Written by Derek and Sue

6 Mar 2004

Last summer we were on the M6 travelling to Manchester. My wife, Sue, had on a short skirt and a white blouse. She had slipped her shoes off and was reading a magazine in the passenger seat. There had been a hold up further along and we found ourseles in a jam and surrounded by trucks. There was only one truck driver that could actually see into the car and I looked up at his cab. He was looking down at her and I noticed her skirt had slid up her legs and he was staring at them. I looked away from him and pretended I hadnt noticed. I whispered to Sue that she was being watched and her skirt had rode up. We were both laughing at this and she asked me whether it bothered me. I told her I didnt and she just said, "Lets have some fun then". She looked up at the trucker and gave him a huge smile.He smiled back and winked at her. She made as if she was going to raise her skirt a bit more and they were both laughing and he was nodding his head to encourage her. She asked me me if she should and I had no hesitation in saying yes. Still looking at the trucker she took hold of the hem of her skirt and pullled it up completely around her waist. She then started rubbing her pussy through her knickers. I told Sue to put the seat down so that she'd be lying down and really go for it. She did but first she whipped off her blouse and bra. The trucker was obviously loving it and so was I. Sue took her knickers off and lay down. She opened her legs and started to frig herself. I put my hand over to play with her tits and as I did so I looked up at the guy in the truck. I could only see his head and shoulders but knew he had his cock out and was wanking. I told Sue this and she was looking at him and fingering her hole. I could see how wet she was as she fingered herself and it wasemt long before she was cuming. When she did she sat up slightly and opened her mouth. She was looking directly at the guy when she came. When she had finished she wiped her hands on her knickers and threw them in the glove compartment, She then slipped her blouse back on and pulled her skirt down. We were in the queue for another 5 mins before we moved off and during that time Sue and the trucker were chatting through the windows. He was telling her what he'd love to do to her and Sue was lapping it up. He gave us his mobile number and Sue rings him now and again when she needs a wank and wants sex on the phone. We've done it a few times since with other truckers and it always turns the both of us on. We've certainly never had any complaints off the drivers. Sue reckons she would love to find a female dvr just to find out what her reaction would be. I dont know if She'd have the bottle but if she does I'll let u know.

Sue read the story and says wonder what the feed back will be like ?