Written by Yorkiebarkid

3 Sep 2003

Hi everyone this is a storey of my adventure whilst learning to drive HGV a few years ago.

I was advised to seekhelp before actually taking my HGV test from an experienced driver, so I phoned round friends and contacts until eventually I got lucky and was offered two days drivers mate experience which was a gfood way to see the job first hand.

I truend up at the yard bright and breezy on the first morning excpecting to meet eddie who was gonna show me the ropes I waiting in the office for Eddie but at the agreed 7.30am he had not shown, I asked at reception only to be told that Eddie had called in sick ..he had injured hios shoulder and was unfit to drive..I was gutted and asked if there was anyone else who could help me..the receptionist was a freiendly looking lady about 55 plump but warm smile and very helpfull she told me to hang o while she phoned round, 10 minutes had past when she came back out, smling she said good news "J" will take you out for the next two days as they need a drivers mate, she continued tio smile and I asked what "J" was like again big grin on her face one of the best drivers we have here so you should learn a thing or two that may be usefull to you when you drive yourself. I was made up so pleased tha after the inital shock of poor old Eddie I had now got back on track.

I sat and waited for "J" to come and collect me and the door opened and this very tall very nice looking women walked in faded jeans very long legs she must have been at least 6ft2 she smiled at me and said you must be Del, I nodded Im "J" she said im your new buddy for the next two days we aer gonna be spending alot time together and needed to get on as her day had already begun

we mounted the cab of this massive Volvo Truck complete with sleeping compartment, I was a little intimidated having this really sexy looking women teaching me how to drive but what the heck. J or jane as she is called..was really nice and within a short time she and I exchanged life stories and were more at ease with eachother..I could not help studying her form she had a really nice body to..bigish bobs and very pert nipples looking at her I felt a twinge between my legs I hoped it she saw it she ddi not think it was me Yorkie bar and want a bite out of it..lol. I began daydreaming about her she was talking but i must admit I heard Nothing my dream was getting to the point where I was jus about to undress her whne I heard right..Im going to the loo and as its your first day you can get the coffee and bacon butties in..we had parked up in a service area

as we got out a few other truck drivers called out to her shouting hi J another victim poor sod..

and laughed amongst themselves..

she went to the loo and qued for the drinks and bacon butties..one of the other n drivers had come behind me and told me I had better be fit as Jane was a real women underneath all the bravado...I asked what he meant and said that a few of the guys he knew had spent some really passioante nights with Jane and that no one had yet managed to out stay her in the bedroom she was a real animal, wow my cock was near to bursting out of my jeans by now..and then j came out and stood near me the other guy had gone red and said hi again to J hi pee wee she replied hows that maggot of a dick of yours..

I laughed at his embarrassment as did other drivers who obviously knew all about jane and her reputaion as a ma eater..

I was so arroused it still showed..and Jane said aloud..hey we have someone with potentila here unless thats his lunch in his pocket..I felt myself go bright red but smiled at her and noticed her gaze fixed on my croutch she looked me in the eye and said, what have you got there and what are we gonna do with it..I replied by instinct what wouldyou lioke to do about it..get the bacon to go and i'll meet you back at the truck she said..so i did

I made my way back to the truck, notciing the curtains to the sleeping quartes shut..so i opened the door and climbed inside moveing the curtain after placing the coffee and rols on the dash I could hear moans of what sou8nded lke pleasure, puling aside the curtain I could hardly believ my eyes..jane was undressed and her fantastic body was spread eagled on her back..legs wide and the biggest black dildo was working its way in and out of her..eat my cunt she told me, eat me now././

I wasted no time..my tongue slid in her wet pussy feeling this massive black tool working inand out same time..I let my tongue slip to her ass..andflicked over her hole, she went wild and cried out for me not to stop as she was going to cum very soon..I looked up and saw her tits moving in unison wiht her jerks great big brown nipples were ready to be sucked. I felt her press her head closer to my face and felt the flow of her juices on my tongue she cried out as she climaxed..holding my head and sucking on her dildo..as I supped up every drop of her she tasted really sweet..mmmmmmm she said im hungry shall we eat...a bit dissapointed agreed.Id really wanted to fuck her there and then but she was the boss, I did not want to spoil this..we ate and she looked at me smileing i betwen bites of her roll and sips of her coffee..you have a great tongue she said..is your cock as good..?/oh yes ad if she liked id show her ..not yet she said..

I was again bit frustrated..we ate and drank our drinks and she prepared to drive are we going t have some fun I asked..yes but be patient was her words..to be contiunued..