Written by J & S

16 Aug 2004

The training 10

………. it was the horniest thing I had ever seen, my recently demure wife walking towards us, from the bar, her nipples rockhard and showing to the clingy top, her short skirt soaked by part of the five loads of come that had recently been left in her gaping pussy by me and four of her lovers, her stocking tops were showing where they had become damp, causing them to come down her leg's a little. But the most amazing thing were the strands of thick white semen that could be seen hanging between her thighs as she was walking. Everyone in the bar had guessed what had been going on in the ladies toilets but now they could clearly see the results! Sue was either oblivious to her state or couldn't care less, as she reached our table she bent over and placed the tray of drinks down, she kept her legs perfectly straight to make sure that everyone at the bar caught a glimpse of her naked and stretched cunt as her skirt rose.

After we had finished our drinks Sean and Dave told me to follow them to a nearby, secluded carpark where Sue was to be given second helpings. As Sue got into the back of the car between her lovers two friends, Sean and Dave got into the front and drove off with me following close behind in our car. The carpark was around 10 minutes away and I wasn't worried when I had to stop for a red traffic light. As I entered the carpark my headlamps picked out Sue getting out of the other car, her skirt had been removed and her boob tube had been pulled down around her waist, she had obviously been receiving plenty of attention from the two guys in the back of the car with her and was now leaning back against the car as the two men carried on exploring her ripe body. Anyone coming into the carpark would have thought they were witnessing an out and out whore as my wife, was left wearing only her stockings and shoes, her top forming a waistband, two men already mauling her tits and fingering her pussy as she stood with her legs brazenly parted, the small, trimmed patch of pubic hair concealing nothing.

Sean signalled to me to come over, as I went across the men led Sue around to the front of their car and laid her face down on the bonnet before, once more, taking terms to mount her and dump another load of each of their come inside her well stretched pussy hole, Sue managed to have one climax herself this time. The men kept telling her what a dirty whore she was and how she should beg them to fuck her to her climax. By now Sue was begging for release as she told them her cunt felt like it was on fire, laughing Sean dipped two fingers into her gaping hole and, pulled them out along with a copious amount of semen, which he proceeded to rub along the crack of her arse hole, making her squirm and ask him to stop. "Fuck off cunt" he said "you don't think that a little slut like you can pick and choose how she is fucked, do you?" And then he took his middle finger and began to worm it into her virgin arse hole. Sue was bucking up and down against the bonnet trying to get away from the pain she was feeling as his thick fingertip began to push its way past the restricting muscle, she gasped as it gained entrance into her previously unexplored bowels, bringing all his weight to bear he pinned her to the car's bonnet, his finger embedded past the second knuckle. With his free hand he reached down between Sues legs, which were being held apart by two of his friends, and began to stimulate Sues clitoris, the pleasure being caused by this seemed to make her relax a little, the moans coming from her now were moans of pleasure as she began to make her way towards a climax. Soon her hips began gyrating as Sean's fingers began to do their magic to her well used pussy, as she began to rotate her hips, so Sean began to withdraw his index finger from her arse hole, the extra stimulation triggered her first climax, her body pumping up and down as she came and Sean using this to his advantage began to finger fuck her arse at the same time. Sue screamed out at the unexpected reinvasion of her tight little arse, but her climax was overpowering any discomfort she may have been feeling at the time and Sean continued to plunge his fingers in an out of both my dirty wife's hole's at the same time until, after several very noisy climaxes, he withdrew both hands leading her panting and squirming against the warm bonnet of the car, the come from her pussy, now slightly diluted by her own, thick bodily fluids, had leaked out and was pooling on the smooth waxed surface, although her legs had been released she lay there still spreadeagled and unashamed.

The men told her that unless she was a good little slut they would fuck her arse the next time they met her and if she protested they would continue to gang-bang her virgin hole until it was looser than her dirty cunt. Sue told them she would be good and thanked them for letting her have their come. Then they told her she could go home and that she was to make sure her pussy and arse were kept completely bald.

That night Sue told me that she could barely feel my cock inside her pussy where it had been stretched so much after nine fuck's. Her slackness didn't prevent me from adding a 10th load of come inside her. Her anus was looking puckered and sore from the attention it had received and Sue told me the although she had found it kind of pleasurable, especially during her climaxes, she doubted that she could accommodate a cock inside the confines of that tight little orifice, I told her that we would have to wait and see. Before she went to sleep she had a bath to allow the come to be washed from inside her sore pussy, and then she removed every hair from around her genitals. It was days before her pussy had regained some of its normal tightness.