Written by J & S

9 Aug 2004

The training 9

After our first attempt at dogging, I was surprised at how turned on my wife Sue was and how willing she appeared to be to try it again!

I got a phone call from Dave asking me if I were satisfied with Sues training so far, I told him that it had exceeded my wildest expectations. He asked me if I wanted him and Sean to take it even further! By this stage I trusted both men not to do anything that Sue didn't want them to, so I readily agreed and arranged to take my horny wife to meet them at the pub following evening.

Sue dressed, as was becoming normal for her by now, a clingy white boob tube which clung to her large breasts, the outlines of her engorged nipples and the rings piercing them, clearly visible. The skirt she wore was a fairly short, mid thigh, white affair which flared out from the waist and was thin enough to be lifted by even the slightest breeze. Her legs were encased in sheer, tan holdup stockings, white strappy high heel sandals finished off her outfit as she had chosen not to wear anything underneath it!

When we entered the pub Sue was greeted by both Dave and Sean, each had brought a friend with them, meaning that Sue would-be fucked by five cocks tonight including mine. We stood at the bar while, Sue being kissed and groped by the four men for a while before we went and sat in an alcove. Although normally private, it felt exposed as nearly every eye in the pub was watching Sues brand of exhibitionism, her tits by now were out of her top as one of the guys on each side of her were fondling and kissing them, their hands also searching under her short skirt, she threw her head back as someone's fingers began exploring inside her, by now, hungry hole. This was obviously not enough as she was manhandled until she was lying across the men's laps, a cock being fed into her willing mouth while a further three pairs of hands were exploring the rest of her body, causing her to squirm and moan out loud.

After half an hour or so of this, Sue had swallowed one load of come and climaxed at least three times herself! The men allowed her to get up so that she could go to the toilet and freshen up a bit. As she left, Dave and Sean stood up and signalled the rest of us to follow them as they walked straight into the ladies toilets behind Sue, two of them standing either side of her raise her off the ground, Sean and I taking a leg each and holding them apart while Dave unzipped himself and asked my slutty wife if she was ready for fucking. She told him that she would love to feel his cock buried inside her, Dave said her "you really are a slut aren't you?" Sue said she was, "well tonight we are going to use you like the cheap whore you are, and if you are really begging for it, we are going to fill your cunt to overflowing with our come!" I couldn't believe my ears when Sue told them that she wanted to feel their hot semen coat the inside of her pussy and that sluts like her deserved treatment like that. Without waiting Dave rammed his unprotected cock deeply into my wife's sopping wet cunt, while I stood there helping three other men hold her off the ground and open for her first fucking of the evening, Dave fucked Sue furiously for a few minutes before groaning as he emptied his balls into my wife's waiting hole, not giving her chance to climax herself. As he pulled out of her I could see her pouting pussy lips, his thick white come beginning to leak out from between them. Sean handed control of her leg to Dave who pulled them even further apart as Sean unzipped himself before plunging his large penis straight up Sues well lubricated cunt, once more fucking her furiously before adding his load of come to Dave's, strands of semen already beginning to dangle from beneath my slutty, little wife. Next to add his load into Sues soaking hole was Sean's friend, who didn't say anything, he just put his cock into my wife, fucking her to make himself climax as quickly as possible without any thought for attempt to make her come, he emptied his balls adding his seed to the other two loads in Sues gaping hole, then Dave's mate took his turn to use my wife as a receptacle for his come. Dave turned to me and said "okay, now it's your turn to empty your come into your come slut of a wife" I moved around until I was standing between Sues outstretched legs, and released my painfully hard cock from my trousers, looking all the time at her gaping pussy, thick strands of gooey come hanging down from it and beginning to pool on the toilet floor, I can't describe the feeling I got when I rammed my cock into her well stretched hole, while I fucked her, squelching noises came from her cunt as my thrusts displaced some of the, gallons of come there had been left inside her. I only managed last a few moments before adding my seed to the four other loads coating her unprotected pussy. The men lowered her to the ground and told her to go to the bar and get in a round of drinks for us, Sue went to clean herself but was told no! Dave and Sean said that her role as a slut meant that they would tell her what to do and when, Sue agreed and walked out to the bar, the back of her skirt soaked in semen, unable to get her legs to close properly, the insides of her stockings dark where come and began to soak into them, as she stood at the bar, thick gobbets of come with clearly visible hanging between her thighs and as she carried the drinks back to us, the viscous fluid began to fall away as she walked……….