Written by Jim

4 Jul 2006

I had never really heard about gloryholes till I had a truly great experience a couple of weeks ago in Bristol. It was a hot day in June and on route to my car I needed the toilet. On finding a public toilet I noticed that it was the typical crappy type from the 80’s and in desperate need of modernisation. The toilets were empty and as I locked the cubicle I noticed that there were pieces of tissue evidently blocking up a hole in the wall.

Curiosity got the better of me so I pulled it out discovering it was a small hole evidently leading thru to the ladies adjacent toilet cubicles. The hole was pretty small around 3” circumference and god only knows why I was completed to stick my cock thru. I was soft and so it went through easily. Next I hear the door open (or close) and I hear the laugh of a young woman. Shock got the better of my and so I quickly pulled out my cock. I then look thru the hole to see a woman evidently in a Police type uniform, at this point I was thinking about dashing from the toilets and back to my car.

I see her bend over and then I notice the epaulettes on her white shirt say “Traffic Warden” I still think about running before I am done for public indecency. However she then asked if I wanted a blowjob and due to the hot weather her shirt was undone 2 buttons. She then starts to undo it further and at this point I am so hard about getting sucked off that I slide my cock thru the small hole, it only just goes thru.

She then starts to slowly wank me off and I cannot help but moan at how great it feels. After a few minutes of this I then feel her wrap her tits around my cock and slide my cock up and down her cleavage and against her necklace. I am getting really excited and start to undo my shirt and press my chest against the cool wall. I then feel the warmth of her mouth as she starts to give me a blowjob thru the gloryhole and I moan my arse off. This was the greatest blowjob I had ever had and the fact I did not know who she was or could see what she was doing turned me on even more. After a few minutes of this she started sucking my cock whilst wanking it and I was going crazy, I then exploded.

She then licked it clean and giving me the chance to slide it back thru my side of the hole. I told her how good she was before leaving. This was the hottest experience of my life and I am eager to try it again with other women maybe even start a club for women who want to try them.