Written by Vera

15 Apr 2005

Many years ago when I first came to England after my marriage to an RAF sergeant I worked as a freelance translater for a London company.We were living in RAF Married Quarters in Oxfordshire. I was just nineteen and we had only been married for about six months when I got call from my boss in London regarding an urgent job. Normally she sent the papers to be translated to me and after translating them I posted them back to her but in this instance it was required that I had to travel to Leeds where the Norwegian client was engaged in a tricky import/export for Yorkshire woolens in exchange for Norwegian whale oil. It was so urgent that the client was sending a hire car for me that day.

As you can imagine I was quite thrilled by the prospect of a car trip to Leeds and a couple of nights in a posh hotel and happily accepted. My husband was not at all pleased but I was able to sweet talk him round by saying that the fee would be useful and I had been promised bonus if the deal came off.

The hire car arrived about three in the afternoon. My husband had stayed at home to see me off and carried my suitcase out to the car. It was a big American type limmo and the driver was a big fat, red-faced, jolly chap who appeared to be in his sixties. He cheerily greeted us and said that he was Tom. His appearance seemed to reasure my husband and he kissed me goodbye. As I was about to get into the back of the car the driver said, "Its a long journey love and you'll be more comfortable in the front." I said, "Right."And got in. I was amused to see him give a sneaky look at my legs as I slid into the front seat. This was before the days of seat belts and the car had a bench type front seat. It was a warm day and I was wearing a button through blue summer dress which had slid up slightly showing a touch of nylon above the knee. As it was nothing very dramatic I let it lie and we set off. I gradually became aware that as Tom changed gear he was brushing his hand against my knee. It was very subtle and at first I thought I was imagining it but after a while he really was rubbing the back of his hand against my stocking. I must admit I was quite enjoying it and we chatted as we drove along. When we got on to the main road North of course he had no reason to keep changing gear and eventually I dosed off.

When I woke up sometime later it look me a few moments to get myself together and I found that I had slid along the seat and that my head was resting on Tom's shoulder. It felt comfortable so I kept my eyes shut and didn't move and then I realised that during my nap my dress had worked its way almost up to my knickers and my dark nylon stocking tops, bare thighs and pink suspenders were on display. As I wondered how this had happened I felt Tom's hand pushing my dress even further up and I thought the crafty devil has been gradually pulling my dress up all the time I have been asleep. I suddenly felt very excited at this thought and at what he could see. I pretended to stir in my sleep and his hand froze but as I opened my legs slightly he relaxed and his hand was soon right up in between my legs feeling my cunt through my knickers. As he caressed me I could feel my pink nylon knickers getting wet and after a little while they were sopping. Tom must have realised from the state of my knickers that I was no longer asleep and he said, "You can open your eyes now. I know from the state of your knickers that you are awake." I opened my eyes and smiled at him. He said, "I know a quiet spot in a wood just a little way ahead. What do you say that we stop for a break." He then put my hand on his cock and I unfastened his flies and slid my hand inside to grasp his hard cock. I must say it was a beauty at least eight inches and really hard. He pulled my dress right up to my waist so that he could see my wet knickers and caress my clit through the thin material.

After a few more miles when we drove aling mutually caressing each othe he pulled off the road down a side track and into a wood. As we pulled up I could feel his cock throbbing and he quickly pulled me out of the car flung me face dawn over the bonnet and hauling my knickers to one side thrust his hard cock right up my wet cunt and started fucking me hard saying, "Sorry to be in such a rush love but these days at my age I don't get the chance to fuck nineteen year olds and I,m bursting to come. Oh fuck I'm cumming." And his cum gushed into me. I must admit that although I had sort of enjoyed it I hadn't come and I was a bit put off but he was so contrite saying that I was so attractive that he just couldn't help himself.

Anyhow we mopped up and continued our journey stopping for a snack and a few drinks on the way then just before we reached Leeds he pulled into another side road where we got into the back of the car and got undressed. He then gave me the full treatment sucking and kissing my tits and nipples then my cunt and clit. I also sucked his cock into full erection and he gave me a really good fucking and made me cum twice.

It was about nine o'clock when we arrived at the hotel and the client a Mr. Hans Nielson was waiting in the lounge. He was in his thirties, tall blonde and very good looking. As I looked at him , even though I'd been fucked twice I felt a twinge down there. He welcomed me and said we would start work the following morning in the meantime we could have a drink and he ordered a bottle of champagne. I remember thinking, "My God. This is the life I've been soundly fucked and now I'm drinking champagne."

We chatted generally and had a couple of glasses. He told me to call him Hans and he looked round the lounge which was now empty and said casually, "You know that in Norway that it is the custom when a man buys a lady champagne he gets to put the cork in her stocking top." I thought, "I know no such thing." But I said, "Far be it from me to go against tradition." And he knelt down and raised my dress right up to my waist and started to fumble with my stocking top then seeing the dried cum stains on my stockings and evidence of recent cum in my knickers he laughed and said, "I was pretty sure that old Tom would fuck you on the way up and from the state of your stockings and knickers I reckon he fucked you twice."

I admitted it and in no time I was naked in his room and fucked twice more before morning. He fucked me at least twice every day for the next few days and yes the deal did go through and he gave me a hefty bonus as well as several cunt-fulls of his cum. Like Tom he had a big cock and really filled me.

After the deal was completed Tom drove me back home and of course fucked me twice on the way back.

When my husband asked me how it had gone. I told him that it had really been pretty boring. What I didn't say was that it was me who was bored with two big cocks.

I did a couple more jobs for Hans and was well fucked by both he and old Tom each time.