Written by Del x

30 Aug 2011

This is somethng that happend over 5 yrs ago, but has become more erotic to me the more I think about it, so I want to share it with those who care to read it.

I had a free weekend, wife away with her family from the from Friday evening to the Monday.

I had thought of a number of things to do, but not actually planned anything firm.

I eventually decided that i would take the saturday train in to London and stay there until the Monday, again not booking a room, as I thought it would be easy to arrange that when there, bit more spontanious and I love all that.

I also thought that I might get a ticket for the football, so was quite excited about my weekend.

I boarded the train at the local station, picked my seat and began arranging my bag and jacket so that others would not really want to sit by me (I know I should'nt but I hate the smelly chatter box who invades your space with bad breath and BO, I always get them)

I had just settled when a woman got on and sat across the isle from me, I tought I knew her, but was not quite sure, so smiled a little and went back to my paper, not really reading, but racking my brains as to where I knew her from, she looked nice very well dressed, quite slim with a nice figure and what looked like full breasts, she smelt nice as well. When I looked up at her again she was smiling and said "you dont recognise me do you" I said sorry, but thought I knew you, been trying to think from where. "School she said loudly.." oh my god it was Jane a girl I went to school with many years ago ( I am now 51 so a while ago) We started to chat a little, but the noise of the train was hampering her hearing a little, so I gestured for her to join me on my side, and said why dont you sit opposite, we can hear eachother then.

Jane got up and bent over to remove her bag from between the seats, I could not help but notice that very nice firm arse as she did and my mind wondered a little (ok alot)

We chatted openly, she was really open about all things, tellng me she had no kids, married twice but now single, she was actually on her way to meet a guy she had chatted to from the net, a sort of blind date, although she had seen a picture of him and he sounded nice.

I told her I was billy no mates this weekend, wife away so was takng the opportunity to do what I wanted, I mentioned the fact I may go watch the footie, that I had not yet booked a room, but would when I got there. Jane and I had had a bit of romance when we were 15 yrs old (if you can call a hand job behind the bike sheds at school romance, in fact in those days you just had to do what you could when you cold with who, as it was the age of discovery for me ad her) She then brought that up and told me that she had really fancied me at school, she was a little fed up that I had let her wank me off, then left her alone, I think I then went out with her friend, she asked me why I did that..well I told her I was a little embarrassed about the whole thing, I came really quickly in her hand at 15yr and felt a real idiot, I thought she would tell everyone that I was crap and that would be it, but she never. I watched her expression change from curiosity to sympathy, she said I was silly thinkng that, she actually wanted me to be her first guy, the one who took her virginity, not to miss a opportunity to lift the tone and be a bit cheeky, I said .."is it to late" we both laughed and carried on talking (Shit I thought, would have been great if she had said "actually no")

We got back to her, I asked why she felt she had to have a blind date,she was a very attractive woman, in great shape great smile and I was getting a hard on thinkng about what she would be like now (im a bloke its our job). She tod me she had not been wiht a guy for two years (boing! that was the cock trying to escape) she had a bad relationship first time around, she was unable to ave kids and he left her, pennyless and homeless. Her next fella lasted about 8 years, and fizzled out, this time she had a house a good job and was fairly independent, she worked as a PA to some big wig executive.

We did chat about more personal things, there was lots of lfirting going on and I noticed that when she came back from the loo, she had undone a button from her blouse, exposing a little more cleevage, she liked that I had noticed I think as she caught me looking (I used to be so good at getting away with that) We She told me more about the guy she was meeting,he was quite a wealthy guy and had booked a room in a very plush hotel in London and was probably expecting her to put out for his effort, i askd if she felt she would, why not she replied, he seems nice, wants to spoil me, he was married so no need to worry about hassell after, very libral I thought and told her so. Jane said leaning into me..if there were decent guys locally she would not have to travle so far, besides it had been two years after all, smiling with a very naughty glint in her eyes, I asked her how she had managd without a guy for two years, she just smiled and said Anne summers, we laughed again...

I was getting very tight trousers having to adjust my seating a little as my cock was racting to that very nice cleevage, the tought of being the guy to uncork this really sexy lady who I felt really relaxed with, I actually do not think I have been so open chat wise with anyone for years.

We were nearing Padington, so started to gather up our things in readiness for depature, she said, "look if this guy is not what expected, he has said I can have the room he will not force me to do anything" just saying, if it does not work out, would you like to meet up for a drink? hell yes I felt like saying, but instead said, that wold be nice we can carry on where we left off, Jane smled and said, from when we were 15 or today then kissed my cheek and left, we had eachothers mobile numbers and I can tell you, that I really hoped she would call, she was meeting him at 1pm so tought a few hours at the most if it was not going to happen.

I went to a pub I know where a few of the lads from footie go, I thought I would get a ticket there and have a few pints and lunch then off to the match.

I could not stop thinkng about Jane, how good it was to see her, how good she looked and if im honest how nice it would be to be fuckng her all weekend (I wish) It was nearing 1.30 when a mate who i'd text about a ticket for the match came back to me, he had a ticket forme £30 did I want it? I actually tought, no I dont want it, I really wanted Jane to text me and tell me her plans had changed and meet her for a drink. I checked my phone in hope, but nothing, I had turned down a ticket and had no where to stay, felt a bit of a fool, a school boy with a crush.

I waited until 4pm and nothing from Jane, I actually thought that if I do not sort a room I may as well get a train back home. I started looking on the internet in the pub for rooms, a cheap and cheerful thing for old gits like me...found a few and called but they were full, all the cheap ones go first on match days. I had a vibratig in my pocket it was Jane, the text said " are you at the match? if so do you fancy a drink later, things did not work out with her guy" I called her right back, she ws suprised by the speed of my reply ad said where are you, I told her I could not get a ticket and that I was in a bar looking for a room on the internet. Jane asked me to come over to the hotel she was staying at and Join her for a drink, she also said don't book a room, I agreed and hung up, very eager to get there as quick as possible I hopped into a cab, I arived at a very plush hotel not far from St Pauls cathederal, she was sat in the lounge bar with a glass of something reading a womens magazing, I looked around and felt very underdressed, but sauntered in anyway. Jane greeted me with a nice big smile and said, bet you never thought you would see me again today, I said no but I hoped I would, that was a litle awkward moment as it went quiet, drinks I said can I get you another? G&t for her pint for me £12.60p! we chatted over our drinks (yes drinks I bought another round!!) Jane looked great she had changed her clothes, put makup on, not that she needed to, she was naturally bueatiful. She seemed to be wearing either stockings or hold ups I could not tell, but never had to guess as she told me about the guy, he looked about 20 yrs older than he had said, a very big man, probably near 18 stone and smelt of cigars, was very well to do, but she just said she could not go trough with it, she said "iveput all me sexy underwear on in anticpation of a fun filled weekend, stockings bask (I said you had me at stockngs we laughed again), he was a little hurt, he had showed her a picture from many years ago. The way it was left was that the hotel she was in, was a room for two nights, dinner bed and breakfast all paid for (there is a god) Jane asked me if I wanted to take my things up stairs and feshen up, I took this to mean that she felt I needed to smarten myself up a little as I was in very casual jeans and T-Shirt.

We got into the lift ad Jane said, are you ok to share a bed tonight as there is only one and she was not going to sleep on the floor. Yes fine I said im not shy, my cock was giving the game away as it was raging by now, she lookd down and said, Im sure we will have a nice time.

The room was quite large, big kingsize bed, there was a massive sofa and chair, big mirror and tip top bathroom, this must have cost this guy a fortune and it was me going to be in bed with Jane, god bless him..

I said to Jane that I was going to freshen up and change, I took my bag into the bathroom and pushed the button for the shower, a nice big shower I might add, I already had plans for that later.

I was in the shower getting rather steamy thinkng about Jane and how nice it was going to be to fuck her after all these years, when the door opended and Jane was tood there in her bask and suspenders, she said nothing at all, just seductively removed everything and keeping her eyes on me moved into the shower, we kissed immediately, a deep powerful kiss, she was really arroused as was I, my cock was pressing into her tummy, she felt great and had the most amazing breasts and very very pert nipples, I was soaping her breasts, I love the slipery soapy feelng when in a shower or bath with a very horny lady, she was making some great noises of approval, tellng me how good it felt, she reached down and felt my cock, telling me how much it had grown since the last time. I kissed her again as she slowly wanked my cock, I really was close to cumming and took her hand away and slid down her body, sucking her nipples to which she gasped puling my head into her, I continued down between her legs, which she had spread a little for me, My tongue and fingers found her very very juicey cunt, I said to her how much I loved to slide my tongue into a wet cunt, she was going crazy, grinding herself against my face, my tongue fully inside her, she was maiking some really loud but hevanly noises, telling me to suck her clit make her cum calling me a bastard, suck my cunt you fucking bastard she went on..I let my tongue lfick over her arse, she went crazy grinding even harder into me..

I love a woman to express herself when Im sucking her clit, She had an almighty scream and then she squirted her juices all over my face, it was amazing how much juice she had, but I loved it..lapping it up. She pulled me up and said just hold me for a minute, I could feel the after shock in her body, the water was hot and she was quivering, telling me that was the first time for over a year that anyone had done that, I said you mean two years, she said no two years for a guy, one with another women. Fuck I was harder than ever...I said do you think this is a good time to ask you to suck my cock before explore against your tummy and watse everything..she lowered down my body waking my cock slowly as she did her mouth was level with the tip and she let her tongue flick over it, she was looking up at me but the water was in her eyes so i turned the shower off, I loved to see my cock being sucked by a woman who liked to suck ...she knew what she was doing and after flicking her tongue over the end she slwly sucked, letting me ease my hips into her, im not massive, probably about 6.5 inches , but nicely thick and she took it all the way down her throat, easeing back ad fourth as I started to fuck her mouth a little harder...she said " I want to taste your cum...that she wanted me to fill her mouth with my cock and shoot my load inside..fuck she was horny..fingering herself with one hand wanking my cock into her mouth with the other..it was an amazing feeling..I was nearly there, ready to shoot my cum into her..thrusting harder and deeper, but she took it all gagging on it but never stopping..I shuddered and came a heav load into her mouth, she kept sucking flicking her tongue over the end so I could see the cum on her tongue and then takng me deep again..it was so sensitive that I jerked back and fourth everytime her tongue went over the tip...she stood face to face with me put the shower back on and kissed me, her mouth still full of cum..we shared it, it was one of the horniest moments i'd ever experienced, she pushed her head back and showed me how much cum was in her mouth, then swollowed it all, kissing me again and telling me that she wantd me to fuck her on the bed.....we certainly had some more fun..later if your interested..