Written by Master

29 Jun 2006

Since first fucking the slut in the kitchen I made regular use of her body, encouraging her to wear shorter skirts and sheer blouses when out in my company. she had learnt that disobeying me was something which I punished harshly, using my hand, a slipper, riding crop or tawse as I saw fit. She encouraged me by failing to obey minor but easy to follow instructions, in the hope that I should give her a spanking etc.

Developing a slave is not purely about domination or abuse of the flesh but more importantly of the mind. Rewards equally were doled out when earnt.

I would take her out to secluded spots nearby and tie her between two trees, over a fallen tree, or peg her spread eagled to the ground. At other times I would instruct her to remove all her clothing and place a collar about her neck then send her to fetch her lead so that I could take her out for walkies in nothing but a short coat. I would instruct her to flash at any men nearby and exhibit her wares fully. She is a cock hungry slut and knows her position.

The first time I took her for walkies I instructed her that once inside the woods she was to remove her coat and walk naked to the side me like a good doggy should. That she was mine and that if anyone wanted to play with her she was to allow them to use her slut body for thier amusement. Linda readily agreed stating that she was my property and I could use her in any way I wished.

Entering the carpark adjacent to the woods I could see a number of cars with single men in them, I parked between two cars and instructed her to get out making sure her coat fell open and exposed her body to the guy on her side. To go to the boot bend fully in taking her time and show her ass to the world. She was then to get her lead and bring it to me in her mouth so that I could take my dog for a walk. She was not to pull the coat closed but make sure everyone about could view her.

As Linda got out of the car her coat flapped open exposing her pert 34b tits and shaved cunny. The guy next to her nearly had a fit as he gaped at her. I told her to bend over so that I could adjust her collar. Her face was red with embrassment as I held her there and told her to spread her legs. Pulling her closer I slipped a finger into her cunt, the whore was soaking wet. I sent her to the rear of the car and watched as she extracted her lead. Bring it to me in her mouth coat open, naked underneath she did as bade.

As it was late evening I slipped her coat from her shoulders giving everyone a viewing of the slut. Attaching her lead to the collar I locked the car and strolled slowly with her to the edge of the wood. On entering the woods I told her that we were being followed by several men and that it would please me to see her suck them dry and do anything they wished. The slut bitch readily agreed to service my desires.

Within minutes we were joined by first one guy then three others, passing her lead to one I instructed them to take her and use her till satisfied and bring her back to me covered and filled with cum. The fear in her was apparent as she tried to pull away from them, I told her that I would not be far and she was to trust me. With that they led her into the woods.

From a descreet distance I watched as they took it in turns to use her for over an hour. Cock was forced into her every hole, spunk shot over her face and body and still the slut craved more. I got a few more to make use of her, she took 8 cocks that night. Her ass was stretched and pounded, her reddened star gaped wide and dribbled cum down her slut legs, her cunny was filled to the brim as was her mouth. As they used her they called her every name that they could think of.

Her breasts were scratched and bruised from abuse, her nipples sore from being tugged, bite marks covered her body.

Later when talking she admitted that she liked being gang fucked and used roughly as it was a role play fantasy of her's to be raped. We have been back several times and will do so.............