Written by john and sue

13 Dec 2003

Hi back again I may now have time to finish my story.

First of all your probably wondering why on earth we would go to a truck with two complete strangers? Well the truth is as bad as it sounds bob and dave were both married my wife and i had never had sex with anyone else, and it was both our fantasy so when the occasion presented it self we half new what may happen at least i asumed my wife new?

After more chat and getting to know each other more we all became more relaxed and open to each other then out of the blue, Bob said right then who fancies a game of strip jack naked and laughed, my wife said thats cheeting i've already got a head start? dave said no worries were good loosers, and I said no ones got any cards have they? sue looked at me and smiled. I took this to mean she probably new where this was leading. T

hen bob said to sue. Me and dave have already had a head start anyway, sue said why? bob said well we did notice you back on the road while we were stuck in the traffic, my wife smiled embarrisingly and said sorry bob said don't apollogise love we enjoyed it, I butted in and said its ok bob she's shy her fantasy is to have sex with someone while I watch we were half joking at this point and giggling like school kids. Bob said well why not let me fulfill your desires - my wife giggled and said, dont i have a say in this?of course you do. bob said, my wife said what both of them she was looking at me, I nodded yes. I at this point was realy getting turned on.

My wife said I don't know I've never done it before bob by now had climbed and sat on the bed by her feet as he was in my book seducing her, bob said look lass we'll be gentle what do you reckon john, I said its sues choice and to my surprise and delight she said why not. Instantly bobs hand started to stroke her leg under the blanket I climbed over and sat in the drivers seat and dave was still sat by her head well almost as the passenger chair was in the way a little. bob gently lifted the blanket to expose my wifes naked flesh her legs opening to allow bobs hand to go to her already wet fanny, she was as horny as hell and gave me a smile as our eyes came in contact I was enjoying ashamedly every second of it,Dave lifted her up and removed her only garment left which was her bra and exposed her ample boobs which dave said wow bob now had somehow manuvered himself by lifting sues legs up and began licking and sucking at my wifes eager fanny which she was trying to open her legs as far as she could I new now she was loving all the attention.

The lower part of her body was moving in a circular motion and getting quicker by the second as bob licked and fingered her at the same time. Dave had removed his clothes by now and knelt by my wifes head and it honestly surprised me but she took it in her right hand and guided it into her mouth and sucked it gently in and out (something she normaly did'nt do to me alot.) Bob then knelt up and said what now sue and my wife said fuck me bob teased and said say please sue said fuck me please I almost come there and then bobs I have to say it massive cock slid gently in to her wet cunt with juices everywhere I thought he may be to big for her but to my surprise took it all with no bother bob had pulled her towards him and placed her legs over his shoulder (this helped dave as he was knelt between the bed and behind him was the dash board)bob was fucking my wife as she sucked daves cock and I was loving every minute of it but new I could'nt stop them now even if I wanted to. my wife and bob at this point looked as if they were stuck together like dogs his cock was right up inside her and they were both moving in an almost circular and towards each other motion ages seem to have gone bye when dave arched forward and i knew he was about to come but my wife now sweating loads hung on to his cock as he ejaculated and to my surprise did'nt let him go untill he went soft on her

bobs pace increased and they both went hell for leather my wife was going hu hu hu and almost crying with ecstasy as bob started to thrust harder and harder and then they both gave out a weard sound and bob sank on to her and I was a little shocked as they started kissing and rubbing their hands down one another then I thought that was the end but bob asked her to turn over which she did without question he then beckoned to dave who was now stiff again bob clambered over and sat in front of her head with his legs down her side and dave entered her from behind which she took with ease and started to push back and fourth, bob massaged her shoulders and then grasped her tits with both hands her head went down and started to suck his cock she did'nt need any encouragement

I had never seen her like this before dave was on his knees fucking her hard from behind and she was sucking bob and half twisting his cock at the same time this was going on for about 5 minutes and bob was saying go on baby take it as he arched up and shot his sperm into her mouth which without a perfect view and the time she took to let his cock out of her mouth she must have swallowed every drop dave suddenly got more aggressive in his fucking and then 2 or 3 final thrusts stayed in her untill he finaly slipped out all three looked knackered and full of swet my wife leaned over and took a long swig out of a can of lager, then plonked down.

bob said you coming over john I said no i'm ok I would make up for it later he then said which I thought was quite nice he said you both feel ok. I said yes we both new what we were doing, what about you love my wife said I feel a bit guilty but enjoyed it she said she was'nt sure how she should feel I think she was concerned of how I would feel.My wife got dressed and we chatted I have their phone number and we may meet up again if our paths cross. Me and the wife have chatted about it and decided to put it down to experiance you only live once. would we do it again Probably????