Written by horny chick

14 Sep 2003

My best mate C has long blonde hair with a size 14 figure and big firm tits, she is verypretty and everyone fancys her, recently we both fancied the same man and to get him interested we started snogging in front of him in a club, he stood and stared for a while then walked away.

One evening C rang me and told me she was meeting another mate for sex, C likes to paly around with both sides of the table, im not like that but enjoy watching her when shes fingering her pussy in front of me with her legs open and shes playing with her nipples to try and turn me on, it does work but im not in to that.

Last night we went out and got very drunk she kept asking me to kiss her we usually joke about it all the time and she tells me that she wants me, I just joke with her because after all shes my best mate. Well last night the man we fancy was also out and staring at my mate, she had a short skirt on and a black low cut top on and was not wearing a bra so you could see her nipples poking out. I new by the way he was staring at her he fancied her and I dont stand a chance, well I walked past to go to the bar, and he grabbed my hand and said whos your friend, I asked him why and he said shes very hot. Well that said it all, I never told C what he said because at the time she had her hand up a girls skirt under the table and by the look on the girls face she was loving it, they then disapeared to the toilets together, I new C would be fucking this stranger. When she returned 20 minutes later alone I asked where she had been and she told me that she had just licked the strangers pussy and made her come, I aksed her why she does this and her reply was to make me jelous and laughed, we went on to a club and I noticed the man following us, I still never told C she was to drunk to realise anything. In the club C was flirting with men and girls and dancing and flashing her tits to everyone, I just sat and watched her. The man came over and asked me to get my mate and tell her to follow him to the toilet, I said why should I and he grabbed my hand and put it on his cock, he was hard and very big, I took C of the dance floor and told her about the man and told her what he had said to me, she started laughing and asked where he was, I showed her the direction he had gone and she led the way, when we got to the toilets he was stood outside and told us to follow him, we went past the toilets and through a door that said staff only, we went into a room and in there was another women, I watched as C started kidssing the man noone spoke a word, the other women then came over to me and strted to stroke my face, I told her I was not interestedC is the one who would be, so she turned to the man and C. C had taken of her top and the man was sucking her tits, then the women stripped of and C and her were kissing and sucking each others tits, they were all over each other, the man then came over to me and pulled up my skirt ane took of my nickers got his cock out and put it straight inside me we were shagging and it was great, he had my legs up round his neck and pulling on my tits, he was panting as we both orgasmed together, I looked over to C and she was sat on the womens face on a table they were both naked they were making love and kissing and licking pussy, until I watched C scream as man went over and stuck his cock in her wet pussy as she come.

When we left the room I sked her if she had enjoyed that and she laughed she then said her next mission was to do all that to me, she pushed me against the wall and pulled out her tits and I started to suck her hard nipples we then left the club to return to C house and we shagged all night she made me orgasm 6 times and i had the best sex with C I have ever had