Written by Swinger Guy

20 Jul 2005

I would like to share a recent experience I had thanks to Swinging Heaven.

Browsing through the adds from couples looking for single guys I saw an add from a localish couple (Steve and Stephanie)"names changed to protect the innocent!" and duly responded with a detailed letter and a couple of photos of me. I received a nice reply and a couple of their photos the following day. We exchanged a couple more e-mails and agreed to meet the couple in a pub which turned out to be not far from where they lived for a drink and a chat etc. I arrived about 15 mins prior to the agreed time and got myself a drink found a table out of earshot of the other customers. The couple arrived spot on time and we instantly recognised eachother and they joined me. We had a couple of drinks and chatted for a hour or so. I felt ver comfortable in their company and the conversation was quite relaxed and friendly. I asked them to excuse me whilst i went to the loo. I was soon followed by Steve who said both he and stephanie would like to take things further and if i was happy i could follow them back to their house. I jumped at the chance naturally. Steve was quite well built about 35y/o 5'10 tall and Stephanie was 32y/o very sexy petite size 10 with shoulder length dark brown hair and very sexy green eyes.

Once back at their's Stephaine fixed us all a drink and we chatted some more. Steve suggested she stand in the middle of the room and remove her dress which she did to reveal a very sexy black thong, and suspenders. Steve stood and joined her and started to caress her trim body and I joined him. He unhooked her bra to reveal lovely firm pair of breasts. I soon had my hand between her legs whilst sucking and nibbling on her nipples. I could feel her dampness through her silky thong. I slipped a finger in the side of her thong and began to run my finger along her slit and over her clit which was by now very wet. After a few minutes Stephanie took my hand and lead me upstairs to thier bedroom. She undid my jeans and pulled my pants down to release my fully erect cock which she greedily took in her mouth. Steve now had his digi cam out and asked if I minded him taking some pics to which I replied feel free!. I was soon on the verege of cumming and beckoned for Stephanie to stop. I asked her to lay on the bed so i could taste her juices. She lay on the bed and Steve positioned himself so she could suck him whilst I gave her prolonged oral. I felt her tense up and knew she was going to come as her wimpers grew faster and faster. She clamped her legs tight around my neck and let out a massive shudder and muffled scream as she came. She composed herself as instructed me to fuck her from behind. I put on a condom and entered her from behind as she sucked Steves dick. I fucked her slowly at first and grew faster and faster until i was on the verge of cumming at which point i withdrew. She took my dick in her hand and pulled of the condon and wanked me furiously until i came in her mouth over her face and tits. Steve took position between her legs and fucked her furiously until she came again. I was laid on the bed playing with her tits watching him fuck her. He withdrew and shot his load over her stomach which she scooped up with her fingers and greedily swallowed. We lay there for a while with Stephanie in the middle with a dick in each hand which she slowly wanked. I was soon coming round and getting hard again. She kissed me passionately and went down and took my dick in her mouth as both Steve and I worked her pussy. Stephanie knelt up and straggled me as i reached for another condom she took my hands and placed them both on her tits and she lowered herself on my dick bareback. She leaned forward and kissed me very passionately when i felt Steves hand brusing by balls and dick as he played with her pussy. I sucked and kissed her tits and could taste my saly juices from before. She rode me and i could feel she had another orgasm coming as she tensed up and clamped her tight pussy round my dick. She let out a scream as she shudderd I bucked aginst her. She climbed off and sat on the bed to recover and asked "So boys what do you want to do to me next" with a very sexy, cheeky smile. I asked her "What would you like us to do?" Fuck my pussy and ass together she replied. Steve produced a tube of KY and squeesed a good dollop on her ass hole and we both worked it around and in side her ass hole. Steve lay on the bed Stephanie climbed on him and I knelt and slowly entered her ass bit by bit until i could slide in and out. Steve entered her pussy and we got in to rythem. Stephanie was moaning quite loudly and came very very quickly as we continued to slide in and out in harmony I was soon trying to hold back my orgasm as Steve let out a grunt as he came and I let go and came almost the same time. We all lay exhasued for a short wile, got cleaned up and I left. We have arranged to meet again in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for a great time guys and hope to meet again soon!