Written by Jean

6 Aug 2005

See earlier pages. It is summer and the girls are not meeting, holidays, kids visiting etc.

As I said in the other stories, I have taken early retirement, and boy have I had my eyes opened to all the the boring housewife who don't work.

Well Judith, my divorced friend who introduced me to my bi side, suggested that we go see a another friend for coffee, without telling me any more. We went to a village outside Stockton, to Lindas home, very smart. Linda greeted us, she had just finished work, and was dressed in a very smart black business suit.

We went into the lounge, I sat opposite Judith and Linda who sat together on the sofa as we chatted Lind crossed and un crossed her legs allowing her skirt to ride higher, and what fabulous stocking clad legs she had. What was i turning into looking up skirts? Judith and her were sitting very close and touching each other all of the time Lindas hand running up and down Judiths leg under her skirt, then they went into a deep kiss, judith, mounting Linda hand, her hands unbuttoning Lindas Jacket and groping her tits. I was getting damp and restless. Just then the door opened and in walked a naked man, wearing only a frilly apron carrying a tray of coffee and biscuits. He was intoduced as John Lindas Husband. Linda told him in sharp manner to knock before he enters and to go to the room, she will be there shortly. John looked very sullen as he left the room and Linda served the coffee. Judith and Linda fondled each other a little more then Linda said we should all go upstairs. I thought at last I was included, we were going to bed.

Linda held my hand as she lead the way upstairs, Judith was carressing my backside. We went into a large room, I was shocked to see John sitting in on a chair in the corner. Linda snarled at him to stand when guests entered the room. He stood up, Linda pulled the apron off him to reveal his hard manhood. She snarled that he had been wanking over what he had seen downstairs and that he should apologise. He got down on his knees and begged forgiveness. Linda dropped her skirt to floor and stepped out of it, looking wonderful in her stilletos hold up and sheer black pants. She stpped out her skirt, and then got paddle from the draw. She told John to stand and whacked his hard cock with the paddle. Judith was right behind and her hands slid round me, one to under my blouse to my left nipple which she tweeked and the other rubbing my crotch whilst lifting my skirt, I was getting really wet and excited as Linda whacked Johns cock and Judith sqeezing her self against me, I could feel her crotch rubbing against my backside, whilst she was rubbing my crotch through my pants, nipping my nipple very hard. I was writhing with pleasure and pain.

Linda then tide John with a rope, hands together above his head to a hook in the ceiling and fastened his ankles legs wide apart to the end of the bed. Linda then fasted a clip to each of Johns nipples and leather strap tightly round has balls and then gave him six of the best on his back and was told to watch how to satisfy a lady. Judith pushed me onto the bed and finished undressing me whilst she was undressing her self, lind who was still in bra and pants climbed onto the bed and clamped her mouth onto my nipple and her fingers were exploring my body and actively arousing my clit, Judith was deep kissing me whilst still tugging at my nipplesI could not take this attention of the two of them and shuddered to a fantastic climax. Judith leaped up and grabbed the paddle, whacked Johns erect cock saying see that is a happy woman.

I turned to Judith who was friggng herself with one hand and tweaking her nipples wth the other, and put my head between her legs and started to lick her juice that tasted so sweet. Linda was fingering me from behind and I was climaxing again when Judith came, we both turned to help Linda, Judith and I both had a tit each and both hand fingers inside her, she was going wild it was a fabulous orgasm.

Linda as the throws of orgasmic delight subsided she got uo taking the paddle and slapped Johns cock and pulled ball restraint tighter, he squealed a little,Jdith relased the hand restraints from the ceiling so John could now have a wank in front of us. It was the first time I had ever seen a real cuckhold husband, watching him wank the whole evening was different and totally exciting, but then as Judith was still caressing my now very sore nipples, Linda fastened on a strap on, pushed John over the end of the bed and started to fuck him whilst she put her hands round to wank him. Judith started to frig me again and I climaxed just as John shot his load.

It was another fantastic fascinating noght. If anyone had asked me about watching a man in bondage i would have run a mile, but to see it happen is an unbelievable turn on, just as I had discovered recieving gentle pain is a fabulous aphrodisiac.