Written by J & S

29 Oct 2004

The training part 14

Sue was unstoppable now, after a long weekend with her lovers and after experiencing 14 different cocks, each and every of her holes having been used. She told me that she had never found it easier to climax than she was finding it now, indeed all I had to do to make her cum was to stroke her, extremely sensitive, clitoris for a few moments or vigorously finger fuck her accommodating pussy a few times before she began bucking furiously as her body was racked by climax after climax. Even the roughest handling of her extremely large nipples resulted in her thrashing around begging to be fucked.

Both Dave and Sean were fucking her regularly, I even found and that they were coming around during the daytime, generally with the least three or four others, and fucking my sexy wife legless. Our neighbours must have known that Sue was regularly being fucked by loads of other men as she was never very quiet while she was having sex, and apart from all the male visitors showing up at our house, she was often seen leaving the house dressed like a common street prostitute. Lots of people had commented on the silver choker she had been given by her lovers, the word SLUT being spelt out on it in capital letters made with rhinestones.

Sue was spending even more time down the gym, and her body was better than I had ever seen it! I later found out part of the reason for this was that Sue was also being fucked by nearly all of the instructors as well as some of the regulars who went there. She told me that this had been going on for quite some time now, the way she informed me was by coming home one day in her gym clothes (Sue had taken to wearing a lycra thong and a very skimpy crop top which was short enough and loose enough to show the curves at the bottom of her ample breasts.) Pushing me down on to the couch, straddling my face and pulling the crotch of her thong to one side of her shaved pussy, allowing a large dollop of warm cum drop out of her gaping cunt and into my open mouth, despite my initial surprise, I found it strangely exciting to think of my horny wife catching the bus back home and holding a large amount of a stranger's spunk in her pussy throughout the journey, some obviously having leaked out, the crotch of her exercise thong was absolutely soaked in cum.

After Sue had made me eat the entire contents of her sperm filled fanny, she told me about how the trainers at the gym had been fucking her for the past few week's. She told me that it had begun by accident at first, one of the instructors having seen her shaven pussy when she was lying back on one of the workout benches (she had been wearing loose legged shorts at the time) and had decided to try his luck with her later on in the deserted changing rooms. Sue being the slut she now is, encouraged him by responding to his every touch and within minutes she had his erect penis out and had taken into her very hungry mouth, being rewarded with a mouthful of the man’s cum moments later. At first the man had kept Sue’s willingness to himself but then she began to wear more revealing outfits to the gym, it wasn't very long before the men noticed her tattoo, clearly visible above the thong she wore, proclaiming her "cock meat" and decided to see if that was true! In the past few week's Sue had been fucked by all four of the instructors working in the gym as well as several guys who were customers there.

Sue told me to change into some tracksuit bottoms and a sweatshirt the next day and to join the gym under a false name at around 4.30 in the afternoon, when he was normally quiet, and to wait and see what would happen when she arrived later on.

So here I was, being shown around the gym on my first day as a member, the place was nearly deserted apart from myself and two of the instructors, I was nearly 20 minutes into my session when Sue appeared, wearing a miniscule white thong, and a loose, cropped T-shirt top. As soon as Sue entered she was met by one of the instructors who greeted her with an overly friendly embrace and kiss, which she returned, running her hand up the instructors well muscled thigh before, quickly stroking the man's crotch while he reached under the cropped top and fondled one of her large, firm, breasts. The instructor who was with me whispered "here is one of the best reasons for joining this gym" when I asked him why he explained "Sue is the gym bike, she lets anyone ride her who wants to. She is married so her husband must be useless in bed or she wouldn't need to open her legs for all the blokes in here!" I asked if he was joking but all he would say was for me to wait and see. Just then my slutty wife walked up to us and said hello, embracing and kissing the instructor with me, surreptitiously winking at me as she slipped her hand between the elasticated waistband of his shorts and his well muscled abdomen, before brazenly taking the man's cock in her hand and stroking it for a few moments before releasing it and walking over to the warmup area which was directly in front of where I was seated. Once over there, Sue began series of stretches that were intended to display her ripe, firm body at its best as well as to turn on any of the men watching her display, bending over, her back towards the rest of the gym, the taut material of her thong sinking between, and clearly outlining the plump, shaved lips of her hungry pussy (Sue later told me, that she had removed the lining from the crotch of anything she wore against her genitals so that she could allow people to be able to "see" her naked fanny if she was at the gym or out swimming, as this made her feel slutty in places where she had to keep her body covered) and as she stretched upwards, the tiny top she was wearing would raise just enough to reveal an enticing glimpse of the large, naked, lower part of her breasts.

After she had finished working up a sweat, Sue came back to where me and the instructor were, her body glistening with a fine sheen of sweat, her top clinging to her, large breasts, enticingly, her thong now almost transparent where it was wet. She leant over and whispered something into the instructors ear, then she knelt down in front of me and looking up into my eyes, pulled down the front of my tracksuit bottoms, releasing my hardening cock and then said "mmmmmmmmm, fresh meat" before taking it into her ever hungry mouth and began to suck on it like a professional. All the time that she was giving me a blow-job my horny wife kept looking me in the eye! Just then my instructor knelt between Sue's legs and reaching between them, peeled the crotch of her thong to one side and, producing an impressive sized cock, proceeded to insert it, unprotected, into her pussy, pushing her forwards and forcing her mouth further onto my cock. Her eyes glazed over as this, well hung, stranger began to vigorously fuck her, the sound of his balls slapping against her body vaguely reminiscent of someone applauding. This was all proving far too much for me and without warning I felt my cock begin to jerk violently and I emptied the entire contents of my balls into my slutty wife's mouth, watching as this and the forceful fucking she was receiving triggered a massive climax in her, this in turn causing the gym instructor to ram his cock deep inside her unprotected hole before filling it to overflowing with his hot, sticky, cum. When he had satisfied himself he pulled out of her cunt and walked off to shower, leaving Sue still kneeling there, traces of cum leaking from her mouth and soaking into my pubic hair. As she got up, I could clearly see a thick strand of cum dangling before her thong slipped back into place, cutting it free to fall on the floor.

As I sat there, exhausted, the other instructor called out to my wife, signalling for her to come over to him, which she obediently did. Obviously wanting to show me what a slut this woman was, he told her quite loudly to kneel in front of him and to suck his cock too. Sue knelt down in front of the man and after releasing his slightly shorter but greatly thicker penis from his shorts, began to slowly wank it to fullsize before taking it between her pouting lips, the man placed one hand at the back of Sues head, keeping it in place as he began to slowly work the bloated organ down and into my wife's accommodating throat, as soon as he had it fully in, he took her head between both hands began to slowly fuck Sues mouth, speeding up until I thought she was going to choke as he suddenly held her tightly to his pubes as his cock began emptying itself directly into her gullet. Like the last man, when he finished he simply turned around and walked off to the shower, leaving Sue kneeling where he had left her, traces of his cum still coating her lip's.

I watched my wife get up and head towards the showers/sauna area off of the main gymnasium and followed her a few moments later. To my surprise she was nowhere to be seen, so I decided to relax in the sauna before going home. I had settled down, made myself comfortable and closed my eyes when I heard the sauna door open and someone coming in. The next thing I felt was my towel being removed and a warm hand grasping my flaccid cock, and beginning to stroke it back to life, I opened my eyes and found Sue kneeling beside me, masturbating me while both of the instructors watched her, their own cock's standing proud and erect. And as my own, modestly sized, endowment grew, Sue said to the two men "he hasn't got much of a cock has he? In fact I think my excuse of a husband is probably bigger!" With that she reached between her legs and dipping her fingers into her cum filled pussy, scooped out a thick mixture containing semen as well as her own juices and, copiously coated my erect penis with it. Giggling she said to the men "this is so small that it would be a waste of my effort to feed it to my cunt, so I'll have to see if I can feel it if I put it up my arse" still laughing the little slut held my cock and lowered herself onto it until it was firmly embedded in her snug little arse hole, somewhere I was not normally allowed to fuck her. Once she was satisfied Sue called over to one of the instructors saying "I can hardly feel his small dick inside me, so you had better fill my other hole with that big piece of meat sticking out from between your legs so that I have some satisfaction" Sue leant back against me while the instructor positioned himself so that his cock could enter my wife's hungry cunt with me still inside her anus. The feeling was indescribable as I felt the full length of his cock sliding into her, as her vagina was filled by him, her insides were compressed, the effect was to massage my cock in her bum while he was fucking her. He kept telling her what a dirty slut she was and how he was going to fill her fuck hole with his cum while I filled her arse, Sue had her legs around the man urging him on, more deeply inside her and screaming out what a dirty bitch she was and how good it felt having two cock's inside her, while he was fucking her the instructor was also mauling her large breasts, even biting one hard enough to leave a mark on it, saying "there you go, bitch, your limp dick husband will know that you've been screwing around now" Sue was so excited by now that she didn't care and told the man as much. By now she was being overcome by climax after climax as the other instructor who had been watching now got onto the bench and, straddling her head, forced his rigid tool between her open lips and began to vigorously fuck her mouth for all he was worth, stifling her cries of pleasure. As she thrashed about, all three holes filled with cock, I couldn't contain myself any longer, with the added stimulation of another man's cock compressing my wife's insides and the palpitations of the tight muscle of her anus, I began to cum copiously and the first time inside Sues bottom, after I finished but was still trapped under her, my cock still inside, I felt the other man beginning to grow even larger and then, I swear I could feel him, start to shoot his semen deep inside her unprotected womb. Then I felt something warm running down and coating my balls and realised that it was another man's cum leaking out of my wife's, well fucked pussy. Just then something thick and sticky landed on my face, as I looked up I could see Sue holding a mouthful of cum and allowing it to drip out and onto me as the man finished with a final few thrusts into her mouth. Now satisfied, both men left to shower, leaving me lying down, still trapped under my well fucked wife, strangers cum still leaking from between her legs. After a few moments rest Sue got off of me and, winking, left to shower and change, without even acknowledging me as her husband. She got home before me and told me that I would have to accept her the way she was now as I had wanted her to behave like a slut and couldn't complain now that she was one.