Written by J & S

14 Sep 2004

The training 11 (interlude 2)

It's still difficult to believe that my wife, Sue, had gone from sex with me once a month at best, to having been fucked by at least eight strangers in the past few months! More than this their entire attitude to sex, the way she dressed and the way she acted had become more like a whore than a married woman. At our last outing, she had not only let me and four other guys fuck her, but she had even let them come inside her pussy, unprotected, walking through the pub with their semen clearly visible, leaking from between her legs. It was also the first time that she had let anything penetrate her virgin rectum, although it was only a finger, I still couldn't believe it.

With her behaviour being even more open and exhibitionistic, I decided that it was time for another try at dogging!

Sue dressed in an extremely short, black, wrap dress with a plunging neckline that was fastened by one bow over her right hip, underneath she was wearing nothing but a pair of black hold-up stockings, she had a pair of shiny, patent leather ankle boots with short, spiky heels. She had removed the rings from her nipples and replaced them with bars with a small metal ball at each end.

I took her back to the same picnic area we had gone to before, then I fastened her wrists together with the straps I had brought and placed the blindfold over her eyes, before slightly reclining her seat and beginning to kiss and fondle her. There were three or four darkened cars already there when we had arrived, so I turned on the interior light and carried on kissing Sue in the little hollow of her neck, something I knew turned her on, I glanced up and saw that we had two or three spectators stood outside the car watching. I reached inside the top of her dress and began to fondle her breast, stroking and squeezing her sensitive nipples, taking the bar that pierced them between my fingers pulling it gently, slowly rotating it. This caused Sue to begin to moan out loud and to start arching her back and squirming in the seat, I now slid a hand below the hem of the dress stroking up her thighs until I reached her, already dampening, crotch. Two of our watchers had their cocks out, stroking them to hardness. I reached across and pushed open the passenger door and told Sue to swing her legs around and out of the car, which she did. From behind I pulled the top of her dress open to reveal her naked, pierced, breasts and leaning over I placed a hand on each of her knees and gently drew her legs apart, allowing the dress to separate, revealing her stocking clad legs and freshly shaved pussy. The men were in reach began to stroke and fondle her breasts, some stroking her legs, trying to get to her naked cunt. Sue was moaning loudly now her senses were being stimulated by so many strange hands.

Enjoying being in control of my new, slut, wife I told the men to stop a moment while we got out of the car. I got out and walked around, taking Sue buy the wrist and helping her from the car. Still blindfold I led her across to one of the picnic tables in the deserted park and told her to turnaround and stand there, her arse resting on the tables top, her legs apart. Then I undid the bow fastening the dress together and pulled it open allowing it to slide down her arms as far as her elbows, leaving her stood naked and exposed in front of the three guys that had been watching us. I told them to feel free so they moved around my hot wife and began fondling her breasts once more, and reaching between her legs, exploring her hungry hole with their fingers. It wasn't long before Sue began moaning and gyrating her hips as she felt a climax begin to build inside her. I told the men to stop, which they did straightaway, leaving Sue stood there, her hips still moving lewdly, her hope of a climax taken away. I stood in front of her and pushed back so that she was lying along the tables top, her stocking clad legs hanging over it, her arse resting on its edge. I took her bound wrists and tied them off above her head, then with some spare fastenings I had brought, I tied off her legs at the ankle to keep them parted. Leaving her open for the men to explore and told them that she was a dirty little bitch who loved to tease guys and leave them high and dry, so they could do whatever they like to her short of fucking her, but if they could get her to come or maybe beg them to make her come, then they could fuck her as much as they wanted. As she heard me say this Sue gasped "Oh my God", the three men went to work on her sensitive nipples and clit causing her to thrash around, biting her lip so as not to come, at least not now.

I must have been aware that she wouldn't be able to hold out for too long as the men tease her body to the extreme, they kept telling her what they were going to do to her if she came and that dirty little cocks teasers like her deserved everything they got. All of the stimulation coupled with their remarks proved too much for my slutty wife and she began to climax noisily. Two of the men were working on her pussy, one was finger fucking her hole, the other manipulating her clit, they intended to maintain her climax for as long as possible, the other man was teasing her nipples, pinching them, pulling, kissing and biting, he looked up and told her she was hot for it and asked her what she wanted, sue bit her lip and kept quiet, so the man took both of the bars through her pierced nipples and began to pull them upwards away from the table, causing her to arch her back and moan loudly, now the man began to twist the bars while still pulling on them, Sue was crying out in part pain, part pleasure as the man said "beg us to fuck you and I will stop this", Sue's hips were gyrating lewdly as the men were mercilessly teasing her towards the point of no return, only to ease off before she had chance to climax properly, her juices could be clearly seen leaking out from between her legs.

Before long my horny little wife could bear no more, "Oh my God, he dirty bastard's, fuck me now, make me cum", laughing at her begging them, the men started to tell her that they would fuck her until she was sore!

One of the men asked me if it was okay to fuck her "bare-back", but I told them that it would be best for all concerned if they put on condoms before fucking her dirty cunt. I said that she loved to swallow sperm, so they could feel free to come in her mouth if they wanted to, or to wank over her naked body.

So while the first stranger took his place between Sue's outstretched legs, pulling his condom on, another of strangers knelt beside Sues head and fed his hard cock into her willing mouth, as he began to slowly fuck my wife's face, his mate slowly fed, what looked to be a good 7-8 inch cock into her hot little pussy. The third man stood so that Sue could stroke his cock with her bound hands. It wasn't long before the man in her wet hole began to grunt as he began to empty his sac of semen into the condom he was wearing, the man in Sues mouth held her head in position as he began to unload his seed, forcing his cock so far into her mouth that his balls were resting against her chin, his semen entering directly into her throat. When they finished the third stranger, who said he didn't like condoms, sat astride Sues head and inserted his, stubby cock between her, come coated, lips, thrusting urgently until after a few moments we could see her cheeks puffing out as her mouth filled with the strangers come. After they had finished they left us, I removed Sues blindfold, kissed her on the lips and then unzipped myself and inserted my painfully hard cock into her recently fucked love hole, filling it up with my seed a few moments later. As I pulled out of her I stood back, looking at her tied spreadeagled and helpless in the moonlight, my come slowly leaking from between her legs.