Written by J & S

22 Jun 2004

The training 3

I was amazed at how fast my, previously indifferent to sex, wife had changed after being introduced to two strangers on separate occasions, whom I met through placing an advert on a swingers website. For the past few weeks now Sue had been meeting Sean and Dave separately, sometimes with me present and sometimes without, I knew for a fact that both men were fucking her as I had witnessed them on many occasions, they always wore condoms when penetrating her, although she gladly accepted their come in her mouth, swallowing every last drop before licking them clean, something that she hadn't done to me before. Sue had also taken to wearing slightly more revealing clothes, her skirts and dresses, which used to be kneelength, were now some three to 4 inches above the knee and her blouses were thin, almost to the point of transparency.

When she went out to meet either of her new lover's I would accompany her, sometimes saying an acting as their driver or sometimes leaving them alone, returning to pick up my well fucked wife so that she could tell me what had happened while I ate her tender pussy. On the rare occasions she would even stay overnight with Sean or Dave, returning to me in the morning sore but satisfied.

Anyway, with the weekend coming, Sue had arranged to meet Dave at the pub, I sorted out a babysitter for our child and, unknown to Sue, told Sean to "accidentally" bump into us at the pub (there was going to be a disco on that night so the accidental meeting should seem less contrived) Sean readily agreed, telling me just how slutty Sue had become at how much he was enjoying fucking her, he also mentioned that he thought it was time to see how the training would go with the two men, and that if it went well enough he would begin introducing the odd friend or two, socially so that they could gradually helped to widen Sues social (sexual) circle of friends. I was so excited at the thought of my wife being fucked by two or more men, that my cock was rockhard.

Sue came downstairs, ready to go out. She put on a short, button through dress that was made out of a clingy, bright red, satin, although not see through, the lines of her nipples and the rings that she had through them were clearly defined, the neck was cut just low enough to reveal some cleavage. She raised the hem to show me the underneath she was wearing sheer black holdups with fancy lace tops and (as she said she was feeling particularly naughty) no panties. On her feet she had a pair of bright red stilettos and to finish off she had put on fire in the red toe and finger nail polish and a matching lipstick, the look was that of a slightly sophisticated tart.

I drove her to the pub and she told me to go inside first and find Dave, as this would make it easier for her to find two of us rather than just one and I could tell her afterwards if she attracted much attention when she entered (she was really beginning to get into being the centre of attention, she told me it made her feel special which made her very wet).

Inside it was dark, noisy, hot and smoky. I managed to find Dave by the bar and was stood talking to him, confirming the plans for the evening and watching the door to see Sue make her entrance. As she had become quite well-known in the pub, I was not surprised when several heads turned as she walked in through the door, her large breasts moving sensuously under the clingy material, her nipples now hard from the friction of the cloth. She looked around and saw Dave by the bar, waved and began to walk towards him. Behind me I heard one of the pub regulars say to his mate "look, here's that slapper that keeps meeting different blokes, were you here the night she was outside almost naked and a guy was fingering her and playing with her tits?". It was exciting to think that in just a short time Sue had gained a reputation as the club bike.

Sue was stood by Dave, her arms around him snogging him, while he had hold of her arse pulling her to him his thigh between her legs, Sue grinding her pussy against him, ignoring me. After a drink Dave took Sue out onto the dancefloor, as they were dancing he spun her around, causing the hem of her dress to raise, revealing the fancy, lace tops of her expensive stockings and causing a lot of nudging between the guys at the bar. Straight after a slow dance came on and Sue wrapped herself around her boyfriend, rubbing against him, passionately kissing him while he ran his hands all over her willing body. After the dance was over the went back to the bar. Just then Sean came in, saw them and walked over to them. Sue looked flustered for a moment as Sean tapped that her on the shoulder, kissing her full on the lips as she turned, his tongue probing the depths of her mouth, one hand tracing the outline of her breast through the material of her dress. There was an air of expectancy around the bar as the regulars thought that there was going to be a fight between Sues two lovers and confusion as Sue introduced the two men. The three of them found a place to sit, Dave and Sean on either side of my wife. Gossip at the bar resumed once more as after a few moments chat, Sue started returning the kisses and embraces she was getting from both men, I stood at the bar as my wife so there her legs being slowly drawn apart as Sean ran his hand up her thigh and Dave ran his up the other, she began to slide down in the seat as their fingers neared her naked cunt, her head moving from side to side as the guys to turn to passionately kiss her. The regulars beside me were telling each other what a hot little bitch my wife must be, letting two guys treat her like that publicly, and how if they got the chance they would be happy to fuck and dirty bitch like her.

During the course of the evening Sue danced with both of her lovers, she seemed to be getting hornier as the evening wore on, on the dancefloor the guys were taking every opportunity to fondle my compliant wife, holding her arse and raising the hem of her dress when they were dancing slow, spinning her around and causing it to billow up until you could almost see the cheeks of her arse above her stocking tops.

At one stage I saw Sue head towards the toilet, Sean got up soon after and followed her, they were both gone sometime before I saw Sue coming back, her hair messed up and looking pleased with herself (she later told me that Sean had dragged her outside through a fire exit, got his cock out and told her to get down on her knees and suck him off like the dirty little bitch she was, she said that it was very exciting kneeling there like a cheap whore with his cock in her mouth while he held her head, fucking her face, pushing it in so deeply that it caused her to gag at times, then holding her head in place as someone came outside to relieve themselves against the wall, only to shoot his load into Sues mouth as the stranger watched). Both of the men went to the bar, presumably to discuss what to do next, and left my wife sat at the table alone. While they were bar in other slow record was put on and one of the regulars, sensing an opportunity, asked Sue for a dance. Whether it was the drink or that she was feeling horny, she agreed. On the dancefloor the guy put his hands on her arse and, sensing no resistance, pulled her to him and began stroking the firm globes through the shiny material, Sue had her arms around his neck and was rubbing her crotch against him lasciviously as he placed his mouth over hers, kissing her passionately. When the record stopped he left her, obviously worried about trouble from her two boyfriend's. Sue came to the table, smiling, her eyes glazed, looking at the two men waiting for her, with smiles on their faces and bulges in their crotches.....