together we went back to Jim and Tracys home for a night cap. Jim was very proud of the chipped Cable box he had just got that had all the Porn channels on it for free. We sat chatting and watching the porn on the TV in the front room, we all started off laughing at the scenes until a graphic 4 some started. You could feel the sexual tension growing in the room as the wine we were drinking reduced all our inhibitions. I started kissing and fondling Becky who was sat next to me on one of the two settees in the lounge. I noticed Jim and Tracy had followed suit and Jim was rubbing Tracy's tits through the thin material of her dress, her nipples standing to attention.

Becky was stroking the bulge in my pants as she swung her leg over mine enabling me to press my hand against her pussy from behind. We were now all panting, slurping and moaning in rythm to the porno movie on the TV. I glanced over to see Jim had one of Tracys tits out and had pulled her skirt up moved her panties to one side and was playing with her pussy. Becky had noticed this and pulled off her top and unclipped her bra releasing her enourmous breasts into my face. Jim looked up almost mesmerised by his first close up look of her tits. Becky had unzipped my pants and pulled my throbbing cock out and was gently moving it back and forth whilst rubbing her still trousered crotch on my leg. I was trying to undo her belt and button whilst watching Jim lift Tracys dress off over her head, and Tracy removing her panties and unclipping her Bra. Becky stood and wriggled off her trousers and panties whilst I undressed quickly. Becky was mesmerised by the site of Tracy playing with Jims erect cock, and immediately I sat back on the settee she slid her sopping wet pussy onto my cock we all fucked in the same room then almost simultaneously we lay panting having orgasmed.

I looked over at Tracy who was smiling at me with a mischevious glint in her sultry brown eyes. I just came out with it my thoughts turned into words. "Fancy swapping cocks girls"! They both giggled then to my suprise looked at each other and without speaking got up and changed settees.

I felt Tracy's soft skin against my chest as she nestled into my side and we started kissing passionatley. Becky had knelt on the settee by the side of Jim who was fulfilling his fantasy caressing sucking and squeezing Beckys tits.

I cupped Tracys firm tits and gently squeezed her cork like nipples. Tracy had hold of my cock and stroked my shaft and balls - exploring my body as our tongues darted in and out of each others mouth.

I could see Becky sucking Jims cock which was about the same length if a littlr longer than my 7 inches but mine was noticibly thicker.

Becky was still knelt on the settee and Jim had 2 fingers in her from behind darting in and out of her soaking sticky pussy as Becky bucked to the rhythm. The sight of Becks doing this to another man was an unbelieveable turn on! Tracy followed suit and licked and sucked my cock, whispering she liked the taste of Becky's pussy and my spunk. I was able to reach under her and play with her pussy lips and moved a finger backwards and forwards over her swollen hood and clit. I noticed Becky re position herself over Jims twitching cock as her need for a fuck overwhelmed her. Tracy and I paused as we watched her slide down Jims cock both gasped as the fantasy became true reality. Tracy was rubbing her own pussy and smiling at me as she followed suit and pushed herself onto my waiting length. She bit her bottom lip and smiled a wicked grin as she stared at me as she slipped down as far as she could get. I sucked her tits and squeezed her tight ass as she bucked up and down on my cock until she expolded with a shuddering orgasm digging her long nails into my shoulders as she covered me in kisses. Becky and Jim were still going but getting close, I hadn't come and rocked Tracy back and forth on her slippery pussy I could feel Jims spunk dribbling out onto my balls from her first coming. Jim almost yelped as he shot his load into Becky. Becky continued furiously pumping up and down on his spent cock her satisfaction not yet guaranteed. I lifted Tracy up and postioned her onto all fours with her knees on the floor and hands holding onto the same settee that Jim and Becky were on. I slipped my still hard cock into her pussy and started pumping - my balls making a slight slapping noise on her pussy lips. Becky rolled off Jim and sat with her legs spread and feet up on the settee parallel to Tracys face. It didn't take much encouragement for Tracy to start licking and tongueing Beckys pussy full of Spunk. Becky closed her eyes and stroked Tracys hair as I continued to pump from behind, Jim was wanking himself hard at the site of his girlfriend licking another woman especially as she had always said she couldn't do it with another woman. I felt the build up of pressure and exploded into her pussy. I pulled out and within seconds Jim had taken my place.

I swapped places with Becky on the settee who joined Tracy on the floor, they kissed once then I guided Tracys head onto my cock whilst Becky caressed Tracys tits ass and Jims ass that was pummeling his girlfriends pussy. Becky positioned herself so she could lick Jims Balls and Tracys Clit intermitmently as they fucked. Me Jim and Tracy climaxed almost at the same time leaving Becky unfulfilled, we all turned our attention to her sucking her tits and pussy which was leaking salty cum over her swollen red pussy lips. Her back arched and she came with her toes curling and head thrown back.

Becky and I fucked Jim and Tracy for over 4 hours. We talked about it later and agreed to not have any hang ups and repeat the session again sometime.