Written by Debbs and John

27 May 2004

I read the story entitled BEING WATCHED. I could not believe my eyes as I was the very lucky guy who watched her dance and then fucked by her husband.

But first things first, I posted an add saying that although I had never done anything like this before I always felt the need to watch a couple together. One of the replies was from a couple who told me that it was the ladies fantasy to be watched from outside a hotel window.

After a few e-mails it was all arranged, they had booked a room in a travel lodge which was very secluded.

So that I knew the room they were in they would stick a piece of paper on the outside of the window, which I would remove when I arrived, so they would know I was there.

Well when I got there and found the room and looked in this is what I saw.

The bed had been raised on its side so that the floor space was clear. Music was playing I could hear it as the window was slightly open. I could see a wonderfully beautiful woman dancing to the music, she was wearing a very sexy long dress.. I could also see that there was a man sitting in a chair occasionally playing with his cock outside the jeans he was wearing. But my eyes were all on the lady. She had long brown hair a lovely smile and clearly a very toned and fit body.

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The lady danced for some while getting more and more erotic as time went on suddenly she turned her back to the window and still dancing lifted her dress and took it off in one movement. At that point I nearly came in my trousers. This girl was so gorgeous I could not believe it. She turned and I could see her tits and an unshaved pussy.

What a show she put on touching her breasts and putting her hand between her legs to touch herself. Occasionally the guy would stand up and dance with her now that was erotic to watch a guy dressed dancing with a nude partner.

By this time I had my cock out and was wanking to the scene I was experiencing.

Then the couple pulled down the bed and so began a very sexy scene. The guy disappeared for a few moments and came back naked. The proceeded to suck and fuck each other slowly and with passion. The lady clearly was very hot and I am sure that she came a couple of times. I was enthralled at the sight and after about an hour or so I came. I watch for a while longer and then quietly left.

So you pair thank you for a great evening I am so glad that you both enjoyed the fact that I was watching you and thank you also for allowing me to play out my long held fantasy.

We would like to experience this once more