Written by suzanne

30 Nov 2004

after meeting a kindred spirit a few months ago at a wll known dogging site car park north of leeds..we met many times..him content to explore his bi side..removing my jumper and slipping down my tracksuit bottoms..to feel me up and fondle me ..in my basque..s tockings and knickers..sometimes kissing and cuddling me..other times having mutual oral .depending on time available and other cars/people around..anyway one night when it was always quiet..we were toi meet..it was very dark..i arrived earlyremoved my top clothes..and put on my long black curly wig..and applied red lipstick..i sat in my black and red basque..black stockings..silky red knickers..frilly red garters...and black high heels...and waited...in the darkest corner of the car park..another car pulled in about 50 yards away...but harold soon arrived..and got into my car..i put the light on briefly...and he gasped in amazement..i thought id be a real girl for you tonight..i whispered to him..he grabbed me and kissed me pushing his tongue into me..feeling up a nd down my basque..as i turned off the light..his hands felt up my silky pleated skirt and mved up and down my stockinged legs..oh i love garters he exclaimed..and bent down to kiss and caress them..and then up my thighs and into my knickers..and tookmy massive erection in his mouth..as i laid back in ecstasy..i noticed a figure approaching in the shadows..slowly..wanking himself,,i decided to stay cool ..and act as if we were a couple..as i look quite convincing when dressed and made up..i pushed harold away. and laid him back as i unzipped him..took out his small but thick erect cock... fondled it and took it in my mouth..we have avoyeur..he said..i know and i dont care i replied..then he leant over and unwound the window..like what you see he asked..yes ..im john..youre girlfriend is gorgeous he stammered..i sucked deeply on harolds cock..aware that a strange hand was feeling me up from behind..i bent right over with my bum in the air ..and let his hand fondle me..right into my knickers and squeezing.my cock..he was about to push a finger up me just as harold came..hot and gushing..pushing my head down onto him..as i sat back..harold getting his breath back..i reached out and took our new friends cock in my hands..quite long and very erect,,played with it squeezed it..why dont you suck it harold said..i took him deep into my mouth..harolds hands were up my skirt playing with my balls and my arse..johns hands wre feeling all over.. then round my cock..wanking me ..until i shot my load into my knickers..harold bent down to lick any hot spunk up he could reach..i clamped firmly onto johns cock and he exploded into me..like he hadnt cum for ages..inside seconds we were all recovered and happily chatting...and arranging to meet again soon..and the first time harold or john have thier house to themselves..im going to go go round and dress myself up like a slut for a hot night with my two boyfriends..they are both trying to persuade their wives to have a night or a weekend away..i cant wait..and have a feeling i wont have a virgin backside at the ebd of it..suzanne....leeds