Written by Dave

24 Jan 2007

I was at the works Christmas party in a pub, miles from home chatting to all and sundry and ended up chatting to a couple who I seemed to click with. We had a lot in common – hobbies, interests, sense of humour, etc. They were in their late 20s and at the time I was ten years older than them. They were a good looking couple, she slim and he of athletic build. She had short blonde hair and a pretty face with a happy disposition which made her very attractive. He was more reserved than her, gentle in nature. We were drinking all evening so were pretty merry by the time it got to chucking out time. As the evening still felt young and we still had plenty to talk about they invited me back to their place for a bite to eat. They told me they had some drinks at home if we wanted it. They were a really nice couple and I thought nothing of accepting their invitation (I had a room in a hotel near the pub). We went back to their flat which they were in the process of renovating - and was without heating at the time. It was very cold and after snacking we carried on drinking. Liz was very relaxed and was moving to the music from the stereo while Rob & I chatted on the settee. At this point I noticed how sexy she looked, although she was dressed to keep the cold out! She was smiling and I now realise she was teasing us. However, you don't ogle someone's wife in front of her husband, do you?

As it was so cold Rob said he was going to get the quilt off their bed so that we could keep warm but Liz suggested we go to the quilt instead of bringing it to us. There was also a TV and video in the bedroom and Liz suggested we watch a video. They said that I was welcome to stay the night and Liz added that if we got tired and wanted to sleep we'd be in the right place! It all seemed totally acceptable and reasonable at the time though I'm sure the drink must have helped! So we retired to the bedroom where we carried on drinking and talking but we were 90% under their quilt (and still fully dressed). The TV was put on but no-one was really watching it - we were laughing and telling jokes. Liz managed to spill her drink all over Rob so he was the first to get undressed (by Liz, I might add) and while she was mopping up she licked his chest where she had spilt her drink on him. She flirted with me and asked if I would mind if she spilt her drink on me so I said that it would be OK as long as she took her time! After she had "cleaned up" the drink spillage on Rob she said it was too hot to be dressed and under the quilt so she got out of the bed to undress and put a negligee on. It was good to watch her (by the light of the TV screen!) though I couldn't see that much. She told me to get undressed, saying that I mustn't be shy as they didn't stand on ceremony and that I would get too hot if I stayed dressed. I reminded her that I had no night clothes and she said, "You'll have to sleep in your birthday suit like Rob does. Don't worry, I'll sleep between the two of you!" So I stayed under the quilt (what a wimp!), got undressed and threw my clothes out to the side. I was actually looking forward to sleeping next to such a babe! Liz put a dressing gown on and went to make us all a cup of coffee. When she got back into bed she was absolutely freezing and she told Rob and me to sit either side of her as close as we could to warm her while we drank our coffee, with the quilt pulled up almost to our chins. We obeyed and Liz actually put her leg over mine - and I was begining to get excited. Once the coffee was finished and the mugs put aside Liz slid down into the bed, pulling Rob with her. They were cuddling like a couple would and slid down the bed to lie on my back, still touching Liz’s back (didn't dare to face her as I was now turned on). Liz snuggled up to me, which was lovely. We carried on talking for a while and turned our attention to the TV (well, I did anyway). After a while their cuddling included a lot of caressing and it soon started to get a little more serious, turning into petting and fondling. I could hear them kissing and every now and then I heard a quiet moan of pleasure from Liz. What a horny girl she is!

Let me tell you a little about me. I was the world's most sexually boring guy in the world - always fancied a FFM 3-some (like most pig-headed blokes) but an MMF - well, that wasn't right! It’s not normal, is it? I'd never have shared a girl with anyone. That’s almost gay, isn’t it? However I learned something that night - that if it's OK for a guy to want more than one partner it has to be OK for a girl. And it’s really good fun to be one of the guys! So really, at this time, I didn't know what to do. So I did what 90% of wimps would do - I pretended to be asleep! I thought I was doing OK at this especially as Rob & Liz were getting more involved in each other. Liz seemed to be unconcerned about me being there and the noises she made were a real turn on. After not very long Liz climbed on top of Rob to reach the TV remote to put it on standby, but I was aware in the darkness that she stayed on top of him. She got astride of Rob and started riding him, going very gently at first but as they got more excited they were soon at it like a pair of proverbial bunnies! Her leg was touching the side of my bum and I found it very erotic to be so close to this action. Rob came very quickly with a couple of loud moans and it seemed Liz was trying to keep him going. She then stopped and slumped on top of him. I could hear whispering but couldn't hear what was being said. Then I heard Rob utter "No problem" and suddenly felt the palm of Liz’s hand gently resting my chest. She touched me for a while (probably feeling my heart pounding!) and I gently touched her arm to let her know I was awake and aware of what was going on. Then she started to move her hand downwards until she reached the top of my erection - wow! She stroked the tip very gently for a moment and then held the shaft. I was aware of her moving and in an instant she was astride of me - no foreplay, it was straight in! God it was lovely. She was soaking wet, really slippery and hot (which I really love). She only rode me for a short while (a very short while, I might add!) when she started to come. Her pussy pulsated its grip on my cock which made me lose control as well. We came noisily together and she slumped onto me, kissing me feverishly and saying, “That was great” and “thank you” repeatedly. It was certainly my pleasure! Rob had got out of bed, put on a dressing gown and switched on a bedside light near to Liz & I. Liz pulled open his gown and started sucking his cock, while she was still on top of me and I was inside her. Watching this only inches from my face certainly helped to stop me going limp! Liz soon got him going again and Rob and I ended up swapping places, only this time he was on top of her and Liz was sucking my cock. It was really cold out of that quilt but worth every minute! I wanted to see Liz come again so I held her legs up so that she could relax while enjoying maximum penetration from Rob. This time they both came together and Liz's whole body was shaking with excitement and pleasure. As they started to relax I began to lower Liz's legs but Rob took hold of them and held them up again. He pulled out of her and, still holding her legs up, said "Come on - let's keep her on the boil!" Liz was still be on the high from her orgasm with Rob but when I entered her again she hugged and kissed me and moaned repeatedly. It was absolutely brilliant! I was cold from being out of the quilt but Liz’s hot body felt amazing. Liz was really excited and started telling me how beautiful my cock felt inside her and that she wanted me to come again. She promised that if I came again that it would feel wonderful, and that she wanted to share that feeling with me. She was so horny! And yes, she did make me come again. And yes, it did feel wonderful!

Shortly afterwards I was fast asleep. I awoke feeling as though I had had a good sleep and it felt like morning, but it was still a little dark. I was aware of being gently rolled onto my back and then Liz was above me, very gently kissing the side of my neck. I could feel her nipples on my chest and just as I opened my eyes she said, “Good morning, Sleepy Head! You’re missing all the fun here…” She gave me a long, deep kiss on my lips and I felt her body moving gently. Though it wasn’t properly light I could see that Liz was over me with her bum in the air and Rob was kneeling behind her shagging her doggy-style. I put one arm around her and used my other hand to caress her lovely hard nipples. I nibbled her neck as she was being pumped by Rob with increasing vigour and she started to tell me how good it felt. She said how hard he was and how much pleasure he was giving her. She said that she knew he was loving it too, and that it turned her on to know that she was giving him so much pleasure. I told her how beautiful and sexy she was, and how much she turned me on too. She was getting hotter and began to perspire, telling me to squeeze her nipples and to bite her neck harder. Rob started to moan, and Liz looked at me and said she was squeezing his cock with her pussy as hard as she could to increase his pleasure and make him come. Her body was trembling and she was smiling and really did look incredibly sexy. Rob soon came, his last thrusts into Liz pushing her up the bed. Liz looked at me and said, “I want you now. I’m going to make you come, and I want to watch your face when you do!” As soon as Rob pulled out of her she lowered herself really slowly onto me as Rob guided my cock into her hot, wet pussy. She was trembling with excitement and perspiring as I pulled down on her shoulders to maximize penetration. She started to kiss me all over my face and neck, muttering at the same time. I pleaded with her not to make me come, as it was so good I wanted it to last, but she wouldn’t stop. She was gyrating herself so that we were sort of grinding into each other – a fantastic experience. I said, “Oh God, you’re going to make me come” and she looked at me and said, “Oh yes, please.” Her body began to shudder and her pussy contracted around my cock in such a way that I could not hold back. She looked at me and smiled, saying “Come on, then, come for me. Come for Lizzie.” I groaned as I came, with Liz shuddering and moaning to a climax at the same time. She collapsed on top of me, still shaking and perspiring. She was whimpering with pleasure, again saying “Thank you” and “That was so good.” Then I remembered that Rob was still there – he had been watching us. He told me that having an MMF was something that they had talked about for a long time but had never done. It was their number one fantasy and they had placed an ad on a contact site but had not had any success finding anyone they felt was suitable. He said that the previous night when they met me they had simply gone for a drink, and had not set out to try and find an extra partner. While we were talking Liz was still on top of me, still trembling a little, I was still inside her and she was licking my neck. It was absolutely divine! And there I was talking to her husband at the same time! I told Rob that I would never have entertained an MMF – it just happened because I was very comfortable with them both and I had had just enough to drink. The fact that Liz is so sexy also had a lot to do with it! By this time Liz had come back to earth quite a bit and was kissing my neck and nibbling my ear. She lifted herself off me and moved down the bed. The next thing I felt was her licking and sucking my cock, while I was still talking to Rob. She was very gentle and while it was very pleasurable I did not become hard. Liz then focused her attention on Rob while he and I talked about our experience of the past 12 hours or so. What a sexy lady!

We adjourned our activities to eat breakfast but we all went back to bed immediately afterwards. We spent the rest of the day in bed with Liz sexually aroused the whole time. She was soaking wet and I have never come so many times in such a short space of time! In all, I had the best eighteen hours of my life. Unfortunately this took place in Ireland and we were unable to ever meet up again. We have since lost touch (but if you’re reading this Rob or Liz, please contact me!!)

So this was my intro to an MMF 3-some. Converted, completely sold, however you want to put it. I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience.

Dave (guy4cpl)