Written by J & S

21 Jul 2004

The training

….. Back at the bar, Sean and his friends took my wife by the hand and led her towards the toilets at the rear of the pub. I waited a few moments before following, I looked outside through the fire escape first, but there was no sign of them there, as I made my way back I could hear the sound of moans coming from inside the gents toilet, I open the door and went in and was confronted with the site of my dirty wife, bent over, supporting herself on the wash hand basins, and her tits out of her top, swinging freely as Sean was plunging his latex encased tool in and out of her dripping cunt, his two friends stood by, watching and waiting their turn, slowly stroking their, equally large cocks, keeping them ready to fuck my sexy wife. Sue was urging Sean on, telling him to fuck her hard and to fill her with his come like the dirty little slut she was. Vividly describing the feel of his cock stretching her as she could feel it growing, getting ready to shoot its load, screaming at him to come. With a few final, hard thrusts, Sean began to empty his balls inside the rubber he was wearing, triggering yet another climax in Sue.

As soon as he had finished he withdrew his softening penis from my wife's hole and stepped aside allowing one of his friends to slide his, covered, cock straight into the gaping hole. This caused her to gasp as her new lover immediately began fucking her as deeply and as hard as he could, attracting a string of expletives from Sue's mouth telling him he was using her like a dirty little whore and how much she liked it, telling him how different his cock felt inside her cunt. All the time this was going on, guys had began to wander in and out to use the toilets, smiling and telling Sean and his mates how lucky they were and what a horny little bitch Sue was, telling them to fuck her until she screamed, Sue, for her part, was moaning and saying how good it felt having another cock stretching her dirty little pussy. It didn't take long for the second guy to begin empty his balls while his cock was still inside my wife. He pulled out of Sue's pouting hole, only to be replaced by the third guy. His cock, if anything was just a little larger than Sean's, but due to the amount of use Sue’s pussy had been having, he was able to plunge it almost to the hilt before Sue called out "Oh my God, that is so fucking big, I can feel it stretching my cunt wide!" The guy that was fucking her now be so was slow, powerful strokes, using the full length of his cock and savouring the feeling of her tight fanny squeezing his engorged tool. He must have fucked Sue for a full 15 minutes before emptying his balls while still inside my sexy wife, pulling out and leaving her stood there still bent over, her legs apart and trembling after the pleasure she had got by being fucked so forcefully by these three men.

She followed them back to the bar where the organiser of the stag party was waiting, he thanked them, saying that it was a great show and more than any of them had expected. He went on to say that everyone had had a whip round and collected just over 50 pounds to give my slut wife for her act. Sean thanked him and turned around to Sue and said "see slut, now that you are being paid, you are a whore as well", red-faced Sue agreed. Sean told the man to wait while the whore gave him something for the 50 pounds. Sue was told to kneel down while Sean and his mates formed a semicircle around her and the man, then he told my sexy wife to suck the guy off and earn the money like the whore she was. Sue unzipped the guy and took his hardening cock out, gently stroking it, she pulled the foreskin back before licking all around the glans and then taking it between her bright red painted lips and beginning to suck the stranger. As her lips slid along the full length of the man's cock, the tip of it entering her throat, the man began to moan and taking her head, he began pumping his hips rapidly, using my wife's mouth like a cunt until, just as he was about to come he pulled out, spraying what seemed like gallons of thick, white, come all over Sues face and breasts, some of it even ending up in her hair. When he had finished Sue cleaned him with her mouth before standing up.

By now everyone in the bar had figured out what had been happening, either through actually seeing Sue being fucked sucking cock's, or through being told by people that had seen my horny wife's antics. Seeing her stood at the bar, strands of come still in her hair and on her breasts, nearly made me come in my pants, she looked such a slut, her lipstick smudged and come stains on her clothes. I could hardly wait to get her back home and put my cock inside her gaping pussy.

Before the evening was finished Sue had a few more slow dances with some of the regulars, allowing them to fondle her, some of them even fingering her soaking wet cunt, before I was allowed to take her home.

From that night on, Sue never met Sean or Dave alone and over the next few weeks got to meet all nine of the men's friends normally in twos or threes, eventually being fucked by each and every one of them. She seemed totally compliant to what Dave or Sean might suggest, and began going out to meet them dressed more and more outrageously. The largest cock she had taken was nearly 9 inches in length and very thick, her hole being visibly stretched most evenings.

Thanks for all the encouragement and sorry this part took awhile to add!